Summer is calling, but I cannot answer

Youth is fleeting, I've been told

Time keeps going, it won't stop

Not even if I say please

Hell is waiting, we call it high school

They are my "golden years", I hope it's a lie

Or someone's sick idea of a joke

I keep wishing on a star, don't try it

Disney lied, since it doesn't work

My prince has yet to save me

My sarcasm is a defense, or at least I tell myself it is

I hate lying, but its okay when I lie to me

I feel inconsistent, probably cuz I am

But who cares since it gets me through the day

I fall for an unavailable person, how stupid of me

Laughing at unrequited love's dandy, but only when it's not me

It hurts even more, when you tell the truth

But that's just life right?

I'm growing up, not gracefully though

Soon I will be in college, I hope

And then I will need to be responsible, at least they tell me that

But I'm not quite ready to relinquish my angst

Because if I do, I won't be able to laugh at myself

So will you join me in laughing at my stupidity?

Hello my lovely readers, this poem is a little random and strange but I sort of like it right now. That's probably because I have a fever and am sick but that's just life. So deal with it. I have been getting reviews that I need to find my voice and other reviews telling me that they like my work. Tell me if you like this poem and if you don't tell me why you don't, gently though if you please.

Love Olivia