I shut my journal and sighed. Now my story would be out, but I wouldn't live to see the effect it had on my family and friends. I felt the pains in my chest grow everyday.

It wouldn't be long now.

I took a small cloth and wrapped my journal in it. Putting it in my pile of belongings with a small note on it:

To my good friend Cottontail: A past that must be told. Was what it said.

I laughed a little when I walked into the hallway. Then I saw Reuben appear as a ghost.

"Reuben? What do you want?" I asked as he grinned at me maliciously.

"I see the story of your life is finished. Soon you will join me in hell." He said

"No brother, you are alone in hell, now I will go to Zebulous when I die." I said as Reuben chuckled and looked at me.

"There is another chapter to this ongoing fight brother, there is another." He said as he disappeared. I sighed.

Reuben was tormenting me from his grave. But who was the other he spoke of?