"Just go." I whispered under my breath, knowing I was lying to myself deep down.

"No. You know I can't." He stroked my hair, just like he had on all those days. The happy days.

"But I can't be that melodramatic girl that holds you back." My head fell, And my eyes crunched, I could feel the tears running to my eyes, the red blush running towards my cheeks.

"And I can't be the idiot boy who left the best thing he ever had." My heart thumped extra loud.

I looked up slowly. A single tear fell down my cheek, but a small grin came to my face.

"You mean that?"

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't. I don't think there's any way I could leave you. I would fall apart without you, don't you understand that?" His voice was soft, but his tone was intense.

"I can't keep you here. You'll have to leave one day. And the way things look, you'll have to leave me behind. I'll be okay. I'm fine." Again, lying.

He almost chuckled. "See, there were two things wrong with that statement. Firstly, you may be fine, for a little while, but after a day without you I would collapse. Promise. And secondly, Any time a girl says she'll be fine, that's the biggest lie she could ever tell. I'm not that dumb." A shiver went up my spine. My mind went blank.

I tried not to act as enchanted by everything he'd just said as I was.

"But- you can't just- I thought-" I couldn't find any words. I didn't know what to think. I never thought this would be me.

"Hush." He said calmly, like he knew exactly what he was doing.

"I'm not going anywhere."

I was left in a rather poetic state tonight, and got distant inspiration for this. Was this as touching and sweet as I hoped?