People are always trying to control me.

I tell them to stop

They won't let go

My stomach is about to drop

I can't trust anybody anymore

All people do is destroy

Destroy lives of people they once cared about

Destroy the lives of people who cared about them

That's what happened to me

My soul was destroyed without second thought

Please stop

Stop my pain inside, the heartbreak that I try to hide

Nobody can ever know

They wouldn't care

They would just judge me and try to make me feel worse

Don't let them hurt me anymore

Make the pain end

Make the suffering stop

I can't take it anymore

Take my pain away, even if it means I loose part of myself in the process

Anything is better than this hell I am living

Nobody can help me now

The pain has spread

The suffering is coming to an end

Be happy for me, I am.

I don't have to live with the pain anymore

The pain is gone

I am free

Save yourself