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After a lesson geography from Kimora De Veuve, a light blond woman in a ponytail with blue eyes and a beauty spot under her right eye, and a lesson chemistry from Thales Abbott, a brown haired Alpha that almost touches his shoulders with green eyes and a beauty spot next to his nose on the left side, it was lunch time. Devery dragged me to his friends again, saying that I should meet his older brother, his mate and their son. We entered a large canteen and stood in line for food. Devery chose macaroni with ham and cheese and I chose a simple salad with chicken. We arrived at a table with the same people as yesterday, but now with 3 new faces. An alpha, certainly Devery's brother, with his blond hair gelled back so his bangs won't fall in his face and grey eyes. His mate, a copperheaded Carrier with pretty, dark green eyes and on his lap a little toddler. The little toddler clearly inherited his genes from the Carrier, his mother.

"Jerek! Blayze! I wanna introduce you to my roommate!" Devery yelled when he took his place between the copperhead with the toddler and his mate, Silas. Devery's brother looked up and looked at me.

"Hello, I'm Jerek and this is my mate Blayze and our son Ryker." He said smiling and leaned over the table to ruffel his son's hair.

"I'm Zaine" And with that I went around the table to sit in frond of Devery and next to his brother Jerek. The one with dark red hair was sitting on the same bench as me but at the end. But I didn't care. Well I did al little, he was intresting. I know nothing about this guy and I was almost, almost dying to find out. I was curious after the whole rescue action who this person was, his age, family,… but I know basicly nothing about him. In which year is he? Plus he hasn't said a word to me since the rescue fiasco.

The rest of the day went by camly. I had child development from Aura Forster, art from a blond Carrier with glasses called Yati Grymes and last math by Thales Abbott again. After some more hanging out with Devery's group, we retreated back to our room.

"Tell me about Ace." I asked, well almost demande once we lay in bed. Devery turned to face me and smiled big.

"Ohh, are we intrested?" He giggled. I groaned, no I was not!

"No, he just doesn't talk. So I don't really know him while the others already talked about themselves." I came up quickly with the ecxuse and was proud of it. It sounded sincerely.

"Well.. He's in the 2nd year like Lionel and Blayze. Lionel is his roomie. I know that his father died when he was like 10, I think. He has 3 brothers, the two elder ones are Alphas and the other is a Carrier and he is the youngest… And he got along with his Carrier brother, because the age difference was less… that's all I know."

"Well now I know something."


I was staring at the grey ceiling, I was so bored that It was beginning to look intresting. I wasn't falling asleep, my mind still wandered to that new boy, Zaine. He was intresting, not your everyday Carrier. He was someone who stood strong in his shoes and I liked that. When the banging started on the door. I was quick to get up and open the door. It was a guard.

"We recived word that Elijah giving birth in his room, are you the mate?" The guard said in a serious tone. I was shoked, Elijah was giving birth already? Wasn't he due the second week of September? I just shook my head at the guard and pointed at the still sleeping Lionel.

"Wake him up and tell him to get dressed."

I wasted no time and shook Lionel hard and fast. He was going to be a father and he was sleeping so soundly.

"W-what?" He groaned. "Elijah is giving birth! Get up, get dressed and get moving!" I nearly pushed him out of his bed and he was quick to grab his old clothes from yesterday, but when he saw I wasn't getting dressed, he shouted that I had to get dressed and something about moral support.

Then we followed the guard to Elijah's room. It wasn't really his room, because he was going to share it with Lionel once he gave birth. Those rooms were the family rooms, you can sleep with your mate and child in the same room with bathroom offcourse. The child gives the couple stability and they will become domestic instead of aggressive.

After some walking we arrived at the family rooms. I could see Lionel getting nerveus, who wouldn't be? When we walked in the hallway we could already hear a scream, which Lionel recognized as his mates distressed call. Lionel began to run and I soon followed. When we came at the door we were stopped by a guard and a nurse.

"You are allowed to see your mate when the baby arrives. Now Elijah need to build up his strength to push and not be worried by his mate." Said the serious young nurse when we heard another cry. We just have to wait then, I thought while sliding down the wall to sit.