Starlight Renegades

By The Gem Amour Sisters


Staring deep into the mirror sitting on the vanity table her eyes raked over every detail of her costume, the lace on the bodice to the strings on her boots. She could hear the sound the crowd cheering for her to come onto stage and give the performance of her life in a way. She looked over her shoulder again at the door and gave a small smile. She would get the chance to perform under the bright lights and make the people of Alberta happy. She walked towards the door and nodded as she headed to where the stage door was awaiting her performance.

Lancelot Jerrickson, a young musician whom just by chanced became the stand-in for the regular lead guitar player. He swept his hair out of his face and made sure his guitar tuned just right, he always wore a mask while on stage. he had a garage band, but they were not doing too well, so he was rather pleased that he would be making a little extra money tonight, he had to get the guys' instruments upgraded anyway. He adjusted the full-face black mask; his hazel eyes the only part of him seen.

"All right, time to get on stage." He said and looked himself over; he was dressed in a black t-shirt, white trench coat and blue jeans with combat boots, his hair loose and styled wildly. He was to be the Animal tonight, the nickname for the usual lead guitarist. He passed Abby as he headed onto the stage "Break a leg out there."

"Thank you…"

Taking his spot on stage, the left side of where the drum set had been prepared for the performance, he began getting into the zone for the concert that would ultimately be something of a thrilling experience for him.

Abby smiled gently adjusting her ponytail, her whole body felt energized and she knew at that moment she would step into her element that often showed through the way she sung. Pointing up towards the sky, she whispered. "Tonight will be beautiful."

Grinning behind his mask due to it slipping down a little, Lance readjusted the strap and tightened it around his head "Ah...much better...God I hope I don't freeze up."

"Oi new guy," called a young man with long straggly blonde hair wearing a black vest that tied in the front and a pair of tiger printed pants to match his stage moniker of Tiger. "If you freeze up on stage just stare at Abby, her ass shaking will be enough to motivate you."

Chuckling Lance looked out at the large crowd, a few of the people in the crowd were chanting for the band while others were screaming for the lead singer of the group. "I think I'll be fine dude...I'm used to performing in front of crowds at bars and stuff, but this is kind of awkward, there's a lotta people out there."

Tiger laughed. "You'll do fine," he looked up and saw the stage manager nod to him. "Alright guys let's play, we're doing Lovers Concerto first and then we'll all follow what plays on our in ear monitors."

Lance took a deep breath and let it out, the long row of lights above them lit up in a snowy silvery hue, cascading upon the whole stage revealing the band to the screaming crowd.

Lance did what he had to do, his fingers played sensually over the cords of his guitar. He felt himself get lost in the music allowing it to wrap over his heart and soul. He had dreamt of the day that he would get to play with the Starlight Renegades the one band that helped him through the hard times. He hoped it was not just a dream he would wake up from in disappointment.

Abby walked out onto the stage and began singing; she felt in her element now the spotlight hit her. She looked out at the crowd singing. She quickly walked down the stage's runway, as she looked down at the fans each one reaching a hand up to her so at that very moment of high energy mixed with excitement she would give them a chance to touch her hand. "

Lance grinned as he watched Abby, he had always liked how she dominated the stage and how she adored every one of her fans, his guitar solo came up and he absolutely rocked it, better than the normal Animal would have done. Once that was done, he gave the 'peace' sign to the audience, then continued playing along with the band.

Abby shook her head and giggled as she finished the song. She looked out at her fans and called out. "Thank you everyone for coming out tonight, now many of you may not know this but tonight will be my last show," She called out as the audience began protesting.

"Why Snow Princess,"

"Don't leave us please!"

"We love your music!"

"Calm down, I am going to be going back into the studio to do a new album and appear in the new romantic comedy Code Of Honor, So don't worry tonight's show will rock, and of course now is the time for a part of the show where I get to chat with my band members." She walked over to where Lance stood. "So how you tonight, your guitar solo rocked...but you upstaged me," She said in a playful tone.

Lance grinned under his mask playfully, his eyes sparkling a bit "I'm doing good, excited to be here and all, sorry about upstaging you, but that solo, I had to make sure it made the fans happy." He winked and played a playful riff, which made the audience, go wild. He chuckled.

Abby shook her head giving a small giggle as she winked at him. "Well watch it Mister Animal or I'll have to put you down."

"I'll make sure to watch my step, but once you get me goin' it's hard to stop" He lifted the bottom part of his mask off so she could see him sticking his tongue out playfully at her. He replaced the bottom half, grinning widely he added. "I'll behave...if I get a hug from the goddess of the band."

