Chapter 1:

A lone Dodge Durango drives down a deserted back road. It's a hazey winter day providing a light cold shower. The wind shield wipers gently squeaked against the glass every now and then. The car's occupants, there are five, could have been percieved as taken a casual ride, except for the various weapons. Most of them were blunt objects except for the hatchet and the two pocket knives. The people in the car were a rather mixed group, with the majority being teens. The driver was in his thirties with short curly hair, and was a known humanitarian, perscription glasses covered his caring brown eyes. The man next to him is near his mid forties with short cut brown hair, and has served as a mechanic for the army, his dark brown eyes are currently studying a road map. A young man, probably near seventeen, sits behind the driver lazily dozing, his light brown hair was a mess as if he had just gotten out of bed anyway. A girl around the same age with auburn hair just past her shoulders and soft gray eyes watches the scenary pass by. The last one was the youngest, about fourteen, with slightly faded blue hair and nervous light brown eyes, constantly looks behind them. The car came to a sudden stop, causing the younger passengers, those who weren't half asleep, to look confusedly towards the driver. Ahead was an intersection completely filled with unmoving cars.

"I guess we can stretch our legs for a bit." stated the philantropist. Everyone stepped out, catiously and armed. The girl with a patch work jacket made her way over to the mechanic spreading the map over the car's hood.

"Do you think we could get through those cars, Charlie?" she asked addressing him. He gave a thoughtful glance at the abandoned cars before he answered.

"We might have to move some of the cars...but how have you been Zinnia?" she looks out towards the intersection and shrugged. She doesn't see how it matters, if she feels sad or angry it won't fix the situation they are in. But he continues to talk, "You know me and Mike get worried, you guys are all so quiet, you're all around the same age. It'd be nice if you talked more." clearly Charlie was concerned for her and she knew it, but waved it off anyway.

"Warren sleeps all the time and Travis is a nervous wreck, I can't even see a conversation happening at all." even before the disease hit she wasn't a very sociable girl and never took in consideration of others thoughts or feelings.

"Well maybe Travis just needs someone to start the conversation first and as for Warren, I'm surprised he sleeps so much." she just looked at him considering what he just said, but walked away without saying anything. She looked back to see him and Mike probably deciding which cars had to be moved. Things had been alot simpler when it was just her and Charlie. But then Mike came along and he wouldn't let anyone they met along the way part before offering to join groups, thats how the other two became part of the group. Zinnia heard Travis meakly calling her name from the car, when she first saw him she immediately was annoyed, he didn't have to speak it was just the fact he dyed his whole head. For some reason she always had thought it was a stupid thing to do.

"Whats the problem now?" she asks annoyance tinted her voice and was evident in how she apporached the younger boy. He looked around, his eyes darting in every direction, he was so helpless looking and she almost felt bad for him.

"Well?" Zinnia hoped he would actually give a reason this time instead of squeaking out a nevermind and scurrying away.

"Uh, well Warren I'm trying to wake him up but..." he trails off. Zinnia lets out a long sigh, and motions for him to follow her around to the side of the car Warren is. Now the both of them try to wake the sleeping boy, but neither is having much success. She knows he must be awake and is just ignoring them, and thats making her furious and as shes about to give him some physical punishment he yawns and stretches. Warren's bright green eyes are still clouded by sleep.

"How many cars are we gonna move?" he asked sleepily rubbing his eyes. This caught her by surprise. Then anger set in, now she didn't know if he could be trusted its clear to her now that Warren is just a little sneak.

"We don't really know whats going to happen right now..." Travis glanced back to were we just came from.

"Oh, well I'll keep watch so we don't get caught unaware." Warren reached for a metal bat and headed off towards the intersection. Zinnia and Travis ran after him, both for different reasons, Zinnia followed out of distrust and Travis followed for a sense of safety, probably. They didn't stray far, but Warren looked completely relaxed, like watching out for sick cannibals was normal. She couldn't explain it but just something about him annoyed her and that served to keep her in a foul mood. Zinnia moved a little ahead of the two boys, wanting to collect her thoughts for a few minutes. As she passed a car something gripped her ankle, she couldn't help but scream. The hand pulled her and she fell back hitting herself on the car behind her. She was able to stare right into that blood filled face as its other disease ridden hand reaches for her.