To say that I am unloved is an understatement. Once my mom died my father started working more, as his way to cope according to my social worker. It's also his nonchalant way of pushing me out of his life, like I cared. We never really got along in the first place. Then there's my Aunt, she took me in once my stupid shenanigans took to much time out of father's work. It's not like I even got into a lot of trouble, I just can't seem to focus, so I talk. A lot, which drives all my teachers crazy, which leads to detentions, then phone calls to the office. But of course the office is off limits so he changed all the contact info to my Aunt. My Aunt is what you'd call eccentric, she wears a ton of make up, is fake from head to toe, and never wears anything looser then a wife beater. But I'm not complaining, at least she pays attention to me, and the fact that I don't wear anything tighter then a t – shirt that actually fits. So I'm not walking around looking like a Christmas ham. Oh but then she got married, I honestly don't know how, she looks like a cake and has the personality of cardboard. Wait no, cardboards funnier, in my opinion, but that doesn't matter, and a wedding and three week honey moon later I was in need of a home. By choice of course, like honestly you'd want a new home if everyday you came home from school to find nature taking its course in the kitchen. Where you eat. Everyday. Plus the old man (her husband) traveled a lot, and couldn't afford a third, first class plane ticket, naturally. So I ended up at my step cousin Consuela's for a while, but she had five kids to take care of, I knew it was temporary but I still hated leaving. Which is how I ended up at a boarding school courtesy of Grandma, she'd rather have me shipped across the US then up the street to her three story, four room home because there just wasn't enough room with her and her dog, Spike, living there. (In all honesty I'm actually happy I didn't end up there, I don't like my Grandma, like at all.)

Hi, my names Ellen Lane and I currently go to Rosebrooke because no one wants me. I don't mind I'd rather be in California then Florida playing shuffle board with Gran, you know. Most people complain that Rosebrooke is a hell hole that 'daddy' sent them to rot in. But if this is hell then I can't wait to see what heaven looks like, with there Lamborghini's and Gucci's, Louis' and Prada's you'd think we lived in the factory that produced them. I swear Waldo and I are the only normal ones; even the guys are caught up in the name brand hype. The only reason I go here is because my Granddad was an alumni, and his Granddad helped found the school, so you'd think I'd be royalty here? Yeah no, I didn't even know I had Rosebrooke blood until Waldo (yes like Where's Waldo?) put two and two together and realized I had the last name of one of the founders on the plaque. Of course my Grandma knew and claimed she told me, bull, and that I should really be more informed when it comes to my family history.

Waldo is my best and only friend; he's been going here since seventh grade, so he's an original. He likes to say the originals have special treatment, which is a lie. The bigger the boobs and fancier shoes the better. Sadly for Waldo and me we have neither, so we make do with what we've got, our dashing personalities.

Waldo has checkered hipster glasses, and a short curly fro. He always wears a bright blue Superman undershirt beneath his white uniform button down. Oh, and how could I possibly forget his colorful khaki's, he's got red, blue, green, and yellow. He's currently working on a purple pair, slowly but surely. And yes I said working on, he uses the money his dad sends as compensation checks to purchase fabric paints then works to all hours of the night to get high of the sent. Then he finally paints the pants, and since there still khaki's he's allowed to wear them. Waldo is tall, like really tall, but he says it only seems that way because I'm so short. I don't really think I'm so short it's just everyone's so tall. I 'quake in my boots' as Waldo says whenever I am unfortunate enough to get stuck walking between the basketball team. There like frickin giraffe's without the spots.


"I can't do this" Waldo said opening the bathroom door.

"Can't do what?" I asked lying on my back reading Rose magazine.

"I can't wear these anymore" he said making his way over to my bed.

I slowly looked up from the magazine, and froze, not on his pink boxer shorts but his pink legs. "What… what happened" I said reaching out and poking his knee, trying to stifle a laugh.

"Those stupid pants dyed my legs, I can't wear them anymore." he said turning back towards the bathroom.

"Oh come on, you promised!" I complained propping myself up on my elbow.

"Nope, I can't, no one else can see this." he said leaning against the door frame.

"Oh come on, no one will," I said trying to bite back another laugh.

"Nope," he said turning into the bathroom.

"Wait," he stopped and looked over his shoulder, as I got off my bed. "If you continue to wear the pants, I will," I took a deep breath. "Wear a skirt and the collection of rainbow stockings you gave me." I said shuddering at the idea of those things on my legs.

"For a week?" he asked coming back to me, eyebrow raised.

"A week." I agreed, he held his hand up and I gave him a high five, we then twisted our hands so the back of mine faced him and the back of his faced me.

