Polly the Penguin

by high plain drifter

Polly, a purple penguin, was searching for a friend. When a new penguin, Dolphin Dasher, came to the Penguin Pals Village, Polly was very excited. She dashed to Dolphin Dasher, she was happy to have a new friend. Dolphin Dasher said they could live together. After a few days, Dolphin Dasher got very sick. Then, a new penguin came to Penguin Pals Village; she was named Power Flower. She had the powers to use a flower that she grew to cure all sicknesses. Polly greeted her to her home and let her stay like Dolphin Dasher. Power Flower cured Dolphin Dasher's sickness. Soon, they were all happy.

Two days later, Polly, Dolphin Dasher, and Power Flower went to the mall together. They bought lots of fish, water, and a swimming pool. The next day, the three penguins went out to play in the swimming pool. After playing for three hours in the pool, the three penguins went in to eat some fish. They found out that when the three penguins were swimming, a food-napper came to poison their food. The three penguins were very shocked. Luckily, Power Flower was the last one to make a bite. This is because she cured the poison in the fish. After eating, the three birds went up to take naps. While the penguins were sleeping, a pool-napper stole their pool. This was a real problem now. Polly called the police. He suspected it was either Rapide or Dirt Club. It turned out to be Dirt Club, and he also confessed that he poisoned the food. Then, the evil penguin was expelled from Penguin Pals Village. The three penguins lived happily ever after.