Ramshackle Man

What is the point in
Holding on for all I'm worth
When you're pushing me

Further and further
From the place I want to be?
It is so pointless!

Maybe I should just
Be happy that you look "fine"
And forget your lies.

I mean, after all,
This is what I wanted, right?
For you to forget.

I never thought that
You might want to forget me
And leave me behind.

Not a single word.
No proof to my "mad" theory,
So I must assume:

I'm not good enough
For you anymore, am I?
Go ahead, break me.

I can fix myself.
I've crawled out of the scrapyards,
From ashes and graves.

Makeshift, yet standing,
Both born and reborn again
And again. Alone.

Break my metal frame
With your brutal actions and
With words you don't say.

Claim my beating heart,
Take it without touching me
As I lay, helpless.

Then burn the ashes.
Reduce them to atoms so
They might not be born again.

You'd do well to fear.
Take heed of my last warning:
Live, remember, for

One day, one day soon,
I will rise from settled dust.
I will return here.

I will walk this path.
I will show the strength you lack.

And you will fear me.