When We Fade Away

Lingering sadness
mixed with a soft smile
a heavy sigh
and a light touch

reveals a heart unburdened
by worldly wishes and desires
but burnt by flame of sweet
compassion, that cares too much.

and closed eyes
relaxed posture
whispering lips
tell the whole story

here is a soul
whose pools of potential
need only understanding
to unlock them.

And, once unlocked,
they submerge everything
cleansing it of the dust from this world
with a sweet idea, parted through kindness

But who is there to see, understand;
to look beyond faces, into souls, and realize
Understanding is the first step to knowing
but time is too precious to be spent on people

Within this soul
lies endless beauty
understanding, grace,
rivalled only by sweet words

That speak of departure,
for no one cares, or wants,
a beautiful landscape –
favouring instead
the one already made.

Written: January 11, 2013

Edited: January 26, 2013