The man across the room was masked, but that only made him all the more interesting. Of course, all of the other butlers were masked as well, but he stood out. He had silver blonde hair, but was the picture of youth. I hadn't managed to get close enough to see his eye color, but gray eyes were the first thing that came to mind when looking at this man. I shuddered a bit, eyes scanning his tuxedo clad body. My date, a nice man by the name of Niko, snapped to regain my attention. I blushed, tearing my gaze from the butler to him, adjusting my bow tie. "Yes?" I asked, a soft blush tainting my pale cheeks from being caught staring. Niko leaned forward, his accent thick as he whispered, "I'm the only person your eyes should be on tonight, Able." I blushed a bit, nodding. "I got distracted by his hair," I lied easily, waving my hand in an offhanded manner. As I pretended to listen to Niko's story from his days when he lived in Holand, I watched my silver haired butler from across the room. Even with my experience going to fancy dress parties, I found that I had never seen anybody quite as interesting as he was.

It was only a few minutes later when I was saved by another business man taking Niko from the room. Sure enough, I found the butler holding up a silver tray with wine glasses and a bottle in his gloved hands. I simply raised an eyebrow at him. His voice was as soft as silk as he approached, asking, "Wine, sir?" Having already had two glasses, I figured that Niko really wouldn't mind, so I smiled. "Yes, thank you." He poured me a glass, naming the wine as some vintage or another. What captured my attention was the small, playful smirk on his lips. He handed me my glass, and I was surprised to find a piece of paper carefully hidden on the side. I quickly covered it with my own, finally getting a good look at his eyes. I was disappointed (only slightly) to find that he had sea green eyes. Just as easily he appeared, the butler sank back into the shadows of the crowd. I slipped the note into the pocket of my slacks, humming along with the quiet music as I went to a place to get some privacy. The note was teasing, "See something you like? Find me again and you get a prize." I growled in frustration, moving out if the room I had ducked into and back to the main room. Niko quickly found me, raising an eyebrow in question. "I needed a breather," I whispered. Niko believed the lie, his arm wrapping around my thin waist. I looked up at him with lowered lashes, studying his face. Niko was a handsome man, but he just wasn't my type. He was trying too hard to capture my attention. His hair was just a shade too dark of a blonde, reminding me of dirty water. His eyes were hazel, a mix of green and brown that had just the slightest amount of gold in them. I cracked a smile as I kissed his cheek, pretending to gaze off into the crowd. Just a slight flash of silver had my heart racing. "I'll be right back, I think I just saw my friend." Niko smiled, releasing my waist so that I could walk after the butler.

It was ten minutes later when I finally cornered him. He was standing in a shadowed corner, blending in almost perfectly. It was the flash of silver from his pocket watch that alerted me of his presence. "Found you!" I sang, running my fingers through my dark hair. His lips quirked up into another smirk, "You were meant to." He leaned forward, lips just barely grazing my ear as he whispered, "Seek me out after the party ends. I will be in the foyer." I shakily nodded, kissing his cheek as he moved away from me. He smiled a bit wider, releasing a hold he had on my hips that had been taken up without my notice. I turned on my heel, walking back towards my date as he walked off to a staff quarters on the other side of the room.

Three hours later, and several glasses of wine in my system, I decided that it would be a good idea to try and steal a kiss from Niko. To my drunken dismay, Niko was far too much of a gentleman for that. He pushed his finger to my lips, pushing me away softly. "You are drunk, Able." I pouted, looking up at him and batting my eyelashes. "Please?" I whined quietly. The party had ended a few minutes before, and we were standing in the foyer. My silver haired beauty quickly found me and frowned at my state. "Excuse me, sirs, but I feel it would be better that I got some water into his system and some food before I send you on your ways. It would be beneficial for all of us." Even in my drunken state, I recognized that he was trying to spring me from my situation. I also realized that he was a much more kissable person and slowly started to lean into him. Feigning innocence but smirking anyways, he wrapped an arm around me. "If you would like to leave, I can send a town car out to take him home." I made a small noise of approval, leaning into him more fully. My date frowned but sighed eventually. "I will see you tomorrow, my dearest Able." My cheeks blushed a bright red of embarrassment, giving him a small wave as the butler started to walk me to the kitchens. "Thank you," I murmured as we turned into an abandoned hallway. He stopped looking down at me. His gloved fingers caressed my cheek softly before grabbing me by my chin roughly. "It is only fair, seeing as you are mine now." I giggled drunkenly, nodding. "Sure!" I replied. My butler didn't even remove his mask as he leaned down, capturing my lips in a kiss. His lips were soft and sweet, my eyes just catching a glimpse of his eyes before mine were closing. My arms fell to his shoulders, pulling him as close to me as I could. He pulled back, smiling and whispering, "You may find you know me better than you think." I tilted my head and raised an eyebrow, but he didn't elaborate as he picked me up, carrying me to a lush bedroom. As he set me on the bed, I expected him to take off his mask, but he only kept going, slowly removing my tailcoat. "You will get to find out who I am when I am done giving you your treat." I licked my suddenly dry lips, nodding. I ran a hand through my hair, eying his. He saw what I was doing and smirked. "Yes, you can touch the hair. Yes, it is natural." I blushed even brighter, moving my hand to his hair. Just as I had imagined, it was as soft as satin. He smiled a bit, leaning down and pecking my lips. I smiled back, tugging on a loose strain softly. He smiled, leaning down and kissing my forehead. "I will ask you one question: When I reveal my identity, will you be mine?" I was suddenly sober, eyes wide and I thought hard. Out of plenty of possible suitors, he was the only person that caught my eye. I didn't even care that he was a butler: he had class. I took a deep, steadying breath and nodded. He smiled widely, pecking my lips. "Time for your gift, then." He unbuttoned my shirt quickly but efficiently. I blushed a bit as my pale chest was revealed. His eyes widened just slightly, gloved hands coming forward to my chest. I arched my back, the sober feeling still in my mind. "What is my gift?" I asked curiously, unable to stop myself. He laughed, running circles on my chest absentmindedly. "A blow job." My eyes widened and I blushed, knowing I should have expected it. He ran a thin finger along my cheek bones, smiling slightly. "You are even cuter when you blush. You should do it more often." This only caused me to blush brighter as he removed my slacks. Upon seeing my skin tight, black briefs, he licked his lips. Just that sight alone had me unbelievably hard, whining. I pulled him down to me, a spark of arousal pumping in my veins creating a need that I had never felt so strong before. "Please, don't make me wait any longer," I whispered into his ear. He visibly shuddered, and I could feel his hard on pressing into mine. I bit back a moan, slowly rolling my hips against his. He had a sharp intake of breath, rolling his hips down into me. We kept on being side tracked like this, rutting against each other like our lives depended on it.

