Chapter five

I molded a jelly bathtub with water bending. I was getting ready to bathe Rhian since she was afraid of shampoo. The only way we could heat the water was to make Dante heat it for us, which normally meant a payment. Today's payment was she happened to want a bath as well, not out of the ordinary Dante hated water almost as much as I hated flying.

I willed some water from the hose to go into the tub concentrating harder because it was farther away. Then I motioned for Dante and Rhian to come over. Caiden came as well. I pointed at the bathtub then at Dante. He clenched his hand and steam escaped from the water. Caiden sat down on my jelly chair that I had made earlier, while Rhian went to go get the shampoo and conditioner. Dante leaped into the bathtub yelling something random.

"Ok Rhian the shampoo please," I held out my hand to her waiting for her to put it in. I moved my hand sound behind me to find my jelly chair I had made, and then I realized Caiden was sitting in it. "Get your ass off my chair! I need it to wash Dante's hair," I explained.

"How come you wash Dante's hair but not mine," Caiden pouted ignoring my command.

"I don't know… Your old enough to wash your own hair," I said.

"So is he!"

"No I'm not!" Dante exclaimed splashing us with hot water.

"Chair!" I repeated.

"No need for that," Caiden said he used his wind to push his chair forward next to the tub, and behind Dante's head. Then he put his hands on my waist pulling me onto his lap. I squealed and started to get up, but Caiden's arms wrapped around my waist holding me down. He was still in his bathing suit, thinking about it made me blush.

"Here," Rhian handed me the shampoo and conditioner and went back to her mud pies. I tried to ignore Caiden and leaned forward towards Dante's hair, I made water bubbles in the air and poured them onto his hair.

"MEEEP!" Dante yelped he seriously didn't like water. I laughed and drenched him again. Then I squirted the shampoo into his hair and massaged it in. "Man that feels good, you don't know what your missing out on!" Dante said sinking deeper into the water. I poured more water on his head before putting the conditioner in too. Then I washed my hands out and pushed Dante's bareback motioning that his bath was over. He sighed and jumped out of the tub, and then I splashed all the soapy water on top of him, before doing a clean rinse as well.

"Ok your done!" I said.

"I want one of those too!" Caiden whined from behind me.

"Ok. Fine. But Rhi's going first," I said.

"YEAH!" Caiden said shooting into the air and then back down before I could scream. Soon Rhian was done and Dante was taking her shopping for for all of us. I had the last tub of hot water in front of me with Caiden sitting in it. I peeled of my wet top from before and was left in a tank top and shorts before starting to wet Caiden's blonde curls. When I started washing his hair Caiden moaned. I immediately stiffened and pulled my hands out of his hair.

"What's wrong?" I said flustered.

"What? Oh nothings wrong, that feels really good,"

"Oh ok," I muttered.

After Caiden was done with his bath he air blow-dried himself making his curly hair stand up. I burst out laughing and pointing at his hair.

"What?" Caiden asked.

"Your... hahahaha… Hair!"

"What's wrong with them?" He said furiously ruffling his hair.

"I got this," I said between giggles, I wet his hair again then pulled the water back out.

"I'm BACK!" Dante yelled dropping Rhi in the flowerbed before stopping in front of us with two shopping bags. He pulled out a flowery nightgown and threw it at Rhi. Then he pulled out a huge shirt and handed it to Caiden. He grinned evilly at me before grabbing my arm and shooting into the air and onto the other side of the elevator out of sight. He held out the pink bag to me smirking.

"What did you do?" I accused him.

"Just open the bag!" I cautiously opened the bag. Inside was a pair of lingerie pajamas. There was a pair of blue silk shorts and black lacy tank top.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed.

"Well we had to do something to make Caiden jealous!" He replied.

"Why the hell do we want him to be jealous?" I asked my eyes wide.

Dante sighed, "Because he obviously likes you," He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What? There is no where in hell that I'm going to where this!" I shrieked and slapped Dante's arm.

"Oh well, but its either this or your burning clothes," Dante said.

"What burning clothes?" I asked dubiously.

"THESE!" Dante lit my top and shorts on fire and flew up into the air blowing me a kiss before disappearing. I screamed and threw my shirt of continuing with my shorts. I scowled at the bag; there was no way I was going out there in underwear so I slipped into the shorts and tank top. They weren't much better the shorts ended at the bottom of my butt and the top ended above my belly button exposing my midriff. I groaned and let out a yell of frustration.

