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Around 2000 a disease broke out. Not a normal one, it only infected the female population. Young or old, baby or elderly, if you were female you could be infected. The female population thinned out dramatically. There were not enough females to continue mankind, so they began experimenting with the genes of the males.

Now in 3012 there are 4 kind of people: the original female, the survivors of the disease; the original male; the new 'female', feminine males with female animal gene fused with the original male gene, they are called the Carriers and are able to carry children; the new 'male', they are males with male animal gene fused with the original male gene, they are called the Alpha's.

There are two kind of boarding facilities; the first boarding facilities are for the original females and males. They are going extinct because of the minority of females and with these facilities they try to repopulate the world with the original mankind.

The other facilities are called; New Race Boarding Facility for the Carriers and the Alpha's. Because of the animal gene in their bodies they are extremely dangerous between the age 15 and 20. That's the time to find a mate. They have a mate for live and find them in the facility, but like in the animal kingdom there is fighting for mates.


I'm now in the New Race Boarding Facility waiting in a room with 5 other teens. These teens apparently are the teens in this area that turned 15 in august. On the end of each month the ones who turned 15 in that month have to go to the facility. Because it's time to find a mate. When you arrive they take your blood to check if you're a Carrier of an Alpha. Actually I don't want to know. I don't want to be a Carrier, but I know I don't have it in me to be an Alpha. I'm just too short and too feminine. In the waiting room I take a chair by the window and look at the clouds.

"Good day, I am Aura Forster. I will be one of your teachers and I am also a nurse. Your results are in and I will call you and say your result. I will also give you a key to your room, you will not leave for your room yet. Your roommate will come for you." A woman voice said. I looked up and saw a black curly haired woman. "Okay… Egesa Kemper?" A brown haired boy stood up and walked up to the desk she was standing. The boy was not short or long, but something in between it.

"You are a Carrier." Mrs. Forster said while she looked at the papers. Egesa got his key and went back to his seat, waiting for his roommate. "Fitch Turman? Your turn." A big blond guy stood up and went to her after looking at her papers again. "You are an Alpha." she dropped a key in his hand and Fitch went to his chair again to wait.

"Ian Farrell?" A little ginger stood up and went to Mrs. Forster. "You are also a Carrier" Ian sat down again when he got his key. "Taigan and Rinan Hunton?" Those two were the last ones before me and I was not looking forward to it, to life as a Carrier or life here. The dark haired woman looked at her papers and at the twins. "Both Alpha's." And each twin got a key and as they went for their seat I stood up. I was the last one anyway.

"Ah… Zaine Swann." "Yeah... I'm Zaine isn't that obvious since I'm the last one" I mumbled. "A moody one, I see." she laughed while she gave me the key. "You are a Carrier, Moody" She said. I growled of course I was a Carrier. Of course I have to be the submissive one and the one who have to carry the children. Before I could sit down again people came in the room.

"Zaine?" An overly happy blond yelled. "Moody one over there" The woman said before I could say anything and pointed at me with het manicured thumb. "Thanks Aura, come on Zaine." The blond yelled again and started to walk to the door. I followed and didn't look up till he stopped.

"We're here." He smiled and opened the door. Another blond boy sat on the bed, that appeared to be the loud blonds bed and the plain one mine with my suitcase on it. They looked alike, so maybe a brother.

"Terence! What are you doing here?" The loud blond questioned Terence, the other blond.

"Well, making sure you were not getting that bastard to make out in your room!" That blond yelled to, so defiantly brothers.

"You have to be kidding me! Terence, I was picking up my roommate! So get out!" Terence stood up. "Fine, Fine." He said and disappeared. I looked at the blond next to me. He had a smile on his face and his right hand scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry about that. I'm Devery and that was Terence, my twin and well he doesn't like it that I have a mate." He smiled and offered his hand for a shake. "It's nothing." I shook his hand and went to my suitcase to unpack. "The right side of the closet is for you. Uhmm... Do you need help?" Devery offered, as answer I shook my head. "Really? I can make your bed while you unpack?" He offered with a smile.

"Fine, here." I gave him my dark blue bedding and moved my suitcase for the bed to the ground. The blond laughed for a second. "Figured it would be a dark color" "Well, I don't like bright colors" After seeing his side of the closet he apparently does. "We're complete opposites" he giggled.

When I finished unpacking Devery brought me to the relax room. The blond said that he will introduce me to his friends and luckily he said his friend were not all as bright and happy as he was. Devery walked to one of the small sit areas, I strolled behind him.

"Nice ass, Babe!" A dark headed guy with a lot of muscle said, obvious an Alpha. Instantly I turned around and looked at the guy, he was sitting with what I think were more Alpha's.

"Excuse me, what did you say?" Thinking that I was just making it up in my mind. "That you, Babe, have a fine piece of ass." Then he and his friend began to laugh. I stood there for a minute and did the first thing that came in my mind was hit him hard across the face.

"Fucking Bitch!" He said while he rose from his seat and yanked my hair hard. This wasn't that hard to get because my hair was in a low ponytail and stopped right before my butt. The Alpha pushed my face to the cheek I hit. "Kiss it!" He didn't sound pleased. Then from out of nowhere the Alpha was kicked in the stomach and let me go. Letting me fall in the seat cushions and a hand was in front of me to pull me up. I slapped it away and stood up by myself. I was now facing my rescuer, a guy with dark chocolate hair and teal eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked nicely. "Did it look like I need help? I can perfectly save myself!" Or that was what I claimed. "If you say so, but you looked like you needed help to me" He pointed out.

"Just stay out of my business, okay? Asshole!" I shouted to my rescuer. "Geez…You're such a drama queen. Just say thank you and were done" He explained. "Like I will thank you for help I didn't wanted." I grumbled. "You know what? You better keep your mouth closed because when you open it you become less pretty." He mentioned me. Again I stood still for a second and was going to hit him to, but he caught my hand in time. I pooled my hand lose and run to my room.

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