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The movie theater was cramped. Like sardines in a can cramped. It was a Friday, and it was raining and everyone decided to come to the cinema. People were grabbing popcorn, kissing in the corner, laughing in huge groups of people. And then there was me. Third wheel extraordinaire, being forced to tag along my sister and her boyfriend. Because my mother said I needed to get out more.

"Scarlett!" My sister snapped her fingers in front of my face. She rolled her eyes. "Is it okay if we see that one." she pointed to a movie poster that looked like some kick ass romance movie.

"It's your guy's date, I don't care." I said, more like yelled, over the noise. Shannon rolled her eyes yet again. She walked over to me, and gave me her puppy eyes. She was only a year and a half younger than me but sometimes she acted like she was still six.

"Could you please try to have a smidge of fun with us tonight? Finn also got his brother and some of his friends to come and meet us here, so please don't act like the anti social genius you are in school. Be the smart ass I know you are." she had folded her hands know, like she was about to beg. I didn't want her to cause a scene so I agreed. She squealed and hugged me.

Finn came over and looked at us weirdly. "My brother and his buddies are here; we can go and get tickets now."

My sister took my hand and skipped over toward the line. I really was considering if we had adopted her or not.

"Scarlett, this is Nick, Finn's brother, and these are his friends Markus and Luke. Boys meet my sister Scarlett." she introduced us. I felt myself blanch.

I had never put two and two together when my sister told me Finn's last name. His brother was Nick Anderson, The Nick Anderson, lacrosse star of our school, and the boy I had been hopelessly in love with since he picked my books up for me one day in the hall in freshman year after some asshole knocked them down. I tried to smile politely.

"Nice to meet you Scarlett." Nick said, staring at me like he knew something that no one else knew.

"Nice to meet you too." my voice sounded small and far away.

I knew one thing that was for certain tonight.

I was fucked.

"Oh come on! That movie had no plot line and the acting sucked" Shannon yelled at Markus across the table. We had decided to grace the nearby Applebee's with our presence after the movie, since everyone was hungry. Me, Shannon and Finn sat on one side of the table while Nick, Markus and Luke sat on the other.

Markus shook his head. "You just didn't like it because there was too much unrealistic romance scenes."

My sister rolled her eyes. I giggled. "I agree with Markus, I think it was pretty good for a chick flick slash action film." I said, taking a sip of the Oreo milkshake I had ordered.

"Of course you do!" my sister yelled. "You're in love with the main character so your opinion is irrelevant." Our table burst into laughter again. I threw a French fry at her.

"Marky over here is trying to embrace the new sides of film, because he wants to go to NYU for filming and the arts." Luke made his voice sound like the drama teacher from High School Musical. Markus punched him the arm.

My sister rested her head on Finn's shoulder. "Scar applied there to for creative writing." My face heated up.

"Oh yeah that's right, wasn't your short story in the newspaper the other day. I thought your last name seemed familiar. You're really good." Nick said. I smiled down at my food.

"Thanks." I mumbled and I felt Shannon kick me. I glared at her. She sighed and pulled me out of the booth.

"'scuse us boys, we have some girl stuff to attend too." she said as she dragged me toward the bathroom. "What the hell is your problem Scar, he was totally complimenting you."

I gave her a confused look. She rolled her eyes. I swear if she kept doing that her eyes were going to end up getting stuck.

"Girl you are so obvious I swear even the old lady at the end of the block knows you like him!" she yelled. I smacked my hand over her mouth to shut her up.

"Thanks for announcing it to the world, Shannon."

She tapped her foot impatiently and I removed my hand. "I see how you look at him in the hall way Scar. Just because you try to be invisible doesn't mean you are. It just seems like ever since Gina…"

Tears sprang in my eyes and I started to shake. My sister pulled me into a hug.

"I knew it was something. I knew something was making you become this person who I knew you weren't. I lost my best friend in that car crash too. You're not the only one. Gina and Mary where the two greatest people on the earth and that drunk driver deserves to be locked up like he is. But Scarlett, you have to keep going. Do you think Gina would want you to sit around and not do whatever you could? If she was here you know the second she found out you liked him she would have taped on his shoulder and said go out with my best friend. It's been four years. I think she would have wanted you to be happy."

I took a deep breath. I knew my sister was right. Losing my best friend had made me this sad, isolated person who couldn't come out of her shell. And I knew I had to keep moving, but it was hard. But I was going to try my best, for my sister, and for my friend's memory.

By the time we got back from our talk, the boys had paid the bill and were waiting for us to come back. Finn instantly took Shannon's hand and I stood awkwardly to the side. Markus and Luke came next to me and each placed an arm around me. I took a shaky breath and looked at both of them.

"You looked lonely over here." Luke said smiling at me. I giggled.

"Are you coming to our wonderful lacrosse game tomorrow? We're going to whoop East Sides ass." Markus said using his hand to help visualize crushing the other team.

"Course we're coming. Right Scarlett." Shannon said. I nodded and we wall walked outside. When we reached the cars, both Luke and Markus bowed and kissed my hands.

