It was torture for the young man watching his crush dance like it was the end of the world. Their body working in perfect sync with its other dancers, the quick looks, the bodies pressed against one another… Yes it was torture for him "Elijah dude just ask her already!" a voice said from the said person's right. Elijah turned to find himself looking at one of his best friends and the host of the party. "Yeah, sure Caleb let me go up to one of your oldest friends by fighting through the throng of dancers and ask her what I mean to her!" Elijah said sarcastically getting a look of distain from the host and one of pure amusement from Caleb.

How he became friends with them was something Elijah pondered upon even after knowing the group for 6 years. They all had the last aka B lunch on his second and the rest of the group's first year in Woodell High School. His crush and Caleb knew each other from elementary school and the rest of the group just happened to meet the two by pure coincidence. "All right Mr., she and you have had crushes on each since you two met since you graduated the crush has been multiplied and the sexual tension built up… So why haven't you asked her out yet?" the small brown haired glasses wearing host practically yelled at him to emphasize her point and to be heard over the bass of the speakers.

Elijah and Caleb looked at their friend shocked by her statement and some of the people looked at them confused. "Nothing to see here folks just a small spat between friends" Caleb said to the crowd of onlookers. He and the host rolled their eyes; Caleb ever the voice of reason and gentle giant when called for. Elijah then looked at the host and then said "Look Emily you know as well as I do that she is still trying to get over him so I don't want to freak her out by saying something that might upset her." "Upset who?" the voice of his crush said and they all turned to see who they were talking about. She was a pretty girl about five-seven, slim, light brown hair with natural and streaked blond locks going through her hair, and a pair of caramel/milk chocolate eyes looking over them. All of them said at the same time "Kate!"

The young women looked at them calculating their reactions and tone of voice. "Were you guys talking about Andrew again?" Kate asked in an accusing tone. All of them looked a bit sheepish and the brunette sighed. Emily was the first to respond "Well we can't help it you know? He changed all of our lives for the worst those 6 months and we nearly…" "Look let's not talk about him okay? I'm tired of hearing about that case and besides Em you decided to throw this party to let everybody know were recovering just fine!" Kate snapped at them causes all of them but Caleb to cringe. He knew her better than any of them (well Elijah was actually up to par with him but that was because he had the natural skill of detailed observation) and he(they) knew that she was only dancing so that she could forget about Andrew and what he did to her. Emily seemed to have noticed that Elijah was glaring at Kate with fury so she said "Kate's right you guys! Come on Caleb" she yanked the friend away from his oldest friend and dragged him to the dance floor aka the living room with force.

That left just the two of them in the kitchen and while Elijah was still glaring at Kate while she was just shaking her head. "Remind me again how those two got together?" Kate asked. He still continued to glare at her. She must have finally noticed because Kate finally subdued her acts and looked him in the eye. They both knew why the other was acting the way they were – she was dancing to forget and he to get her to open up. Neither was successful and neither of them was going to give up. Elijah was the first to make a move; he moved toward Kate. Kate looked down but bit her lip making her appealing. Elijah had to restrain himself from kissing her then and there right in front of her instead he asked "Why were you dancing?"

Kate's reply was one he hadn't expected her to say "To try and forget about what Andrew did to me…"-the truth. He was surprised for the fact that Kate actually said the truth for she was known to be very stubborn about her personal life. But before either of them could do anything a gun or something similar went off drawing the attention of the two. Then people were heard screaming and the two of them exchanged glances and went off in the direction the noise was heard from-the front door.

By the time Elijah and Kate had gotten there the person who set off the noise was in sight and mechanism that made the noise was visible too. Both were frightened by what they saw – the person was of the ex- gang members of Andrew's crew and the mechanism? An impressive looking rifle and hand gun was what greeted them well that and a severely bleeding bodies of people they knew. No words needed to be spoken they both went towards the door at a much quicker pace now for two very different reasons, one to fight the man and one to save the people.

Now here is where you might think that Elijah was going to fight and Kate to treat the people well I hate to burst your bubble but you're wrong. I won't bore you with the details of the fight but I will tell you this. The people who were bleeding were saved, who they are you might ask? One of them was Kate's karate team captain a fine young man by the name of Calvin and longtime neighbor the other person was his boyfriend and Elijah's friend and the captain of the school's lacrosse team another fine young man by the name of Colter. Both of the people are guys in case you missed the masculine names said. Was there any damage done to the house?

Of course there was! Do you really think with a dangerous person holding weapons that can cause damage that nothing would be broken or hurt? Emily's stairs to the second floor were ruined as well as her front hall. The kitchen and the living all suffered minor damage, and what of Kate and Elijah? Both suffered minor physical wounds but as for psychological damage the two were a mess. Kate more so than Elijah because of what Andrew did to her but never the less both were affected in both areas.

After the small scuffle was done and everything was cleared from the damage to the house and the police investigation afterwards everybody went home tired, exhausted and a bit scared. Not scared of Kate and Elijah or anything related to them since all of the people had gotten used to the talents of the two but rather of the two 's relationship which had gotten worse than it ever had before after what Andrew did to Kate.

Kate drove home in her purple Volkswagen Beatle angry, not at Andrew but at Elijah for what he said to her during and after her fight. Elijah drove home in his car of choice a black sports car extremely guilty but a bit proud of himself about what he said to Kate. Both drove home with a heavy heart and pressure of their actions regarding one of their best friends.

