Chapter 1

I was running, running from the thing I knew I couldn't get from. My feet were but a blur beneath me and my head was spinning from all this nonstop running. I felt so tempted to just stop, sit down and grab something to eat at a midnight restaurant. But there was no way that I could do that. I had to keep on running.

As I fled down the alleyways of New York I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass of a building. A tanned, slender, violet-eyed, not short but not tall either, seventeen year old girl with brunette hair to the bottom of her shoulder- blades staring back; just waiting for the day when this would all be over. Others would look at me and think, 'Oh there goes plain, old Claire,' but they're just the people who only know me by name.

You're probably wanting to know what I was running from, right? Well they're vampires; bloodthirsty monsters out to hunt; then kill; painfully. They look just like humans, except they're way more beautiful, skilled, faster and stronger. Oh and did I mention their appetite? Well it consists of blood. Lately; mine.

My parents, my family? Yeah they'd passed away a little more than four years ago, freak car accident apparently whilst I was at my best friend's house. I haven't seen her in a little more than four years either. After their deaths; I lost everything, including hope. I then was forced onto the streets and one day; when walking near central park, a vampire approached me and was about to attack. But instead of doing so he "sniffed" me and ran away. I thought I might have scared him off, but turns out he was just telling his big boss guy about me or something and since then; I'd been on the run.

I kind of new why they wanted me so bad; I mean werewolves everywhere went through this right? Wrong! I asked all the werewolves I found to see if the myths were true. Do vampires really try to hunt us werewolves? 'No.' that was the answer. A freaking no! Then why were they hunting me? Me? Why was I so special? I then asked them if it was true that vampires hated werewolf blood. You know what I was told! 'No. Ha! We wish. Our blood is a vampire's favourite. It's just a myth Claire!'

Oh I forgot to mention that too. I'm a werewolf by the way. Specifically a white one; who just happens to have violet eyes. Not the scary half- human things you see in movies. No; werewolves are basically humans that turn into wolves when they want and they also have what humans would call "abnormally enhanced senses"' The only problem was I that I couldn't shift now, I wouldn't let myself. My head was just in too much pain. Spinning around and around and around.

And then; could you believe it? I fainted; in the middle of the alleyway I was currently running down. That was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. It meant they'd catch me and…. I didn't even want to think of what would happen next.

I woke up; actually woke up. I wasn't dead. Holy crap! I wasn't dead. Actually, to be honest; I felt really, really good. Like I could run a marathon and still have breath to spare. But why? I sat up to take a look at my surroundings which just happened to be completely different from when I fainted. God, I fainted! Why the hell did I faint!

I was in an abandoned warehouse looking thing with pillars holding up the roof. I studied it intently just as the realisation that I'd been captured hit me.

'Oh no, no, no, no, no! Please no!' I shouted out into the nothingness.

And then I heard the footsteps. Wait a minute; vampires didn't have footsteps. They were too light and graceful.

'What's wrong?' the owner of the footsteps asked. His voice was older, mid- seventies maybe? But wise all the same.

Then I saw him. He had grey eyes, faded from his years; almost grey hair that was once black and a muscly build. Not the typical vampire but I was too scared to care. I was going to die.

'Ok if you're gonna kill me can you at least do it quick? Because I am seriously not in the mood for any of this.'

'Kill you? Why would we kill you?' he replied sincerely but questionably.

You've been chasing me for the past four years, remember?'

'No I haven't,' he said, a tone of uncertainty in his voice. 'Wait, I'm not the vampire that was following you if that's what you're thinking. I, well we; are quite the opposite in fact. We're vampire hunters.'

I let the term roll over in my head for a few seconds before replying. 'How do I know you're telling the truth? You could be a vampire for all I know.'

'Do I really look like one to you? Honestly?'

I took a look and to be honest he didn't. Not even a little bit. His grey hair and faded qualities were sure signs he wasn't.

'You could be in league with them,' I backfired.

'What would I gain from that?' He asked

'I don't know; money?'

'I have no use of that. What could I possibly spend it on with such short time left?' If you don't believe me; smell me.'

I know if someone asked you that you'd be like, 'Whoa no way freak!' but for me it was usual. So I did; and realised he was one of me. Well not me, obviously, but a werewolf; and no way would they be in league with vampires, it was completely against their nature. But what I couldn't believe was that I hadn't noticed his scent before. God I was getting slack.

'Sorry,' I mumbled under my breath; hoping he wouldn't hear, but knowing he would.

'That's ok. You were just being precautious; I understand.'

'Yeah, well anyway; why have you kidnapped me then if you're not a vampire?'

'We haven't kidnapped you. We just made sure you were ok. You did faint and the vampire was really focused on killing you. So we thought we'd take you in. Is that a problem?'

'No,' I muttered grudgingly, also cringing at the word "faint".

'There is one thing that I really would like to know though…'

'How 'bout you tell me your name first?'

