I'm sad. That is all. And by the way this isn't related to 'Dead Royalty' in anyway.


I never really thought someone like me could do anything relevant in lifetime. C'mon people let's face it, my only good quality are my guitar skills, and even those are mediocre at best. I just wish, for once in my miserable life, that I could do some good, but of course I can't accomplish anything. Wait, you guys don't even know who I am. Names Alexandra, please call me Alex, Gibson, like the guitar, the first, I added that little bit all on my own. If you happen to not like my name than call me Alex, if that name doesn't tickle your fancy, than by all means call me WW1. Everyone else does, and before you say anything, it doesn't mean what you think it means. In fact, I have no idea what it means, for years I've tried adding some meaning to it, but I can't, nothing works for me. Well, anyway, if WW1 still doesn't work out. Then I have nothing more to say on that matter.

Back to the whole "I'm a useless slob thing", it's true, there's a few things in this damn world I can honestly say I love. There's my guitars, a black and white Gibson Explorer which I proudly call 'The Black Beauty', a Gibson Flying V, or 'Baby Blue', and my first guitar, a Fender Telecaster, which has no name. And there's my best friends; Zak, Jay, JJ, and Shady, oh and my dog Jack, he's awesome. And finally there's here, my girlfriend Shannon, or ex-girlfriend now, I don't really know anymore

Those are the three things I have left in this world. And now I only have one, but it's not enough. My heart hurts. It hurts so much. I guess disserve it. I did a terrible thing, I don't disserve to be loved; I just wish she would forgive me. But, she never will, and personally, I don't blame her. She doesn't need me, she never did; all I did was hurt her.

As for my friends, I don't count on them ever talking to me again. Jay is Shannon's brother, so that automatically means he's pissed off at me as well. JJ he's not so smart up there ya know, but he knows that I'm a bad person, and that he shouldn't mess with bad people. Zak, he can be just as bad as me, but he's knows I fucked up, plus his girlfriend is Shannon's best friend meaning, I won't be seeing him for a while. Shady, he's been with me forever, I think, maybe, he's my only friends left, and even he's pissy with me.

As for my guitars, I love them dearly, but their just objects. I need someone I can love, someone I can hold, someone who loves me. I need her.

But, she hates me. And there's nothing I can do to change that. That's why, I'm sitting here at my computer desk, with my full bottle of special sleeping pills sitting next to my laptop. The directions say that if I take one, I should out for about eight hours. But what if I don't want to wake up? Twenty maybe? Guess I'll have to find out.

My name is WW1, and I'm a horrible person, goodbye.

How's it look so far, guys? Should I continue it?