David and the Chickens

By Matthew Don

David's dad owned his own farm. David's dad asked David if he wanted to help him do things on the farm. David said yes. So David put on big wellyboots and a big jacket and went to help his dad on the farm. "Right!" David's dad said. "You can help me feed my three, very special chickens." David followed his dad to the chicken coop. "Come out chickens!" David called out to the chickens. But they wouldn't come. David's dad looked upset. "Wait here David." His daddy told him. For a minute, David waited until his dad came back. "The chickens are gone!" So David and his dad looked everywhere. They looked in the fields, in the barn, even in the tractor! But the three very special chickens were nowhere to be found. David returned home very sad. "We'll never find them!" David said sadly to his mummy and daddy. "You'll find them. They can't have gone far, could they have?" Said his Mother, giving him dinner.

"No." David's dad admitted. So David got into his pyjamas, brushed his teeth, ran, and hopped into his nice, warm bed. He had been sleeping for a little while when, a little fuzzy head popped out of his quilt. David was surprised. Then another little yellow head snuggled out of the quilt and onto David's face. David was even more surprised. Then the last small, yellow, fuzzy, furry little head heaved out of the quilt onto David! He was SUPER surprised. "One," David counted. "Two, Three! The three missing chickens!" David showed his mum and dad. "I told you they weren't far away!" Mum smiled happily.

The End