Not about an hour after Kate went home the doorbell rang to her small house prompting the curiosity and frustration of the brunette for she had just finished getting herself prepped for a good night's rest. After much grumbling and swearing (she tripped over her cat Jepu-Je who was lying on top of the stairs) to find that Elijah's sister was there.

"What do you want Eve?" Kate asked her voice heavy of sarcasm. Eve looked slightly surprised at the tone because as she was much younger than Elijah so she hadn't grown up with the woman mostly because she was in elementary school when the two were in high school. Eve collected her after noticing that Kate looked amused by her reaction. Then she asked the question Kate thought she was going to ask "What happened between you and 'Lijah?"

After Elijah got in to his driveway he didn't even bother going into the garage he just left his car and walked in to his house slamming the door behind not even bothering to say 'Hi!' to his sister. He tossed his car keys in the general direction of the living room, angrily stomped up to his room, and let out an alarming 'Slam!' when he closed his bedroom door. He had just barely flopped down on his bed when he heard the front door slam once again and somebody (most likely his sister) starting up his car. Elijah didn't need to know where his sister was going because he probably would've gone there too if he didn't know that he was going to end up in serious pain-Kate's house.

While he was slowly his mental battle to sleep or not to sleep Elijah thought back on the moment when he first met her after they both had graduated from Woodell…

It was a fine Tuesday morning during autumn and Elijah had been called in to his Calculus teacher's room. Even though it was still early in the autumn/ fall semester he was failing the class miserably already. He was coming up to his teacher's office when he heard two voices arguing. One was his teachers' voice of course but the other one was a female voice. As he was coming closer to the office the female voice was getting to sound more familiar but he just couldn't quite place his finger on it until he was in front of the office door.

That's when it him, the voice belonged to Kate one of his old friends from high school and the unknown genius to the world. "I don't see why the hell I should tutor someone in a class I barely started and this is the person's second time taking the class! I mean why the effin' hell should I tutor someone who was in your freakin' class before when I've barely been in here a fudgin' month!" Elijah grinned, Kate only started swearing or using 'fluffy' swears when she was generally upset or she hadn't gotten her morning dose of either caffeine or, cocoa.

His calculus teacher apparently was about to lose his temper; he could feel a dark premise rising from the door and it wasn't Kate's. He knew what Kate's felt like and even hers felt dark right now he knew that her temper had just barely crossed the surface. So to prevent things from going to catastrophic he knocked on the door. Suddenly the aura's ceased and he heard his teacher say "Ah! Come on in Elijah!" "Elijah?" he heard Kate asked as he barley turned the door knob. "By Elijah, do you mean…" Kate never had a chance to finish her sentence because he opened the door right there and then. "To answer your question Miss Huhn, yes I meant Mr. Elijah Verning."

He walked in smirking at Kate's expression as it turned dark red. "I looked over both your records and it seems that you two went to school with each and I had hoped that you two had met. Since you seemingly know who Mr. Elijah is judging on your reaction to his first name I presume you two know each other?" "You have no idea . You have no idea…" Kate muttered.

Elijah grinned faintly at the memory of their first encounter among many that were to follow. Eventually he fell asleep but was suddenly woken up again by his sisters' return. Eve had opened the door quietly enough but when she closed the door, she slammed it so hard the glass above the door cracked a little and the neighbor's dog started barking… which was quite a feat since there closest neighbors were 3 blocks. When Elijah checked his phone to see the time he saw that he'd been asleep for more than an hour. 'And judging from the way Eve is slamming around in the kitchen I say Kate got her really ticked off…'

That he knew meant that the conversation had gone fairly well. With Eve not exactly used to Kate's ways (as mentioned before she was in elementary school when Kate and Elijah were in high school), and Kate's perspective ways of looking at people, the two were almost always giving the other a hard time. For a lack of better words and the simplest way of putting it Kate and Eve were like two magnets of the same pole, cats and dogs, oil and water, always pushing against the other. As Elijah walked down to the kitchen to see what sort of damage Kate did to his sister he managed to here snippets of her mumbling. "… little miss know-it-all…", "Who died and made her queen?", "… I know things about your brother that even you don't know about and couldn't possible wrap your pretty little mind around…", "… don't know what he went through to get me to where I am…".

Elijah stopped at the space between the kitchen entrance and the hallway when he heard the last sentence. He cringed for he knew that if Kate got so mad at his sister that she started talking about what he suffered to get his sister back to live with him and get her in high school, she was in a really bad mood when Eve went to talk to her about him.

Elijah mustered up the courage to walk in to the kitchen and wasn't surprised by what he saw. His sister standing in the middle of the room eating a sandwich the components that made up the sandwich were scattered on the counter, the floor, and the wall.

He chuckled at the sight of everything, it was… just so… like Eve to get upset and go to the kitchen to make something to make herself feel better. The chuckle he emitted must have been louder than he thought for his sister turned around alarmed and chucked a carving knife at him. Luckily for him and his sister (who have died of embarrassment when the cause of death would be her not recognizing his voice) he had always been physically fit so he naturally dodged the knife. It landed on the framework of the stairs with a loud 'twang' mixed with 'thunck'.

Eve stared at Elijah for a moment before saying "Geez, Louise 'Lijah I could have gotten you square in the head! Don't you ever dare sneak up on me again!" Elijah just chuckled at his sisters' expression before noticing his sister had a few peculiar bruises on her wrist. His sister must have noticed that he was looking at her wrists for she quickly covered them up.

They both knew then and there that there was going to be another shouting match going on that night this time though it was brother vs. sister with nothing to hold them back… Well almost nothing…

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