The squad sat gathered in the living room; they talked amongst themselves, wondering why Chris had called them together. Lily sat in the corner, plucking on the string of her bow. Chris walked into the room.

"We got a retrieval mission. It should be simple and easy. Get in, get out, we're done," he said, taking his spot in front of everyone.

"What are we retrieving?" Rose asked.

"Information on possible base locations."

"Decoy." Everyone's eyes fixated on the sniper. Her gray eyes connected with Chris' hazel ones.

"What do you mean?" Chris asked slowly.

"No one leaves information like that so easily accessible or detectable," Lily informed him. "It's either a trap or simply a decoy."

"Well we'll know when we get there, won't me?" Chris coolly retorted. He shifted his attention back to the rest of the squad. "We'll be going for a stealth approach. Silencers on every gun and no firing unless completely necessary. I will be on point as per usual, everyone else take up your usual positions. Lily, you can bring up the rear."

"And once we're in?" Ray inquired as Chris started to roll out a map.

"We'll move closer together. Lily will move up closer to my position once we're in the building. It's a straight shot to the room. It's just a matter of what's going to get in our way."

"When do we leave?" Matt said as he intently studied the map. Chris glanced at the corner that Lily no longer occupied.

"In forty five. Gear up and meet here," he answered before leaving the cabin. He headed to the armory. Stepping into his designated room, Chris started getting into his black armor, the under armor holding the thicker, more protective pieces together and in place. He twisted a silencer onto each his assault rifle and pistol. He holstered the pistol. The assault rifle swung by his side as Chris made his way to the cabin.

Lily was already there, sporting a suit identical to his. Her bow was in her hands. A full quiver and a crossbow were strapped to her back.

"A crossbow too? Don't you think that's a little overkill?" Chris said.

"Just in case," was all she said. One by one, the rest of the squad trickled into the room. With fifteen minutes to spare, the squad headed out.

Chris peered through the bushes, scanning the area. Two soldiers stood by the only entrance into the building.

"Two soldiers, unaware," he whispered.

"In sight," Lily's voice said through his comm.

"Take 'em out." As soon as the words left his mouth, an arrow flew at one of the soldiers, quickly followed by a second one.

"Clear," Matt reported. Chris crept out of the bushes, his rifle at the ready. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Rose fall back; Lily was in her spot a second later. Her bow was out and loaded. At the door, Ray picked the lock until it swung open.

"I'm not liking this silence, Capt," Hunter breathed after a moment of walking.

"Stay on guard. Something's up," Chris said as his hazel eyes swept around the room.

"There's our door," Rose said after a few more minutes of walking. Chris nodded at Ray and Hunter, who headed to the room. Chris and Matt posted up outside the door. Signaling with his hand, Chris motioned for Rose to check where they had come from. Lily crept along the halls, her bow held up and the string pulled taut. She looked over at Rose. She narrowed her eyes when she saw something flash up ahead.

"There's nothing here," Ray reported. Chris swore under his breath.

"Get back here so we can bail," he ordered.

"Trap!" Lily yelled when a soldier appeared in front of Rose. She sent an arrow at the trooper before he could pull the trigger. Rose dove into another hallway as Lily took out another soldier.

"Push them back!" Chris yelled, firing as he ran up behind Rose.

"They're trying to surround us!" Matt warned.

"Where's Lily?" Chris demanded when he saw Hunter in her spot in front of Matt.

"Disappeared down the hall!" Rose answered. "Shit!" she added when a bullet grazed her arm.

"Someone's behind them!" Hunter called. Chris tried to see who it was but became too preoccupied with the soldiers before him.

"They're thinning!" Rose said as she reloaded her shotgun.

"Run through them!" Lily abruptly said.

"What the hell are you thinking, Tier?" Chris demanded when he finally saw it had been Lily who had been attacking from the back. He lowered his gun as he watched as the sniper ran toward a nearby soldier. Delivering an elbow to his face and a kick to the stomach, Lily yanked the gun out of his grip and promptly used the butt of the rifle to deliver a blow to his head. She tossed the assault rifle aside and drew her bow again.

"Rose, Matt, go back her up!" Chris snapped as he resumed his firing. Rose ran ahead of Matt, a barrage of shotgun blasts erupting in front of her. Lily stumbled forward when a rifle slammed into her ribs. She grabbed the crossbow on her back and sent an arrow into her attacker's chest.

"They're retreating!" Ray announced. "As soon as the last one was gone, Chris stormed over to Lily.

"We're talking as soon as we're back at the cabin," he said lowly. She fixated him with a steely gray gaze. Chris jerked his head back to the rest of the squad. "Let's get out of here."

Chris walked into the empty cabin, having just been released from the infirmary. The rest of his squad was either still in the infirmary or getting an early dinner. His eyes fell on the crossbow resting against the wall. He headed straight to Lily's room.

"I was not disobeying orders, putting myself or others in danger, nor was I ignoring the objective," Lily said the moment she heard the door open. She looked over at Chris as she tore off a bandage.

"What you did was still dangerous," he said.

"Just as dangerous as what you were doing." He narrowed his eyes. He nodded his head to her bandages.

"Why didn't you go to the infirmary for that?" he asked.

"Not serious, easily dealt with."

"Infection could set in." Lily waved a bottle in the air before stowing it in a drawer with the extra bandages. "Do you always say as little as possible?"

"Keeps the unwanted and the unworthy out," she responded.

"Unworthy?" Chris echoed. "What's the supposed to mean?" She shrugged.

"Figure it out." She strode over to the door. With one hand on the doorknob, Lily added, "Now if you don't mind, I have work to do." Chris opened his mouth to protest as the door swung shut.

"You are impossible," he muttered before heading into his room.