"Hey are you ok? I heard you yell," Caiden appeared a little bit above me. When he saw me he fell five feet but then regained his flying abilities.

"Oh…." Is all he said? I blushed and covered my chest with my arms. I couldn't meet his eyes; I knew he was watching me though. The worst part was that I could only get back over by flying.

"Do think you could take me over?" I choked out.

"What? Oh yeah of course," Caiden said stalling before dipping down and picking me up bridal style. Thank god Rhian was asleep when I came over. Caiden flew down and stood next to Dante. I struggled until Caiden put my down.

"YOU!" I said pointing my finger at Dante.

"You look fabulous baby, right Caiden?" Dante grinned.

"What? Yeah..." Caiden stuttered blushing a bright shade of red.

"UGH! I'm going to go change,"

"You can't!" Dante said.

"LIKE HELL I CAN!" I shouted.

"I kind of took care of your clothes for you…" Dante snickers. Just then the elevator binged and Charlie from school steps out. I stared at me obviously checking me out. Caiden pushes me behind him out of Charlie's sight.

"UGHH the school said you lived here, I just wanted to talk to Kenzie," Charlie explained. I cursed Dante in my head, now I had to talk to guy from school wearing this! Luckily Caiden was big enough to conceal me behind him. Caiden pulled his shirt over his head and turned around to face me. He put it over my head; it surprising covered me better than my pajamas did, landing about mid thigh.

"Ok go talk to him," Caiden said putting his hand on the small of my back and nodding slightly at Charlie. Charlie walked over running his hand through his curly brown hair.

"Hey, can we talk…" He asked before waiting for and answer he grabbed my hand and pulled my over to the other side of the roof garden beside some trees, so we had some privacy.

"Hey," I said tugging my shirt down.

"You look totally sexy," Charlie blurted out.

"Umm thanks," was that supposed to be a compliment. Charlie grinned sheepishly.

"So wassup?" asked breaking the awkward silence.

"Right… I just wanted to say that you were awesome today, and I think your totally pretty and you should ignore those stupid girls," he said. I blushed; the only person who had ever called me pretty was Caiden.

"Thanks… It means a lot." I stuttered. The next thing I knew Charlie had me pushed up against a tree with his lips on mine. I froze my lips not responding. He pushed me harder against the tree his hands on my shoulders, I yelped. Then Charlie was on the ground and Caiden and Dante were standing next to me.

"I think its time for you to leave." Dante snarled, "I'll show you out." He grabbed Charlie by the arm and pulled him to his feet and out towards the elevator. Caiden gently took my arm and pulled me to him for a hug.

"Are you ok?" he asked. I sunk into him letting myself be vulnerable for a few minutes. My lips hurt from the pressure, they were probably red too. Before I could stop myself I was crying in Caiden's shoulder.

"Hey its ok, I won't let anyone else hurt you," Caiden whispered in my ear. I believed him. He walked me over to my bed and helped me sit down.

"If you give me my shirt I'll go get you some clothes," Caiden offered. I pulled his top over my head and handed it to him. He kissed my forehead before flying off the building.

Dante came over to me grinning and held out his hand for a high five.

"I think we succeeded in making the boy jealous!" He said.

"Yeah, I guess so…" I muttered.

"Now our date tomorrow is going to make him even jealouser, talking about that I'm skipping school tomorrow and getting ready for that, I have the venue all planned out,"

"Cool I'll look forward to that," I smirked feeling like myself again. Caiden came flying back up.

"No shops are open, I'll go in the tomorrow morning," he says.

"Ok sure," I answered half heartily it felt like days ago I was embarrassed about what I was wearing.

"Well I am exhausted, good night guys!" Dante said setting his logs on fire again and curling up.

"Where are you sleeping today?" I asked Caiden lying back down on my bed.

"I thought I could just sleep with you again," Caiden said flopping down next to me.

"Okay fine, but remind me tomorrow to make this bed bigger," I said resting my head on his shoulder.

"Ok maybe I will…" he said. What did that mean?

"Okay," I yawned putting my arm on Caiden's waist and falling asleep.