Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Dedicated to: Tyler (My secsi gurllll. c:)

I was falling, and it seemed as though this hole would never end. It was pitch black and I thought this seemed a bit similar to when Alice fell down that rabbit hole in the story Alice in Wonderland. Except there were no floating teapots and tables… Just darkness.

That thought soon slithered away from my mind as my body smashed onto the cold, hard, ground. I let out a blood-curdling scream. I felt tears escape from my eyes and trickle down my cheeks. I think my left leg was broken; possibly my right arm and I could've cracked a few ribs. Well, this is just great.

My head felt as though someone had just smashed a hammer onto it. I felt like I was going to pass out... But I knew I shouldn't, because I had to get out. I tried to force myself into consciousness, but my efforts failed and I slipped into darkness. I started dreaming, but I soon awoke. I realized that I should try to sit up, and maybe find a wall to lean against. So, I tried to sit up but I fell straight back to the ground. Yep, some ribs are definitely broken... Oh, my chest hurt so bad... The pain was very intense. But, I had to keep trying!

My next attempt to sitting up failed as well, I tried a few more times, and I ended up with the same result. I soon realized I would have to deal with the pain long enough to find a wall to lean up against or anything that could support me.

So, I lay on the ground for a few minutes, prepping myself for the pain. About five or so minutes later, I pushed myself up and let out another scream full of pain. I put my hands down to hold myself up, and I slowly inched my way backwards. Each inch took about thirty seconds, so by the time I had reached a wall it had already been about a half hour. But to me, it seemed like it had been weeks.

I sighed in relief as I slowly placed myself against the cold, smooth, stone wall. My entire body ached even worse now. I wished I would die; I wanted to end this pain. I mentally slapped myself for thinking about dying. Where was I, anyway? I had no idea. What was I even doing before I fell? How did I fall? I couldn't remember anything… I must've hit my head pretty hard.

I sat there and thought for a moment, some memories slowly surfaced from the depths of my brain. My name, my age, my parents' names, and it seemed as though a picture of where I was before I had fallen, was slowly starting to form in my mind. It was dark... I saw the outline of trees. Oh look, a squirrel running up a tree. He looks so cute, ugh! Focus! So, I was definitely in a forest of some sort... But what was I doing there? I tried to remember, but soon I came smashing back into reality as I heard a loud roar.

My heart started to beat at an incredibly fast pace, I knew I couldn't run, and moving takes forever... The hole was so dark I couldn't see more than five inches in front of me. For all I know, there could be some kind of secret passage here. I wanted to check it out but the pain was getting worse. I tried to stay as still as possible, maybe if I rested a while I could muster up enough strength to stand. Or maybe, someone might pass by. So, I waited... And I waited, and waited. It felt like days had passed but in reality it had only been a few hours.

I soon realized that no one was coming, and I'd have to get out of here myself. But, in the meantime, I'm going to try and figure out how I got here and what exactly happened. I also need to let my body rest more. So, I closed my eyes and dug into my thoughts. I fell asleep again, except this time I was in complete control of what was happening, and I was inside my mind. I was floating around in this strange world, there were screens all around me with memories of my past and there were words.

It was amazing. Or at least it would be, if all of the screens weren't blank. And most words were smeared and unreadable. I stopped flying for a moment and tried to concentrate, where was I? After what seemed like ages a picture started to form in my head. It was the same as last time, a forest, a squirrel, and a dark sky full of beautiful stars. I noticed something different this time... There was something in the bushes. It looked huge! It looked sort of human... The eyes were bright blue and looked as though they had swirls in them. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything else. All I saw were those huge, blue eyes...

Then suddenly, the eyes disappeared. The next thing I saw was a tall, blue-eyed man. He had on a black body-suit that seemed to be made of some stretchy material. It covered his entire body except his face. There were claws coming out of his fingers, they looked like they were attached to the suit. Heh, they look kinda like wolverine's claws. Ah! This is no time to be thinking of a movie. Focus! I focused back onto what was happening. The man had grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him. He had the most terrifying grin; his teeth were sharp and jagged like the rocks below a cliff that hung over the sea. I almost lost focus and slipped away from this memory from the terror. What was happening now?

The strange man had grabbed onto part of my short, brown hair. He looked at me with a sinister grin and said "Look what we have here…" Then he sparta kicked me into the giant hole I'm currently trapped in. How did the hole even get there? Last time I checked, I was standing in a grassy field surrounded by trees. Well, I'm in a hole right now. But I meant before that. Anyway, I figured out how I ended up in the hole. But why was I in that forest in the first place? It looked as though it was four AM. What could I have possibly been doing out in a forest at four AM?

I mean, yes, I do sleep walk but I don't remember there being a forest anywhere near my house. And I don't think I was at a friend or relatives house. In fact, I lived in the city. There were no forests around for at least sixteen miles. I highly doubt I would sleep walk sixteen miles into a random forest that just so happened to have a creepy arse man in it. Why did the man even kick me into this hole? Did he know me somehow? So many thoughts were flooding into my head. It felt like my brain was going to explode, and I nearly had a heart attack when I was once again jolted into reality by the sound of a roar. This time, it sounded slightly louder and it also sounded closer.

