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Chapter one

I woke with grass in my black hair, and stones stabbing my legs. Let me tell you I hate having stuff in my hair, especially first thing in the morning. I'm not a morning person. I bolted upright and checked to see how everyone else was. The other three were folded in awkward positions around me; I couldn't help but laugh a little. We had been on the run for as long as I could remember, first it had been just Caiden and me but five years ago we found our other half Dante and Rhian. I shook my head only to bang it into a metal gun held to my head. I froze, literally not moving a muscle. I turned my head slowly to face my enemy; there he was in his full tattooed glory. We called his kind the Joi; they had been after us since we found out what we were. The gun was now pointed at my nose and I felt myself go slightly cross-eyed. I closed my hand in a fist and prayed my practicing would pay off. I heard a splash around me, and then Caiden at my side.

"Seriously dude first thing in the morning?" Dante's deep voice came from behind me. Three more guys with the same tattoos came out from behind a cluster of trees.

"You've got to be kidding me," Dante moaned and came to stand on the other side of me. Before anyone could act or fire a gun I'd kicked the dude standing in front of me and with my foot on his chest. Yeah we were stronger than normal humans but so were they. And the bullets in their guns weren't normal ones either. Dante charged forward, fire burning in his left palm shooting little firebombs at the Joi. Caiden's fist collided with the nearest Joi and I got to work on the one under my foot. He twisted my ankle forcing me to get it off him and jumped up ninja style.

"I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Rhi screamed. Suddenly plants erupted from the ground grabbing the Joi by their feet and hanging them upside down, thrashing them from side to side till they were unconscious. I grinned when we were angry we couldn't control our elements causing similar breakouts.

"Are you ok?" Caiden was just about as silent as the wind, when he talked it had a musicality to it, sounding like wind chimes.

"I'm fine, we have to go though, again."

"Kenzie, I'll take Rhi," Dante had a soft spot for our little seven years old we did meet them together. He picked up Rhian on a piggyback ride and flames shot out of is feet sending him seven feet in the air and burning the grass under him.

"Ready or not?" Caiden grabbed my waist and shot fifty feet in the air. He didn't flinch unlike me, I hate heights, I prefer being under water, that's where I fly. I grabbed fistfuls of his t-shirt and buried my head in his chest to keep from screaming.

"How bout not," I say through clenched teeth; unluckily there was no water around so this was the third time in my life I had to fly.

"Don't you feel free?" Caiden asks letting go of me and putting his arms out, we were flying peter pan style. I was only holding on to his shirt so I slipped away free falling towards the trees.


Caiden flew under me grabbing my waist and throwing me up so I landed on his back.

"You idiot!" I screamed over the roar of the air.

"Come on, you knew I'd never drop you," Caiden laughed. I wrapped my arms around his neck resting my head at the bottom of his light blonde curls.

"See you knew I wouldn't,"

"Yeah but it still gave me a heart attack!" I replied.

"A heart attack is good for someone every now and again," He said.

"Hey, guys where to now?" Dante flew up next to us his red spiky hair flowing in the wind.

"School again?" Rhi asked.

"I guess so, but our whole family thing isn't working, look at us…" Caiden said.

I surveyed us; it was true we looked nothing alike. I had raven hair and eyes the color of the sea. Where as Caiden was the opposite with such light blond blonde hair it was almost white and light blue eyes. Dante had fire red hair that suited him perfectly and dark brown eyes. Rhian had hazel hair and grass green eyes. Basically we looked like we were born from our elements, which is possible, we don't know who our parents were.

"We can just say we are family friends or something, not like we'll be there for longer than two weeks anyway," I pointed out.

"Shit! I forgot the bags!" Dante yelled turning around, it was his turn to watch the bags.

"Meet us one hour fly time from here, we'll call you…" Caiden said pulling out his mobile.

"Alright," Dante zoomed around and flew in back in the direction we came from, Rhi sleeping peacefully on his back. I wish I could do that. I looked down and shuddered again. We were above the clouds now. I shrieked as we went over a wind bump thing, letting go of Caiden's neck by mistake. Only to start to fall…. Again. Caiden grabbed my hand just time pulling me up to him so we were face to face.

"Man I hate flying," I complained.

"I'll find some water, just hold on for now," That was one thing I loved about Caiden, he was so full of life and funny but he knew my breaking points. His arms slid around my hips holding the small of my back so I wouldn't fall again.

"You better not let go again," I warned.

"Wouldn't dream of it Zie," I hated that nickname, it made me feel so young, but I let Caiden call me that reminding me of when we were on the run as kids. I rested my arms so we were technically hugging in the air. Closing my eyes I was able to fall asleep.

"Hey, I found some water, and I found flame boy around here somewhere," Caiden's voice woke me up, and I realized we were still flying.

"Just go over the water and drop me," I exclaimed, water always excited me. Caiden followed my orders but was hesitating dropping me.

"Come on let go…" I said, this time I didn't scream I waved at Caiden and Dante in the air and then did a front flip so I was facing the water. I made a tunnel of water and dived through the center so I would reach the waters surface in a cool way. Before reaching the surface I concentrated on my feet to make them water resistant. Yeah did I forget to mention I could walk on water, or like I do, run on water?

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