A girl awakens from the inside of a closet after being knocked out.
She rubs her head. "Ughh... W-what happened?"

"Where am I?" She thinks allowed. The girl slightly opens the door and squints at the bright light peering into the darkened room. It's the empty hall of her school.
She opens the door fully and gets charged with a massive headache. "UGHHH..."

She touches her head and finds a gash on the top left side of her forehead. "Fuuck... What happened to me? Where is everybody?" She looks down both ends of the hallway...No one in sight, just a big mess.

She walks into the hallway and looks back into the room she was in. She switches on the light and finds a girl with flaming red hair, too red to be natural, sitting up against one of the janitorial shelves passed out. "I've never seen her before." She thinks to herself. To the left of the red-headed girl was the injured girl's bag. "Oh, my bag!" She grabs it and something falls out, her student ID card.

"Name: Justice Riley. Age: 14. Gender: Female."
She picks it up and puts it in her back pocket. The red-headed girl comes to.

"uhh..." She moans.

"H-hello... Are you okay?" Justice asks.

"W-what.. Who are you?" She replies.

"I could ask you the same thing... You don't go here, do you?"

"No.. I -OH NO!"
The redhead jumps up and grabs her backpack from behind a box and runs down the hallway.

"Well, it was nice meeting you..." Justice says to herself.

She makes her way down the hallway, the opposite direction the girl ran in.
"If school's out... I need to grab my things from my locker." She thinks to herself.

She begins to head upstairs, but with every step comes with a giant pound to the noggin. "Fuuuck..."

She opens up her locker and grabs her: cellphone, comic books, baseball bat and her hand cream and puts them in her backpack. She slams her locker shut making an echo through the hallway and starts applying some lotion with her bat tucked under her arm. A moan comes from the nearest classroom which is just to the right of Justice.


She walks over to the history room to see who else is still here.
Justice creeks open the door whispering, "Hello?... Anybody still here?"

Scanning the room, she finds a boy facing the board swaying side to side like a mental patient.

But just under the desk he was next to, was the same girl she saw earlier.

The girl lifts her pointing finger to her lips while conjuring a worried face.
She then mouths the words, "help me."
Justice nods.

She creeps up to the boy swaying and taps him on the shoulder... The boy turns around with his eyes rolled back and his skin discoloured and peeling.
"What the fuck...?"

The 'boy' groans and pins Justice to the ground.

Her bat rolls away, but close enough to grab, so she reaches for it and holds it up with both hands for protection. The 'boy' tries to bite her, but the baseball bat gets stuck between his jaws. Justice thrusts her hips throwing the 'boy' over her. She immediately stands to attention and forcefully pushes him into the shelve-less cupboard and sticks a chair leg through the handles.

"What... the hell was that..." Justice asks herself allowed.

"A monster..." The girl under the table returns.

Justice forgetting she was there gets startled and picks up the bat into a fighting stance.
"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" The girl shrieks.

"Oh, god sorry. I forgot you were there. Here." Justice extends her arm to help her up.
The girl takes her hand and stands, but her head lowered.

"Thank you... for... helping me." The red-headed girl shyly says while avoiding eye contact.

"Don't worry about it." She casually says then realizing they're still holding hands.

Justice let's go first with a slight chuckle and asks the girl for her name.
She looks right at Justice and says, "Sk-Skylar...Vallie."

Justice was caught off guard by the girl's beautiful green eyes and just stared.

"What's your name?" Skylar asks.

"Oh-Uhm.. My name's Justice. Riley."
Skylar nods, implying that it was noted.

"Earlier you said you don't go here..." Justice starts.

"Yeah, I'm a ninth grader up at 'the all girls school' Cambridge."

"Oh, cool we're the same age, but if you don't mind my asking... Why are you here?"

"To find my brother."

Justice looks to her left and notices the sun was going down.
"Oh, GEEZ! What time is it?!"
"Almost 9." Skylar answers.

"No wonder everyone is gone, I'm late for dinner... I'll see you around Skylar."

"Wait." Skylar grabs Justice's hand.

Justice looks at their hands then looks at Skylar with a confused face.
"What?" She questions.

"You don't know... Do you?"

"..." Justice stares.

"Everyone is dying."