Valentine's Day with Chris:

I walked into the after school program and dashed away from my parent excited to see my best friend that I practically lived with until I started school even if we'd never been to the other's house we did spend a lot of time together. Everyone who knew us saw us as the cute couple of the year, at the time, I had no idea what that was. I just knew that Chris had a crush on me and we would always play "date" when we could.

"Slow down there, Rasberry," Ms. Jennifer said. I laughed, lots of people joked with me and called me Rasberry, I guess that's what happens when that's the only juice you drink for an entire three years.

"Where's Chris?" I asked practically bouncing out of my skin.

"He'll be here soon," she stated trying to calm me down. It didn't work Chris walked in soon after and seeing as it was Valentine's he brought everyone little gifts. He gave me a Barbie doll which I kept as a cherished item. It came from someone who truly knew who I was . Eventually I didn't go to the after-school thing anymore and Valentine's Day was the worst when I remembered Chris. I still hold on to the small ray of hope that some day we'll cross paths and recognize each other.