My heart started to pound once again, and I looked around the darkness. I thought I could make out the slight outline of a spider… Oh no! Since you probably don't know me, I should tell you something. I have arachnophobia, and for those of you that don't know what that means, it means I'm deathly afraid of spiders. I mean, I don't like any type of insect in general but I absolutely HATE spiders.

Another thing, my name is Kathrine. I'm fifteen years old, and I go to Los Angeles High School. I'm friends with almost everyone, so I tend to hop from group to group. I couldn't really say I'm just part of the rebel group, or part of the populars, the nerds, or any other group. I love them all equally. I'm usually pretty lazy, but I'm naturally athletic. I prefer to watch TV, or play video games. One thing about me, I HATE shopping. Almost as much as I hate spiders, well, no. Nothing is close to the amount of hatred I harbor towards spiders, but you get the point. Anyways, back to the story.

I heard another growl, this time even louder. With each second, my heart sped up. "Help…" I squeaked. Another roar was heard, this time it was so loud it made my ears ring. Tears started to form in my eyes and slither down my cheeks. My vision was getting blurry and I had to wipe my eyes and force myself not to cry. Think… How do I get out of this? Another roar, followed by growling. I think whatever it was is right above me!

I leaned forward and started to crawl, I was so terrified I could barely feel any pain. I was crawling as fast as my injured leg and arm could move me. I heard one more roar and I jumped to my feet, somehow. I frantically limped forward. I put my un-injured arm out in front of me to feel for things. I felt like I had been walking for quite a while. Maybe there really was a secret passage, or maybe a hallway? I put my hand out to the side, and I felt a wall. I guess I had made it in to a hallway. I saw the faint glimmer of a source of light in the distance. Yes! I might have found a way out! But, what if the beast is waiting for me… Maybe I should wait? Nah, I wanted to get the hell out of here!

The source of light moved! "Ehh?!" I nearly screamed. Could a person be holding the lamp? Or maybe it was a candle… It looked like a fire more than the light from a flashlight. Man, one of those would be pretty useful right now. I started to hurry towards the light, but then I stopped and realized that maybe it wasn't such a smart idea. The person could be unfriendly… But I didn't really have any other choices, I started walking again. I was getting closer and I started to see the form of a boy. He seemed to be around my age…

I stopped again to study his features before I approached, or made my presence known. He looked confused, lost, and scared. I did notice that he had a sword strapped to his side. I was a bit more frightened of him now. I was studying his features more when I heard a roar and the pounding of claws and paws. It sounded a bit like a bear, but bigger. I screamed and froze. The boy must've heard it too because he looked my way, which meant the beast was probably behind me. The stranger with the sword or a beast… I chose the stranger with a sword.

I ran as fast as my injured body would take me; I tripped and fell as soon as I was about a three feet in front of him. I couldn't move anymore, I was exhausted. My body ached and I felt like I was going to fall apart. "Help…" It was the only thing I could say. I was too tired to speak, my body ached, and I thought I was done for. I managed to say "Please…" but then I blacked out.

"What the hell?!" The boy exclaimed. He looked down at the girl that had just tripped and then blacked out in front of him. She looked so pitiful, and weak. She was covered in dirt and her eyes were red from tears. He quickly looked back up and remembered there was some sort of beast running towards them. And he couldn't just leave this poor girl here for the beast. So, he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder then bolted for the long hallway to his right.

This girl was pretty small, he thought. It shouldn't be too hard to carry her. His thoughts changed to how to find the way out. He had found a trap door under a rug at some old tavern; he had been staying there for the night. There were spiral stairs that headed into a dark place. He was curious so he took a lantern and headed down. Which way was it to the stairs? It was hard to think while he was carrying a girl and running from a large beast that seemed to be catching up. The roars were getting louder and more frequent. He could hear each step the beast took.

The boy sped up and remembered which way. He had memorized it in case he got lost. Left, left, right, left, right, right, left. There were lots of different corridors to turn on to. Aha! He had found the staircase. It seemed a lot steeper than last time, but going up is always harder than going down. He started up the stair case, going as fast as he could. He figured the beast would have quite a tough time getting up these stairs. They were pretty narrow. I see a small bit of light! I think we're almost to the top!

He was at the top, and just as he was about to open the trap door, it zoomed backwards. It looked like he had just zoomed out from a picture he had recently zoomed in on. "WHAT?!" The boy exclaimed. He heard the beast behind him. How the hell did that thing fit onto this staircase? He thought. Then he realized he was on the ground, standing in front of the staircase. He looked dumbstruck. "But, how? God damnit..." The boy bolted up the staircase once again, but this time with more force.

After about five minutes of running up the stairs he began to wear out, he slowed down to a walking pace. He was almost one hundred percent sure the bear couldn't get up here. About five more minutes of running and he could reach the top, again... But, he was just too worn out. He stayed at a walking pace instead. It should be about fifteen minutes until he reaches the top, and he sincerely hopes he won't be teleported to the bottom again.

And, as he reaches the top he goes to open the trap door. But, as soon as he is about to open it he hears someone say, "You may have made it out of here, but there is more… Good luck." Confused, the boy looked behind him, and to his surprise, he sees no one. I must be hearing things due to exhaustion, he thought. And he opened the trap door and exited the dark hole. He quickly hurried up to his room and set the girl on the bed, he was absolutely exhausted now. He put the girl under the covers and he laid on top of them. He wanted to try and process what had just happened, but he was too exhausted and he slipped into dreamland.

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