It was right behind me. I was running as fast as I could but it was too late. The gate has closed. Everything was starting to fade into shades of grey, white, and black. It's green vines turned dark grey as they coiled around my neck. It started laughing at my angst and weakness. It knew it was stronger than me. It wrapped around tighter and I couldn't breath...
I leaped up in my bed and gasped for air. It was all just a dream. Another terrible dream. I always have dreams like this. Just my situation I guess. The God-awful world I was forced to live in. Everyone knows I'm different. They pretend not to talk about it, but they always stare at me.
My name is Rue, and I'm special. In 2040, the government proposed a law to genetically train our eyes to only see shades of black, white, and grey. People thought it was a great idea because there was a purpose behind it. The purpose of this law was to stop racial discrimantion, but Africans are still dark, the Latinos are still in the middle, and the caucasians are still light. And now, it's 2063, and they still don't know how to change this. Anyways, people talk about me because I was born with the ability to see color. I let the secret out one day in second year. I was eating lunch and said, "WOW! Look how red this apple is!" The Lunch-Keeper flipped out and took me to the capitol building for a "field trip." Everyone knows how to describe color and what color is, but they cannot see it. My Mom says my purpose it to give people color, speaking of herI can hear her call my name.
I walk into the dining area and she has made breakfast. Over-easy eggs, sausage, toast, and some orange juice. My Mom and I basically did what we do every morning - look at eachother with our mouths full and smile awkwardly. I took a big drink of the orange juice, which I don't even like that much, but that's all we're allowed to drink in the morning.
It's Sunday, so I don't have school. We only have Sundays off for worship, but most people here are atheists nowadays, but an even bigger population of us just dislike church or going to church. My Mom and I like to garden, read books from the 00s-20s, and watch Netflix on our Glass. Usually we rotate, so today we're gardening, which is my least favorite Sunday activity.
We go out into the lush, colorful landscape behind the house. My Mom finds me very useful when it comes to tomatoes. She touches the tomato and asks me if it's red. I nod and zone out as usual. We garden all through lunch, and stop for dinner. We have beef and rice soup, followed by some small talk and watching Ferris on the television.
I decided to take a shower, because I'm dirty from gardening. I turn the shower on and get in. The cold water makes me get goosebumps, so I turn the water to warmish-hot. When I get out I wear the purple pajamas my Mom laid out for me, and tie my hair into a braid. I try not to dream, but as usual, I dream another horrific dream.

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