When the lights go down, I'll own my mistakes and you can't fix me.

You don't consider me to be cool anymore because I am a fool. You set

me free to find peace of mind. Born of the dawn, heaven is like a fawn

that is always passing me by. I wish I knew the error of my ways earlier

instead of later on in life. Please rewind back to the beginning before pride

made me feel empty inside. Please rewind back to the beginning before karma

destroyed me. When the lights go down, I will be the only one in the world wearing

a frown. History repeats itself over and over again twenty four seven. Torn asunder,

I blame my misery on myself. This forsaken ghost town of broken dreams deserves to

burn in a very hot oven. There is nowhere left for me to run. I turn around and face the

music. Bleeding crimson, I am the tragic hero in this horrific fairytale. I wail, but nobody

cares enough to listen. I realize its a little too late to make any improvements or changes.

I can't undo the past, how long must this madness and sadness last? Shown no mercy, these

heavenly heavily burdened brown eyes of mine drown in the ocean along with the son of God.