I scream,
I shout,
I cry,

With laughter you all die.

I hurt,
I hate,
I fail,

You laugh when I turn pale.

I yell,
I try,
I bleed,

My pain is what you need.

I retch,
I stumble,
I struggle,

But you are such muggles.

You don't know what I can be,
You don't know what I see,
You don't know what I can do,
You don't know what helps me through,

You only know my pain,
You don't know what I gain,
You think I don't have a meaning,
But you only ever see me screaming,

You laugh,
You point,
You stare,

You make my life unfair.

You smile,
You smirk,
You tease,

Do what ever you please.

You cut me,
You brake me,
You scar me,

But you'll never breek me.