Staring at me was the devil himself. His black eyes glared into mine. His red hand touched my arm, them squeezed it with his wolf-like claws until grey, gushing blood came out. I then looked around, everything was colorless, except him. He discarded me into scolding-hot fire, where I heard many moaning souls. Slowly, it faded into black. Everything was silent for a while until i heard, .beep. It was just my alarm clock.

My mother works before I wake up, so I have to make food myself, or she'll have freeze-dried leftovers. She usually leaves me a note in the morning saying inspiring stuff like, "you rock!" or "You're perfect!" It doesn't bother me, but it's a waste of her time.

My mother and I haven't been very close since my father was slaughtered by the government. Sometimes if you commit crimes often, small or large, you will be publically killed- with your family front row. He would always speed on his way to work, which was a minor crime, but he did it about every morning. When he got his "three-strike warning," he didn't speed for three months. But one day, I argued with him before work- and he was late.

I remember that morning like it was three years ago- in which it was. I was twelve and careless. Sometimes I think my mother blames me for his death- for a matter of fact, I know she does. After all, I probably am to blame.

She didn't freeze-dry any breakfast in weeks, because she wants me to learn to take care of myself. We have no ingredients, so I just eat cereal and toast. Of course, my mothers midnight snacking only leaves me left with Cheerios and Kix. Why does she even buy Kix? I'm fifteen, not five.

It's 7:13, and school starts at 8:05 (that's when you're considered tardy). I go in the bathroom and throw my chocolate brown locks into my signature side-braid. We don't really have uniforms, but we have a strict dress-code of any form of pants, and polo shirts. I wear some Hollister jeans, a purple Polo polo (coincidence? haha), and some dark pink Jimmy Choo boots. I don't normally wear makeup, but today I wear some purple eyeliner and some mascara. It takes me about half an hour to get ready, and twenty to walk to school.

I only have two minutes left in hall passing time, so I gotta hustle! Normally I talk to my friends Acacia, Amber, and Brian. They're the only ones that don't despise me. The rest of the school talks about my gift and just about me in general.

I met Acacia in fourth year. She was from Bridgeport, Conneticut. she didn't know about me until fifth though. She was mad at me, but not because of my gift,but because I didn't tell her the second I met her. She dates Brian, even though i not-so-secretly like him. But whatever. I'll be that friend that gets with your boyfriend right after you break up. Acacia has gorgeous blonde hair, brown eyes, and is like, a freaking twig. She refuses to wear clothing straight from the store, and likes to go out of her way in life just to buy clothing from flea markets.

Brian has beautiful caramel-brown hair. His green eyes are so unique because they are a dark green. He has olive-toned skin. We were friends before I let my secret out. After, he asked me all sorts of questions. "What do I look like"and "What color is my house?" He is fairly buff, but not too buff to where he's muscle-ly.

Finally, Amber has been my friend since second year. She wanted to be my friend because she ws fascinated with my gift. At first, I gave her the cold shoulder because I was insulted at the fact that she was "using" me, although now I don't care, and she's my closest friend.

It's 8:04 and I just got my stuff out of my locker. My home room teacher is upstairs, so despite the no running rule, I run. Everytime I walk in while the bell rings, I yell, "I'm not late!" to attract attention, and to be an ass. However, today I walk in before the bell rings.

Our bellwork every morning is to read our novels. We are each assigned different novels from earlier in the century. I was assigned The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I'm not really into these kind of books, but whatever. not my choice.

The beginning of the day passes by ever so slowly as usual, but lunch is only ten minutes away. Lunch is my favorite part of the day. Yet again, it's probably eveyones. I don't eat the school lunches though. There's no law about nutrition or safety on school lunches anymore, so I bring my own. Normally I make antipasto salad with the sauce in a small container. The bell rings.

Usually, it's just me and Amber for the first ten minutes of lunch. Brian and Acacia are doing whatever couples do at school I guess. Amber is really smart, so we usually socialize while we do homework together. I help her with science, and she helps me with history.

"Do you think that she's done 'it' yet, Rue?" Amber asks me in a whisper.

"... Wouldn't doubt it," I reply without thinking. I mean, Brian just seems so willing. Especially since he thinks Acacia's out of his league. We never really talked about it with her.

"No, not with Brian! I think I saw her-"

I didn't hear the rest. Amber stopped immediately after seeing something. I looked in the same direction she was. Acacia and Brian were approaching the table, his arm wrapped around at her hip; her smiling at him seductively.

The whole time that they were sitting, they were staring deeply into one another's eyes, having their own conversations. Amber helps clean up during the last five minutes, so its just me, Acacia, and Brian. I decide I don't want to sit there in silence anymore.

I throw an olive at Acacia, and it lands in her cleavage. She immediately stops, and glares at me onimously. Her evil stare turns into a friendly smile, and she throws the olive back at me and continues talking to Brian. Can't a girl get some attention around here?

Throughout the rest of the schoolday, I wonder what Amber was going to say. When the bell rings, I walk to my locker slowly and put my things away. I never saw Amber after lunch, so I just walk home without questioning it any further.