Abby smiled as she hugged him giggling. "How's that for a hug from a goddess?"

"Mmh, Much better then I imagined." He hugged her back closely his head resting upon her shoulder as he took in the scent of her perfume. He looked down at her a moment feeling a blush creep up onto his cheeks.

Abby blushed as she backed away. "Remember behave...or else I'll punish you." She winked and looked out at the audience. "I am sure my band members won't mind playing one of my favorites," she said. "Considering that the guy that I want to meet one day will be my angel."

Tiger looked at the band and nodded indicating they were to play the song "Angel"; his hands began moving across the guitar's neck as he tapped his foot to the song while listening to Abby singing. He looked over at his fellow band mates and smiled in pride they were doing a lot better than they had been since they started.

Lance gave a smile and started playing along easily with the band, humming to himself as he did so, he wanted to sing badly but he knew better than to even attempt it.

The concert went on for three hours though Abby had done encores of the song as she finally went back to her tour bus and lay on the couch. She gave a soft sigh knowing that Hawk and Tiger went out drinking. Sitting up she looked outside the window and smiled as her fans left to go home.

Lance looked at the empty auditorium; he was only there for tonight after all. So, he took up the microphone, and started singing, his voice soft, soothing and gentle, he'd taken that sweaty mask off, his eyes slid closed as he allowed his singing to do the speaking that was coming from his heart. He had not sung in a long time but felt at ease even after a super charged concert as the one he helped to make possible.

"What in the..." Abby could hear him from the in ear monitor she had on. Standing up and leaving the tour bus she walked back into the stadium and stopped at the doorway to the stage watching him.

"Wow...he's...that's not...then..." She blushed red at how they had gotten into a playful argument, which ended in a hug. She let out a small squeak and began walking back as she knocked down a nearby amp.

The amp falling with a thud made his eyes open and he blushed hugely "Ah...crap." he stepped away from the mic "Sorry about that!"

Abby shook her head. "No, its fine," She stood up and smirked. "You're not really Animal..."

Lance chuckled a little "No, Animal couldn't make it so the guys dragged me along with the only requirement being I wear that mask and act like Animal. I think I pretty good job."

"Well if you must know..." Abby leaned forward and smiled. "You did better than he did."

Lance gave a grin at her "Thanks, I'm in a garage band so I get a decent amount of solos. But I gotta say I like performing for a crowd a lot better." He walked over to her and held his hand out "Name's Lance, nice to meet you."

"I'm Abby Nation...uh well people know me as the Snow Princess." Abby said taking his hand giving a small yet gentle smile.

He raised her hand, kissing the back of her knuckles "It's a pleasure, Miss Abby" He winked playfully at her.

Abby rolled her eyes. "Nice to meet you, so hey want to hang out?"

Blinking, and shrugging Lance gave a sheepish laugh. "I guess, I don't really have anything else to do, and this was pretty much a one-time gig for me anyway. I doubt it's ever gonna happen again, might as well take a bit of advantage of it."

Abby smiled and took his hand taking him to the tour bus outside. "You were awesome."

Lance easily followed her, keeping up with her. "You looked pretty good tonight, you dominated the stage." He said. "It's impressive"

"Thank you," Abby said quietly as she opened the door to the bus and walked up the stairs, she turned around and giggled.

Humming softly to himself as he followed Abby and once in the tour bus he sat down on the couch and looked around "Nice bus."

Abby smiled. "Thanks," she said. "My record label made it more fitting for me," she walked over and opened the cabinet.

"How d'ya like it, being a rock star?" Lance queried, watching her with curiosity.

Abby pulled out a bottle of tequila. "Oh it's fun if you like all night parties and playing ten concerts in three days."

Lance gave a bit of a chuckle "...I'm a bit of a concert bum, so I go to every single concert I can." He leaned against the couch smiling to himself.

"Mmm, it can be something that takes some adjustment to." Abby said pouring the tequila into two glasses and handed him the other glass. "Here try this."

"No thanks Abby, I don't drink." Lance pushed the glass away.

Abby looked at him. "Really," She asked taking a sip from the glass she was holding. "It's to help relive your stress after a concert."

"I tend to game or something, I don't like alcohol" Lance replied softly.

Abby nodded. "I see." She smiled. "More for me then, I'm gonna get a buzz tonight!"

