Normal. By definition in the dictionary normal is an adjective and is defined as conforming to the standard or common type. Well, how do you define normal? Is your family normal because you have one mom and one dad? Is it normal because you have one mom and no dad or the other way around? Or maybe you have two moms or two dads? What is normal? What does society define normal as? The picture perfect family of four that has a happy family with a working dad and a stay at home mom? Well my family is crazy, just like anyone else's.

I have eleven family members living with me. My mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle and four cousins. I didn't count myself or my brother, he moved out a year ago. Well, technically he was kicked out. He told my parents he was gay and they freaked out and forced him to move out. My dad is the oldest and he is a worker at the local John Deere plant. My mother is a banker at the town banks. My Uncle Joe is a John Deere worker as well and his second wife is the only real aunt I've ever known. His first wife was busted for doing and selling crystal meth. She sold their house and car, forcing my uncle and cousins to be homeless. My uncle quickly divorced. My oldest cousin Joe Jr.(JJ for short) is my age but two months and two days older than me. Since they've been living with us money's been tight and JJ and I have been sharing our birthdays. After me and JJ is Sophia, she's nine. Then is my little sister Kourtney, she's mentally ill and my parents really want to send her away to a home but I refuse to let them. She's just a kid! After Kourtney is my little cousin Martin. He's five and a handful. Martin and I are really close for our age difference. And the youngest is Kayla she's only two months and will be baptized soon.

So there's the family. They're crazy, they're funny but they're family and you can't help but love them. Welcome to the Addison Residence.