A/N: A collection of short stories that inspired my poem "Memories." Yes, most of these are completely true and missing details but others are dreams. I'll tell you at the beginning which is which. This first one is when I met the friend that "Drift" is based off of. For the purpose of this story I am going to be named Talia{who gets where that came from?} and she is going to be Nikki.

Meeting Nikki:

I walked out of the motorhome looking for my mom to ask if I could go swimming with my older sister, Jess. The red bricked circular street would've been confusing to navigate if I hadn't visited it a billion times before. I looked out and saw my small black dog, Lady, standing in front of my parents as they talked with two people I didn't recognize, nothing out of the ordinary. I walked over and saw a girl with blondish hair and freckles standing next to a honey colored dog three or four times as big as mine.

"Hey," the girl stated. "I'm Nikki."

"Sara," I stated and that was the beginning of our friendship, that and the eerie fact that our lives were close to identical. She was into Pokemon, Webkinz, and animals. I didn't care much for Pokemon until she got be obsessed with it. We spent the rest of the week together until she had to head home, to Alabama. We got each other's email and phone numbers and didn't leave the others' side for the entire last day. We didn't see each other in person again until fourth of July the next year when we met there just so we could hang out. I was a vegetarian and she got me to see life as it really was not as it appeared to be when I lived in a little bubble.

Once I left we talked on the phone and every time I'd pass by her house I'd call her and tell her I was driving past it. We never saw each other in person again but it didn't matter we were still the best of friends. Eventually we drifted apart because of a dead cell zone and my inability to gather enough courage to apologise.