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p style="max-height: 999999px;"A piercing shriek rang through the air as a young, terrified blond girl backed up against the wall of a dark alley. Before her, a tall, menacing crimson-eyed man stood with a bemused smirk on his face. His long black hair, tied back into a loose ponytail, gave him a lazy look that matched his grin perfectly./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Who are you? What do you want?" stammered the girl, her lip trembling. The man looked her up and down, nodding in appreciation. The girl's small frame gave her a petite and fragile look, but her glasses-framed eyes said otherwise. Though filled with fear, they held a strange look of determination, and a slight shimmer of hope. Her bright blue eyes matched beautifully with her light strawberry blonde hair, which cascaded in magnificent waves down her back. Her black skinny jeans hugged her legs in an almost arousing way, while her red and white long sleeved shirt embraced her torso, showing off her curves. The man made careful note of all of this, taking in every little detail with greedy eyes./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"The man said nothing. He stepped closer to the girl, forcibly taking her shaking hands from her sides and pinning them against the wall above her head. He pushed his bare chest against the girl's body and leaned in close to her face, their lips only inches apart. A pathetic whimper escaped from the girl's lips, and a strange feeling hit the man./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Pity./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Scowling, he stepped back, releasing the girl. The black-haired man shoved his hands into the pockets of his black jeans, laced with chains. Though it looked like they were barely clinging to his hips, they somehow stayed up./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""You're lucky, girl."/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Said girl looked straight at him, before mumbling something under her breath./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Avril."/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""What?" the man glared at her, stepping towards her./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Avril. My name is Avril." The man gave her a confused look, before staring at the ground. With a slight bit of hesitation, he sighed quietly./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Dimitri," he said. "Like I said, you're lucky, emAvril./em"/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""I figured that out already," Avril murmured. "Wouldn't guys like you have already, you know..." she trailed off. Dimitri gave her a cold look./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Yeah," he responded. He turned around and started to walk off, but hesitated./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Keep your guard up," he chided. Dimitri then walked off into the night, leaving the blonde girl in confusion to wander home in fear./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"-/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Weeks later, Avril awoke with a scream, jolting up in her bed. She breathed heavilly, glancing around her room. Finding nothing, she rubbed her eyes and swung her legs over the side of the bed, slouching over./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Just a dream," she mumbled. "Just a dream..."/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"She took another look around her room, only to scream again. There, she saw Dimitri. Dimitri, the same man who had been haunting her dreams all this time. The same man who had scared her so terribly that she couldn't walk down the street without checking behind her every few minutes, and the same man that left so many questions unanswered./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Avril squeezed her eyes shut, tears starting to build up in them. It's just a dream, she told herself. Just a dream./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"After a minute or so, she opened them again, only to find her room empty./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Just a dream," she repeated. Avril lay back down in her bed, trying once more to drift off again into a restless slumber./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"After she was surely asleep, red eyes once again pierced through the shadows./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""I told you to keep your guard up, Avril," he seethed, a glare spreading across his features. Moments later, a gentle look replaced it, and Dimitri found himself walking over to the girl's bed, gently caressing her cheek. The strained look of pain on Avril's face disappeared, replaced with one of absolute peace. Even a small smile made its way to her lips./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Dimitri leaned down and placed a kiss on Avril's forhead, before making his way out of her room./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"-/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Groggily, Avril awoke the the sun shining through her windows, straight into her face. A cheerful voice echoed throughout her room, sounding way too enthused for such an early time in the morning./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Rise and shine, beautiful!" chirped a teal-eyed young man. His curly, dyed-silver hair rode down his shoulders and back in an un-tamable yet gorgeous fashion. His pale skin shone in the glare of the sunlight, yet his bright smile was no comparison to it./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Come on, Tobi, it's too early for this shit." Avril threw a pillow at the still grinning man, hitting him right in the head. Her brother chuckled and threw it back./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Av, get up. It's already seven, and your breakfast is getting cold," he scolded. His motherly side was coming out again, and it was seriously getting on Avril's nerves. Sitting up, Avril revealed herself with a sharp glare on her face, her normally electrifying blue eyes dark and downcast, surrounded by dark circles from the lack of sleep. Tobi flinched, his happy expression immediately falling./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Nightmares again?" he asked, sitting down next to the small blonde girl and pulling her into a hug. Breathing in his scent, Avril sighed./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Yeah..." She melted into her brother's warm hug, wrapping her own arms around him. Tobi ran his fingers through his little sister's hair, the way his own mother did when he was younger to comfort him./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""They're just dreams, Av," he reassured. "He's not going to bother you again. And if he does, I'll kick his ass." Avril cracked a grin and got out of bed, stretching her arms over her head./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;""Come on." she smiled. "Let's go get some breakfast."/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"-/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Avril went about her business throughout the day as she usually did. Get up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, do homework, chill out, go to sleep, and repeat. But today was different./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"Everything went as usual, but it all seemed off. She couldn't think during school. While she usually raised her hand for almost every question, today, she couldn't even think of the answers. Homework troubled her to no end, having to spend almost two and a half hours on it until it was all completed - and that was with the help of her brother, too. She even had trouble simply relaxing; she jumped at every little thing, and she could emnot/em calm down./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"As she was walking through the streets to try and clear her mind, she ended up passing a certain alleyway. The same alleyway that had seemed to completely change her. She stared into it and sighed. Would she ever be the same? Would she ever be able to pass by another shadow-filled street without glancing around nervously, her hand clutching her phone in case she needed help?/p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"She turned around and started to walk home, shoving her hands in her pockets, something she seemed to be doing a lot more ever since that night./p
p style="max-height: 999999px;"As she walked, a pair of bright red eyes watched her frame disappear into the warm evening night./p