A few minutes later, I cried out, "I'm going to cum," causing him to stop his rutting. "Not yet you aren't!" He growled. I nearly sobbed in frustration, but he cut me off with another frantic kiss. I pushed him off of me, hastily pulling off the remaining clothing between us. "Screw the blow job," I whined, spreading myself for him. "Take me!" He licked his lips, nodding. "Can't argue with that." He whispered, moving to the night stand. He pulled out lube and a condom, and the sight only made my legs spread wider. I was wanton with lust, and wanted him in me so bad that it hurt. I closed my eyes, and I heard the snap of the lube cap. I shivered, the sound ringing out like a gun shot in the suddenly too quiet room. I felt a finger at my entrance the same time I heard it snap closed. He traced a finger around in circles before finally pushing it into me, causing me to moan slightly. I wasn't a virgin by any means, and the awkward feeling was only a reminder of what was to come. He started to prepare me, seemingly careful in his actions as he waited until I was begging for more to add in the second and third fingers. It only took him a few minutes to find my prostate, much to my surprise. The second I felt his fingers press against it, I was jerking up, hips flying off of the bed with a long moan escaping my lips. He didn't say anything corny like, "Found it," and it was strangely nice. He just smiled a bit, kissing my left hip bone. I slowly lowered myself down onto the bed, looking down at him. "Please, I need you in me. I'm ready," I whimpered. His eyes dilated slightly and he scrambled to ready himself. Before I could blink, he was lining up with my entrance. "Are you ready, my love?" He asked, causing me to nod enthusiastically. He pushed in slowly, and the soft burn made my eyes close. He stilled inside me once he was fully sheathed, giving me a few moments to adjust to him. After a few minutes, I nodded to him. "I'm ready, please move." I whispered, slinging my arms around his neck. He looked like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, slowly pulling out and pushing back in. I shook my head quickly, requesting, "Fast and hard. Please." He chuckled, starting to move faster and deeper. His thrusts were still softer than I wanted, but I decided that I could remain silent about it. That was until he started to softly press against my prostate, causing me to finally whine, "Harder!" He gave a breathless laugh, which reminded me of just how hot it seemed to be in the room. Earlier, when we had walked it, it seemed so cold, but now that we were engaging in such an act, it all seemed too hot. He started to pound into me, causing me to move up the bed with each thrust. I shivered and moaned several times, my hands scrambling on various things before deciding to drag them down his back. I felt the blood against my fingers, yet he didn't even seem bothered. The parts of his face that I could see were masked with pleasure, and I'm sure my face mirrored it. It wasn't until he started to stroke me that I realized that I was on the edge of orgasm. "Oh, fuck," I whispered, rolling my hips up into his hand. "I-I'm gonna cum!" I stuttered. He didn't even have time to reply, my cum spilling into his hand. He continued to pump me through my orgasm, cumming a few seconds after I had finished. My eyes closed, trying desperately to hold onto my high.

It felt like hours after my high had worn off I finally caught my breath, but I realized it must have only been a few minutes, since I could still hear the panting of my partner. I finally managed to pry my eyes open, locking them unto the green eyes I had already grown to love. "Time for the big reveal," I chuckled. He nodded before slowly pulling off the mask. I gaped at him a moment, finally realizing who he was. "You are Selene's son!" Selene was the woman that hosted this party, but I had never met her son, Drew. The only reason I could recognize them was that with the mask off, he was the spitting image of her. "Where did this hair color come from?" I chuckled. He shrugged a bit, "Father's side of the family all has hair like this." I pulled him down to lay next to me, kissing his cheek. "The time for talking is tomorrow," I whispered tiredly. I cuddled into his side, and as I felt his arms wrap around me, I couldn't help but grin widely. "Night, baby," He whispered. "Night," I replied, slowly drifting to sleep with thoughts of his sea green eyes filling my mind.

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