"Then deal," he said kissing the back of my hand, and I his. "Now I must return to my poo." he said going back to the toilet.

"TMI," I said returning to my magazine, Waldo laughed.

"Where's your roommate?"


"Ew, she's athletic." he said closing the door.

"I know right…"

"I hate you," I said as Waldo carried me to class, football style.

"No you don't," He said as he walked up the little hill.

"Yes, yes I do."

"No, no you don't," he countered.

"How are you going to tell me if I hate you or not?" I asked as he set me down.

"Because if you hated me you wouldn't be wearing those." he said gesturing to my legs.

"I wouldn't be wearing these if you had just agreed peacefully to continue wearing the pants like you promised."

"That's before I knew they'd turn my legs into Popsicle's." He said shaking the pant legs of his blue pants.

"Well at least you don't look like a frigin Eskimo who pee'd on herself and the pee froze to her legs." I said as he passed me, heading up the steps to the door.

"I never said you had to wear the yellow ones." He said with a smirk over his shoulder.

"You never told me that." I said reluctantly following him inside.

"Thought it was obvious…" Waldo said shutting the door behind me.

Once we got into our first class, trigonometry, we took the back seats in the middle row. Best seats in the class, we can see everything… well that didn't sound creepy at all…

"Ell, you might want to get a refund on that tan," Sara said as she passed me.

"It's not a tan, its Eskimo pee," I corrected her as Joseph Brent took the desk in front of me. Sara noticed too.

"Hey Waldo, you know you'd be even cuter if you let me make you over." She said picking at his beanie, I could tell she was looking at Brent from the corner of her eye, he could too.

"Don't let her do it," Brent said turning around in his seat. Brent and Sara have apparently dated on and off since seventh grade, but he finally broke it off over the summer. Sara's been trying to get him back ever since, but honestly I doubt it's going to happen it's now second semester, January third.

"Well I was actually thinking we could meet at my place, and I could make you over." He said in a way that made Brent smile. "If you know what I mean," Waldo said giving Brent dap, or whatever that's called. Sara scoffed then walked, wait, shuffled to her seat next to Stephanie which was to the right of me. Yeah her skirt was that tight, probably traded with some sevie.

Once Mrs. Sam started class I immediately zoned out, I already know this stuff. Learned it during winter break, yeah I know nerd.

"Do they really look like they've been tanned," I asked starring at them.

"Nahh," Waldo said shaking his head, immediately knowing that I was talking about my legs. He glanced at my legs and started laughing.

"Man, if they were I'd be hot…" I said, I guess a little too loudly because Waldo and Brent both gave that laugh when something's stupid funny. Waldo gave my legs a second look.

"Yeah I'd date yah, cause either way you've got great legs," he said writing down something from the bored.

"Really," I said with fake enthusiasm, to the date part, ignoring the compliment. It's just what we do, "then it's a deal." Waldo gave me a high five then went back to his notes. This is when my problem begins; according to my Aunt I'm smart. So I absorb new things quickly and easily, and once I get it, I've got it, forever. So I need small things to occupy me while others are trying to get it. It also doesn't help that I like to get ahead in my spare time, which is almost all the time. So I talk to anyone at any time, which is when I get into trouble. So after ten minutes of starring at the wall, I turned to Waldo.

"I wonder if fetus's know they're being made…" I said thinking out loud; he just rolled his eyes and continued working. Honestly I don't know why he's still my friend, I drive myself crazy, and he spends almost the same amount of time with me as I do… "No really, are they like 'op there goes my toe, I now have three I can wiggle'." I said just rambling, Brent started shaking with silent laughter, I smiled. Brent is cute.

"Definitely Ell, I can remember watching my hand form."

"Oh really," I asked resting my chin on my hand and crossing my legs.

"Yupp, it was a long and disturbing process," he said finishing his last problem then looking up at me. Sara was right, Waldo is cute. But I see him as a brother, nothing else. "Especially when the finger nails came in…" He said pretending to reminisce.

"Really? That's what was disturbing…" I said glancing down at his pants…

"If you're implying that watching your dick grow would be more disturbing, you should ask your dad that." Waldo said daring me to have some type of extravagant reaction to the mention of my father.

"You know darn well that I don't talk to him," I said glaring at him. When I told Waldo about my whole situation, he asked me why I wasn't in tears. I told him because I didn't care, he refuses to believe me. See Waldo comes from a family of men; he grew up with his Dad, older brother Darren, and younger brother Smith. (How he got his name… I don't know. Maybe his parents were obsessed with Where's Waldo or something.) He can't exactly fathom the idea of me not loving, let alone liking my father. Oh and the fact that I call him father instead of dad kills him. He says dad is more personal, and I keep telling him that's why I call him father. I don't know him like that, at least not any more.

