Part 1 - Runaway


It seems as though no matter what, I'm always running.


Even in my dreams, I'm running because I'm not strong enough to face my fears.

And sometimes I'm flying.

The feeling is breathtaking, but it never lasts for very long. Soon enough, my doubts and worries cause me to fall flat on the ground.

The burden of reality falls upon me.

What am I running from?

That's an easy one: All the hate in the world. Everything I'm too afraid to confront.

Where am I running to?

If only I knew, but…

I don't know—I just don't know. A place to rest because I'm tired of running all the time. A warm place where I can just lie down for a while.

The road in front of me splits in two as it comes to an end. Left will take me deeper into the city; right will lead me away from it. The kind of escape my two choices will grant me I know equally well.

My legs feel like stone, each step I take a strenuous effort. The road ahead begins to waver in my vision until the world around me goes completely dark.