Dead To Me

You never write,
You never call.
You forgot me so I'll
Forget you all.

They tell me that
You were not bad.
But if you weren't,
Why'd you leave, Dad?

You pretended.
You said you cared.
But it was bullshit!
You were never there.

You never followed through.
And now there's someone new.
I'm trying to remember that
He's not like you.

He won't be like you.

You make me angry.
You make me sad.
You cut me so deep.
You're not my dad.

Living in fear
Of becoming you.
Of drinking and cheating
And being untrue.

Never stood a chance
Of getting through unscathed.
Instead of pure water,
In tears I bathed.

Scalding and red.
…Just red. And blue.
I'm through with this.
I'm through with you.