Did you ever mean anything you said to me? It's not fair; it's not fair; you seem to have moved on so fast, leaving me with questions. What am I to you? Someone you lost or just another girl you're not allowed to kiss? Do you miss me? Do you cry over me? Cause, Hon, I do. It's scary to think I'm not much to you. You thought I'd moved on, you seemed overjoyed. Tell me, there wasn't an ounce of pain? When you think of me in someone else's arms do you cringe? Or is that just me? Because since you kissed her, with every fiber in my being, I've wanted you to feel how I feel. How mean is that? Is it so bad that I wish I could move on just to make you jealous? Would you even care? Darling, you're in question now. It pains me to have you there. Can't you come out? My minds about to implode with all this tension of so many questions locked up, never to be asked. Can't someone take it all away? I don't want to care for you anymore. There's this hole in my mind who's constantly thinking of you. Do you have one too? Mine won't shut up or go away. It just stays there all day, sucking all my energy away till all I can do is write about you.