Lance shook his head and sighed, "It's not good for you... that stuff is unhealthy." He said gently watching as she poured another glass of tequila before drinking it down in one gulp. He slowly began realizing that Abby was not as she appeared on stage during every concert. She was an alcoholic.

Abby rolled her eyes. "Don't talk to me about health." she drank down the glass. "That was great!" she said happily and grabbed the bottle deciding not to waste the rest or even bother to use a glass.

"..Seriously," Lance took the bottle holding it out of her reach. "You're gonna kill yourself with this poison..." He searched her gaze "...Something happened to you."

Abby looked at him. "What do you mean? Nothing has happened to me that drove me to drink. I like to party!" she asked a visible blush appearing on her face indicating she was getting drunk.

..I can see the sadness in your gaze, something bad happened to you." carefully touching her cheek. Lance could feel the heat of sadness radiating from them.

Falling silent Abby looked away deciding not to answer him, she began wondering how Lance seen through the tough girl front she put up. Her hair fell over her shoulder and she kept silent not wanting to say a word about her past. "It's nothing; now give me my tequila back."

"Nope, because with drinking that much, you're gonna get alcohol poisoning." Lance said gently keeping the bottle out of her reach.

Abby glared. "I can handle my alcohol!" she punched at him, missed as she fell over, and gave a harsh laugh mixed with sadness. "Oh Animal how could you leave me for that other woman…?"

Lance gently pulled her up, took her to the back of the bus to where the bed was, and gently lay her down. "...Your heart has been broken."

Abby shook her head. "No...He left me..." she said defensively though she did not realize that she revealed the truth to him.

"...Therefore breaking your heart." Lance pat Abby on the shoulder smiling gently in hopes he could get her to cheer up and forget all about drinking the rest of the tequila. "Things will get better, they always do."

Abby sat up as she looked at him, her hair a mess and her eyes were full of desire. "Well you're much better then he is..." she stood up and walked towards him.

Lance raised his hand; he could see the desire and fire burning in Abby's eyes. He quickly grabbed her and sat her back down on the bed. "Whoa, wait there missy, you're drunk. I don't do that kind of thing with any woman who is drunk.

Abby staggered towards him. "Why not," she asked softly the strap on her top falling down her shoulder. "Don't' you think I'm attractive?"

"I do…but you're drunk, and it's wrong." Lance replied gently.

Abby shook her head. "I'm not..." she said with a smile, she swayed from side to side feeling her head swim. "I'm just a little tipsy."

"You've had alcohol..." He said quietly. "And I won't take advantage of you while you're drunk."

Abby shook her head. "Just shut up and kiss me you fool!" She leaned close and kissed him gently.

Lance taken by surprise by the kiss shook his head pushing her away. "Mmph, No, Abby, I can't take advantage of you."

Abby teared up. "You're just like him..." She sat down on the bed and began to cry. "I knew it...I am a has been!"

"You're NOT a has been, and I am nothing like him. I just don't think its right to take advantage of a beautiful young woman when she has been drinking. I'm not an asshole, Abby." He knelt in front of her, placing his hands on her legs. "I just don't want to have a one-night stand with someone so amazing…I have to head back to my place in the morning."

Abby gave another whine. "'re going back?"

"This was only a one-time thing for me." He sighed quietly "I have my band to think of too..."

Abby shook her head. "But what about me?" she asked. "I need a guitarist...and you're the one I want."

"Abby..."Lance sighed heavily. "I'm not ready for the big-time. My band mates are friends I've had for years, I can't just abandon them."

Abby shook her head. "Bring them too...they can help me with my new album..." she looked at him. "I don't want you to leave're so nice to me."

"Only because I know how to treat a woman," Lance gave her a genuine smile before adding. "Plus, I'm kinda in college."

"Really, I don't think college is important anymore…" Abby began laughing again as she passed out on the bed.

"...Jeeze..." He tucked Abby in and kissed her gently; he left her a note, and headed out of the bus.

"Dude...that was weak..." Tiger said from outside the bus as he smirked. "You could've slept with Abby...she's more fun drunk."

"No way, it's wrong." Lance replied calmly. "I'm not an asshole and I sure as hell am not gonna screw a girl before I even know her."

"Suit yourself…I know if it were anyone else they would've jumped at the chance," Tiger said before he turned and headed off towards the limo where Hawk was waiting. "See you later dude…I might have to tap that ass later when she's awake."

Sighing Lance decided that it would be best if he protected Abby from anyone who tried to sleep with her while she was intoxicated.