"Till tomorrow sweet lady." they said in sync. I laughed at them and Finn kissed Shannon good night. I was about to climb into the front seat when I felt someone grab my hand. Nick folded his arms on top of the door and looked at me.

"Don't I get a goodbye." he smirked. He had the same look in his eyes as he did earlier in the day. I leaned against the car.

"I guess." I mumbled, staring at my shoes. Suddenly Nick and the door came flying at me. He stopped inches from crushing me.

"Son of a bitch, I'm going to kick his ass when we get home. Sorry bout that. My brothers an ass." Nick said, not moving the door or himself away from me.

"Night Nick." I said, not moving either. He smirked and came closer to me so he could whisper in my ear.

"Night Scar."

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the picture of me Shannon, Mary and Gina, just a few weeks before the accident. We all had smiles so big on our faces; it made me forget about the bad parts that happened. I felt someone come in and rest there head on my shoulder.

"I miss them a lot too Scarlett." Shannon said.

I swallowed hard. "Yeah, but they would want us to be happy."

Shannon threw her pillow on my bed. "We're sharing the bed tonight. I want to talk to you, and I'm too lazy to go to my own room."

I laughed at her. I knew it was going to be a long night.

It soon became a weekly thing, the six of us hanging out at least once a week. At least it made my mom happy, because I actually left the house. I was beginning to feel alive again.

Nick walked into my room, and tossed me a bag of twizzlers. I heard Finn run into Shannon's room and shut the door. I pulled out a piece of the amazing licorice and Nick sat on my bed.

"Where's thing 1 and thing 2" I said, giving him a twizzler. He fell backward and sighed.

"Somehow, they got both got a date and wanted to go to this party thing. I didn't want to go by myself, and Finny needed a ride."

"So I am your by default choice." I said.

He sat up. "NO! Not my default my favorite choice."

I rolled my eye at him. My door swung open and Shannon and Finn stood there.

"Scar, My friend Lindsay, you know Lindsay, is having a party, and her sister is coming to pick some of us unable to drive yet sophomores up, so can I go." she smiled at me and rocked back and forth.

"Umm, sure, just be back by 11:30 and no funny business." I slapped Nick.

"Yeah, no funny business, Finn. Or I'll have to beat you."

Finn laughed. "No funny Business between you two either." he winked and ran after his girlfriend.

"Love you Scar!" I heard Shannon yell up the stairs and then the front door slammed.

"And then there was two." I said grabbing another twizzler. "Are you going to go to that party that Markus and Luke are at?" I said flipping the channels on the T.V.

"Do you want to?" he said.

"You remember this is Scarlett right."

"No really, I thought I was with Markus."

I slapped him with my Twizzler. "No, I don't want to go, but if you do, then you can."

I heard him sigh. "I want to spend time with you, dork."

Cue the red face.

Cue the butterflies.

I propped myself up on my shoulders. "Really."

"Yes really."

I smiled and flopped back down. He had moved so I was resting in his shoulder.

"Oh god Scar, give me the remote, you suck at picking movies." Nick said.

"Meany." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

He laughed. The movie he choose was a romance novel remake, and had lots and lots of kissing and awkward moments. Every time there was a kiss, or a cuddle scene I felt myself get tense.

"And you say I suck at picking movies." I went to move away from him to make popcorn for us, but his arm held me closer.

"Scarlett" Nick's voice was quiet. I turned to look at him. He was really close to me.

"I was going to make us popcorn." I stage whispered. He shook his head.

"You know, the day Finn and Shannon asked me to come to the movie, and I saw you, I knew."

"You knew what, Nick."

"Lots of people had told me. I tried to ignore it, not because of who you where, it's just because I didn't want you to get hurt."

"What are you going on about?"

"I knew that you liked me, and that people called you the weird girl with no friends. I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner."


"I've known for at least 4 months now, and I've never seen you smile like that," he pointed to the picture of me and Gina. "I know what happened, and Shannon said you haven't been the same since. I want to try and help you. We only have a few months left. You and Markus will probably be on your way to NYU while Luke goes to Princeton and maybe I'll get into Boston. I want to make the most of these last months."

Before I knew what was happening his lips where on mine, and I melted into him. He rolled so he was on top of me, supporting himself o his fore arms. His lips where soft against mine. I was breathing hard. He pulled back slightly and rested his head against mine.

"Wow." he whispered.

I lightly bit down on my lip. "I want to make the most of these last few months too." I kissed his again, this time harder. He groaned softly into my lips, and he bit my lip. Our legs became tangled in the sheets, and I smiled at him. He smirked at me and his eyes had the same look they had the first time we talked.

"What are you staring at?" I whispered, staring up at him.

"The most beautiful girl in the world." he said, kissing my fore head. The movie continued to play.

"Scarlett! Nick! We're homeee!" Shannon ran into my room and jumped on the bed.

"I thought we said no funny business." Finn said coming up and whacking his brother in the head.

"Can't a guy kiss his girl?" Nick slapped his brother back.

Shannon's eyes widened. "Finally! Gosh you've been talking about him forever. I thought you two would never get together"

I blushed and stared at the sheets. I felt Nick kiss my hair. I was so happy we did.

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