the pain fills my lung
and i wonder if it's happening
the same to you (probably
not) when i don't respond
to your stare, or purposely avoid
eye-contact with you
or make no such effort to
talk to you-

remember when we were
talking? there was a smile on your
face, darling; there was one on
mine too. oh, it was a fine moment.
just you and me, and the rest
of the world hidden behind a building-
just you and me, baby.

remember how good it felt? so, so
damn good. i know you could feel it too.
so why? why leave me hanging
the next very day? am i not worth
your effort at all? is that it (insert
more question marks here)

if you want me to chase after you (oh
you'd like that, don't you?) then give
me a sign you are worth the chase. are
you, though? (probably not/but i'm praying
for a yes) 'cause i see your sneaky
glances craving for my attention behind
my back and it is. so. fucking. delicious.

so tell me
(no, seriously.)

another day without a sign- another
day with me, trying to pretend we never
talk. does the pain fills your lung
as do mine?

(probably not).

inspired greatly by: diana vickers- notice.