You call me a bookworm and say I missed out on my childhood

You call me "over-innocent." and "uptight."

Yes, in study hall I sit in the library and bury myself in other worlds.

Yes, I may seem to be in my own little world

But, have you ever stopped to think, "Why?"

You call me odd but I laugh because it describes me perfectly

You say I'm addicted to reading which just might be true.

But, when comes between word on a page that are steadfast and can never change

And the lies people so often speak

Which do I choose?

The words, the steadfast words.

You call me bookworm,

Which I am just as you can see

But it isn't without a reason

I just don't wish to be lied to or decived

So a bookworm is what I shall be

And anyone who has met me can see

A bookworm is who I am and all I shall be

A/N: I was talking to a group of kids in my Agriscience class and we got on the topic of fashion, t.v., and anti-schoolism{not liking school.} It got me thinking how many times I've had people mention my reading habits and how it has affected me each time. Please review.