"Ellen," Mrs. Sam called my name. Guess I drifted off, surprise, surprise.

"Yes," I said looking at the clock, two minutes 'til bell…

"What did I just explain…?" She asked with that, haha I caught her, look on her face. I looked at the bored she had written in big letters, CIRCULAR FUNCTIONS. Too easy…

"Trigonometric functions, also known as circular functions," I said in my best studious voice. Mrs. Sam gave me that, imma ketch you look, and when I do. Oh, you best believe it's gonna be good… It's not that Mrs. Sam hates me; it's that I disrupt her teaching flow. She doesn't know what to do with me and my accelerated learning pace, I find a lot of people don't know what to do with me period. BLIIINGGG. Finally the bell rang, I picked up my already packed bag and started to head out.

"You coming with me this weekend?" Waldo asked once we got into the hall.

"…wasn't aware that we were going anywhere," I said eyes narrowing.

"Nah, I told you I've gotta take Smith to tryouts." He said stopping in front of the stairwell heading downstairs. I watched him for a little, it's not like I have anything to do on the weekends. It's just Smith flirts with me whenever I see him, it gets awkward…

"Fine, I guess I'll go," I said turning towards the stairs going up. "See yah," I said running into a very firm back… "Sorry," I mumbled once I saw it was Brent, and his best friends Colton Miller and Phillip Harrison.

"No problem," Colton said smiling. "Nice legs," this would've been a compliment if I wasn't wearing these hideous stockings.

"Thanks," I said quietly trying to get through them; they were blocking both sides of the stairs. As I took a step forward a high heeled tan leg blocked my path.

"Are they bothering you, Ellen?" Sara asked putting her arm on my shoulders. This is really weird… "What number is this?" She asked not giving me a chance to answer her previous question.

"Sorry, I forgot to count my hair strands this morning," I said sarcastically, as she pulled a piece of my hair out of my pony tail. Sara gave a breathy fake laugh.

"No sweetie, I mean the hair dye, what number is it?" She asked again, well now I feel stupid.

"I don't know, this is my natural hair," Sara's face fell as I heard someone mumble 'fire crotch'…

"My hair's not even that red," I said turning on a surprised looking Colton. "Now move please, Mrs. Leon already dislikes me, so it would be wise to try and be on time." I said pushing passed three male bodies.

"Maybe if you wouldn't talk so much to that girl… uh… Esther. You wouldn't get into so much trouble." I turned back to see Colton right behind me, Phillip, Brent and Sara in pursuit.

"Yeah, yeah, story of my life." I said entering into the science room and heading towards my old seat. Which was occupied by Jesse, I looked at a blushing Esther.

"Sorry," she mouthed, ever since she started dating Jesse she's been leaving me out to dry. God, I hate having girlfriends, they can be real flakes.

"Guess you're stuck with us El," Sara said grabbing my arm and leading me across the room and plopping me in the chair behind her and Stephanie next to Phillip and in front of Brent and Colton. This is going to be interesting…

"Ellen…" I felt someone nudge my elbow, I softly groaned as they kept on nudging me. Reluctantly I sat up and stretched, I slowly realized… I'm still in chemistry

"Shoot…" I turned to Phillip, "how long was I out?"

"Like, thirty minutes," he said consulting the clock. "But you started snoring, so I thought I'd wake you up. Save you from some trouble." He said giving the cutest smirk ever, if I wasn't blushing enough from the embarrassment that he heard me snoring, then I sure as hell look like a fire truck right about now.

"Thanks Philly…" I said shaking my head to get rid of this tired air round me.

"Philly…" he said thoughtfully. "No ones called me that yet," I looked over at him, eyebrow raised. "I like it," he said picking up his stuff and leaving as the bell rang.

"What…you said I was out for thirty minutes!" I said exasperatedly quiet so Mrs. Leon wouldn't hear me.

"El, you were out the entire class…" Brent said as he bent down to grab my backpack.

"Thanks," I muttered with a frown as he placed my backpack on the table.

"You okay?" He asked, looking a little concerned, my head snapped up.

"Yeah, I'm fine… I just feel like something bad is gonna happen…" I said standing up and shouldering my bag. "But then again this is my life we're talking about…" I said more to myself as I passed him. See I had that pain in my gut that makes you think your gonna get sick. I hate that feeling, I get it every once in a while. The first time I can remember my mom died, second time father kicked me out (theoretically speaking), third my Aunt got married, fourth had to leave Consuela's, and a half when I thought I had to go to Grandma's… I wonder what this time'll bring.