I am a person-

That is, a human being

Homo sapiens sapiens.

A code of chemical intricacies

Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen

Which were fused and hammered into shape

By the universe's blacksmiths that

Twinkle in the heavens,

Bigger than a hundred Earths

Yet smaller than a pinhead, and

Kept from collapse only by

Abstract impossible forces

That hold the universe together:

Cosmic duct tape.

And amidst it all

I am fingers dancing across piano keys

Rhythmic footfalls on the trails of Umstead Park

A stack of unread books that dwindles by the day.

I am a person. That is, if nothing else,

Poetry. There's a reason

They call it

The universe.

AN: Thanks ever so much for reading! Reviews very much appreciated.