Pierce The Black With Technicolor

When I die
Because, one day, I will die,
We all will,
I want to die like a star.
In a blaze of colour
And beauty.
On a colossal scale.
I shall not be ignored.
Everyone will see me,
Even those who didn't know
That I existed.
They may have never heard my name,
But they will hear my voice
And smell the burning flesh
Of my heart.
They will feel the explosion
As the atoms of my being break apart.

Death should not be feared.
Death is not to be shunned!
In my house he shall be greeted
As a friend and honoured guest.
For there can be no Life without Death.
Just as there is no story
Without a beginning and an end.
No day without a night,
No wrong without a right.
They go hand in hand
As black and white.

We will all perish someday.
And those below will watch in awe.
No words in the silence,
Just the fading music
Of the dying stars.