Coroni's POV

I sat in my room at the Under Ground base, a note book sat in front of me. As I near the end of my life, I am beginning to realize something. No one knew my whole story.

I want to change that.

Sure you know I helped save Mystic Island, but that's pretty much all you know about my past. Now in this note book I will record my life, answering many questions. And explaining the connection between Yellowstone National Park and Mystic Island.

But more importantly, what went wrong between me and my twin, Reuben or Dr. Bunnicus. What started the bitterness between us.

My story is not for the faint of heart how ever. It's full of physical and emotional turmoil. If you wish to continue on, I must warn you of the danger ahead. Where your opinion of me might change forever. Sit down, get a drink, for you are about to embark on the journey that I took, through my writing.

(AN: Welcome to the story! This will contain one character made by littlemisslibrarian. Bentely belongs to her and I have permission to use him.)