She's flying free

She's flying high

How could she know

She's soon to die

The huntsman waiting

Down below

Skillful huntsman

Brought his bow

A phoenix heart

Is worth a sum

Let loose the bow

She's going numb

Falling now

She's still in shock

Falling away

From her cherished flock

He takes her heart

Worth more than gold

At least that's what

The stories told

Broken, shattered

Phoenix tears

Fallen after

All these years

Burst of flame

And she is gone

She fell for

His perfect con

From the ashes

She will rise

But an age before

The phoenix flies

Regain her strength

And grow new wings

Once she can fix

Those broken things

Learn to soar

Dance in the sky

One day the phoenix

Again shall fly

Reborn from ash

From broken life

The phoenix girl

Again shall fight.