You Know Nothing Of Hell

Is this what I'm reduced to?
A gibbering wreck,
Whilst you get out unscathed?

Tear out my eyes,
Then maybe you might see
What heinous thing you've done.
Cheat the words from my mouth
And rip out my tongue for good measure.
I know you always envied my words.

Steal my smile from my very lips,
Snatch the breath from my lungs,
And take my heart, the heart that once beat
So freely in my chest.
Slash at the brain that would have given
Everything it had for you,
Yet leave its frontal lobes intact.

I know you want me to feel this.
Laugh in my pain and revel in my anguish.
Drink in my screams and cries
And pleas for mercy like water.

Strip me of my skin and
Leave me bare and freezing.
Cast me off and leave me with nothing
But my tears and bitter memories.

I don't think you even know
How much I suffered,
And still suffer,
Because of you.

And what's worse
Is that I don't think you even care.