'Phillip; yours?'

'Claire; Claire Forest.' I replied.

'Now; my question?'

'Oh yeah? What's that?' I asked fully convinced he; Phillip was about to ask me the same one everyone did.

'Why are they so intent on finding you?'

And there it was. The question every person I meet is interested in knowing. The one question I can't answer for myself.

After telling Phillip my story; I was beginning to get amused by the completely gobsmacked expression on his face. I mean it was hilarious! His mouth looked like a giant 'O' and his face was as white as a sheet.

I waited for him to respond for what seemed like hours when finally he composed himself, went all professional and said, "Ok; so we know that vampires are trying to find you and from the looks of before kill you; check?"

'Check,' I replied.

'But we don't have a clue why. Am I right?'

'Yes,' I sighed. I was so tired and didn't need this. The questioning, the guessing; it was just too much for my brain to handle; and the tiredness from all the running I'd been doing was starting to catch up with me.

Phillip seemed to sense this; somehow; and said in a soothing voice, 'But all this can wait for later. First we need to introduce you to the others and get you some rest.'

He got up and signalled me to follow.

'Others? There's more?' I questioned, astounded.

He chuckled, 'you honestly didn't think I would be able to hunt vampires on my own now did you? No; there are more.' He smiled; a trusting smile; and again signalled me to follow.

We walked through doors, around some corners and ended up in a room almost identical to the previous one; except this room was decorated to be comfortable had a lighter atmosphere due to laughter.

Laughter. I hadn't heard that in a while. It sounded so good and I couldn't help but wish I could be a part of that again. I shook it off and continued to follow Phillip into the middle of the room and was amazed. There had to be like; eight people all sitting with there playing the younger version of poker; you know where they played for chips or lollies; laughing at the mistakes and the triumphs. They played like there was never a worry in the world and were enjoying themselves. Something I hadn't done since I was thirteen.

Phillip coughed from beside me and every head flicked toward our direction; like clockwork.

I studied the faces that were before me and realised with a start that none of them were a day over twenty five. In fact seven of the eight were under twenty and each one of them was about as beautiful as a vampire; maybe just a little less.

Out of the eight; six were guys (typical) and they were all buff. I don't mean the lanky, over- tank, muscles- for- shoulders- and- hand guys; I meant the hot, lean and muscly guys almost every girl dreamt about. Two of them looked identical, had sandy blonde messy and wavy hair to their shoulders, blue eyes and were both reasonably tanned; both of them looked about nineteen; and if you haven't guessed it already, they were obviously twins and also the popular girls' ideal prey.

There was also a boy; and I really mean a freaking boy! Around twelve with almost white coloured shaggy hair, the darkest possible shade of blue as his eye colour, was unbelievably well- tanned and may I repeat; around freaking twelve! This boy looked so confident and wise for his years though, whoever got him into this sort of thing, needed a lecture.

One of the guys; probably the buffest of them all; looked around my age with short black coloured hair and skin; and the deepest golden eyes that reminded me oddly of honey. He looked ready to protect his, 'pack' and if it came down to it; die for them.

Another one of the guys was about twenty-four; obviously the oldest in the group and looked as wise as the oldest man on earth. He had blazing short, red hair, pale skin and the kindest face and was around twenty- three; his most distinct feature though, was his piercing green eyes that sent shivers of uncertainty down your spine; well I thought that was his most distinct feature; until he turned from facing Phillip to me; then I noticed it; his giant scar that ran right down from his skull to his chin on his left side; making his authority and place even more prominent for some reason. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the scar and could feel my cheeks growing hot as I realised I was; rather rudely; staring.

The girls; well let's just say they were both beautiful! I wanted to burst into tears right then and there, as I realised no matter how much makeup I used, or if I had any for that matter; I could never look like that.

The one closest to me was a pure blonde and the stereotypical materialistic girl. Her perfect golden hair reached her shoulders and she wore her perfect makeup all over her perfect face. She had the lightest of blue eyes and was pale, but not white; and even though she wasn't standing up I could tell she also carried herself with authority. She was around nineteen; like the twins; and I knew she wasn't going to like me at all. How? I don't know? Maybe it was the way I could feel her glare ripping its way through my skull, or the way her eyes looked like they would turn into daggers and fly at me. I'll let you decide.

I shuddered and pulled my eyes away from her; focusing on the second girl. She was a brunette, with light blonde streaks all through her hair mid- back length hair with pink streaks accompanying her bangs. She had the kindest face I had ever seen in all my years of running through crowded streets; the darkest brown eyes that would melt almost any guy; she looked around sixteen; give or take a bit, had an amazing tan and the prettiest smile.

Wait. Smile? Why was she smiling at me? Come to think of it… she was the only one smiling at me. The rest all looked like they wanted to jump out of their seats and well; you know.

The blonde girl; piped up; breaking me out of my revere and said in her musically eerie voice, looking directly at me, 'who brought that in here?'