A boy, pale but dark haired

Walks down an alley

The middle of the night

Of nothing is he scared

A figure, frozen in the rain

White porcelain skin,

Shimmering with tears

Leaking from the pain

Red oozing from her form

He strides towards her

Her face impassive

His hand, so warm

Her wings broken, ripped apart

The night so cold

He leans down to listen

Her beating heart

"Help me," A weak, wavering voice

Trailing, bent wings

Ripped out feathers

It was not her fault nor her choice

Give her love, love her

The beauty is torn

The face is thin

Any days in Heaven are over

All she'd ever done

Trying so hard to be seen

But finally given up

Who she was is long gone

The boy caresses her hair

Pulls her to his chest

Engulfed in a warm embrace

She is no longer scared

Shielding her from the rain

Lifting her from the ground

Holding her close

Leaving behind the pain

Storms of the worst form

Blowing her around

A war raging in her mind

Battle wounds on her arm

Now he won't let them be apart

A friendly face

A loving boy

She possesses his heart

Sung to sleep by his voice

Wrapped up by the fire

The wings healing

He knew he didn't have a choice

Nothing in the way of loving her

She is his love

In his eyes perfection

But the darkness isn't over

All she'd ever done

Rushing back, too much

He returns home too late

And forever she is gone