It was noon, my usual waking time. Every day I would wake up to face the blazing sun. I would usually sleep by Jerry's side on his bed, but not today.

Today, you see my master has died in his sleep today.

So I'm sitting in his boot mourning his downfall, with no one to hear my downcast whines. As I look over to his bed, his taunting eyes look at me, for a minute a spark of hope fills me and I think he's alive but in the end he's not.

It feels like a steak knife has pierced my heart and the blood is like crimson flames spurting from my minuscule body. I know it's nearly impossible to feel all these things at once (considering i'm a dog), but I do.

Finally after four days (I think). The neighbor came over to borrow a wrench, but the only thing he saw was me sitting in the boot.

At first went to the door to leave me, but then I barked and whined and pleaded for him to stay and he did.

I led him to Jerry's room and there he saw Jerry, laying like a rock, limp on his bed.

"JERRY!" he kept shouting, as if lamenting his name would wake him.

I wish I could tell him how I feel. How sad, how angry, how lonely. Oh how i wanted to let it out so bad.

"I'm going to call the coroner OK?" said Carter, the neighbor a little more calmly this time and whined in response.

Three hours later a stout, portly man with squinted brown eyes and black parted hair came in to the house.

All he did was come in Jerry's bedroom, feel his forearm and neck and said "Yes he's dead".

They carried his body out on a stretcher, a coroner's job looked like a piece of cake, but in reality I knew it was anything but easy.

As they took his body from the house I tried in a desperate attempt to jump on top of Jerry's stretcher, but Carter held me back.

After the coroner left I jumped in his boot, reflecting the countless days playing together, barbecuing and walking in the dog park.

Soon enough Carter came out with my stuff, a grin spread across his face when he saw me in the boot and then he picked up the boot and said

"Come on Puddles, Lets go to your new home," and so we walked off. Ever since that day I've slept in Jerry's boot.