Puzzle Pieces


I feel sure that

When we were born,

We must have looked like puzzle pieces

From a jigsaw that wasn't complete yet.


And then we were scattered

Across the world,

And through other people's lives,

Muddling with other people's puzzle pieces –

Half-fitting some,

Scraping against others,

Never quite in the perfect place.


And then through some beautiful,

Luminescent trick of grace,

My puzzle piece came

To meet all of yours.


And as a group, one by one,

We found a way to connect

Perfectly to one another -

To form the bigger picture.


There are no clumsy half-fits,

No scraping,

No struggling to cling to another piece,

That we're not meant to be attached to

In the first place.


We simply fit together,

Every one of us.


And this bigger picture,

In which we all hold hands,

Broken puzzles pieces in a mosaic

To form a whole,

Is the most beautiful picture

I have ever seen.


I feel part of a human artwork.


And when one piece breaks,

The rest of us break too,

Until we can fix that piece,

And the rest of the picture



These are the best bonds I have ever known,

Like there is something intrinsic that binds us

That can't be put down to something

As indefinite as fate.


We were born broken,

And we were scattered,

And broken some more,

By the other puzzle pieces in this world

That weren't designed to fit ours.


But now we are whole.

And we are beautiful.


And I love you all so much.