Sleepless Nights

All the nights are sleepless,
my heart is dead and gone.
All the nights are sleepless,
the game of life I've won.

Now I've spilt blood and seen it dry;
seen wounds grow large and eyes fade
heard beating hearts cease to be
a path of destruction, I've made

When my thoughts fail me
and beliefs shatter all around
like the silence of nightmares
suffering without sound

Where do I go now,
with no words to heal
the wounds of my heart,
too painful to feel?

What comfort is there
to cleanse my soul
of the blood I spilt
and make it whole?

What love for the person
betrayed by belief, that fled
when it was needed most
to wipe away the red?

I'll close my eyes and confess
with a shaky hand and teary eye
I killed a man, so thoughtlessly
I killed a man who told a lie

And now my heart is gone
all I feel is the pain
falling over me endlessly
so I cease to be sane.

I killed a man. Others,
not me, will justify the kill,
but compassion will not
let me see beyond his body still

All the nights are sleepless,
I've killed for love and lost.
All the nights are sleepless,
and my heart is winter's frost.

Written: 13-19 February, 2013