In the serene mountains of Eastern Europe, a fairy tale like castle stood atop a rocky hill top. On any other day, the castle would have reflected the sun with it's white paint. But today was different from the rest; today was special. Today, a word hung in the air: Revolution.

The silence of the wilderness was broken from the castle. A large explosion form one of the castle's main building thundered through the air, creating a large fireball that erupted from the wall and shot into the air. And from there the area grew quiet again— almost deathly quiet.

Then on a smaller mountain, two figures slowly walked through the trees, they seemed to want to get away from the castle. One was a medium height stocky built man with dark brown black hair in an urban camouflage army outfit, heavy armed with a Kevlar vest and pockets that had a use and were once filled with every item that a soldier would need. He was holding his left shoulder, pressing a wound that was bleeding. Looking down at it he noticed it was not as bad as before, and he looked back at the other figure and smiled.

In comparison with the man, the other figure seemed to be on a whole other plain to the man. The other figure was a teenage girl, in a dirtied white silk dress. She had golden blonde hair. When she looked at the man she showed her two different colored eyes, her right eye being a light blue and the left one being a light green. She then stopped and turned to look back on the castle, her home. One side of the wall had a darkened hole in it and flames flickered in the windows of the castle. She could fell the tears build up in her eyes, but held them back strongly.

"I can never go back can I?" She asked the man without looking back at him. The man walked up behind her, "No," he said honestly, "I doubt you will be able to." The girl then inhaled deeply, still holding the tears but losing control of them, and nodded understanding. He then took her by the shoulder and said, "Hey, Ericka." The girl turned to the man, after being called by her name. He then squatted and looked her in the eyes, "I promised your father I would not let anything happen to you. And I intend to keep that promise. Alright?" he said comforting her.

"But what about—?" she asked looking at the man's wounded shoulder.

He laughed it off, "Don't worry I will be fine. It will have to be just the two of it seems."

She nodded, "I know." She then looked at the castle. And whispered, "Goodbye, Vertira… Father."

Ten Years Later.

Dec. 21. 2013.

Off the East African Coast.

In the seemly endless ocean just off the coast of Africa, a lone Nordic small fishing boat swayed on the water. On the bow was written the name "Lucky", in black letters. The boat itself was old, twenty years past it's prime. The former coat of paint, a bright green, was still spotting the wood of the boat itself.

In the cabin were the helm was held, the same man from ten years ago stood at the wheel of the boat, sheering the ship forward. He had grown a short beard had seasoned skin. While ten years had passed, he was still as stocky as before. He had gained some weight from his body getting old, but unlike the boat, the man was hardily passed his prime.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps on the deck behind him, he turned to look over his shoulder to see a young blonde woman leaning against the door to the cabin, with and apple in her hand tossing it up in the air, "When are we due for the port, Butch?"

"'Bout fifteen minutes Blonde."

"About time, I thought this hunk of wood would never get us there." The last ten years had been good for the woman too. She had grown well; she was thin and muscular, with her now less golden blonde hair all gathered in a ponytail behind her head. Like Butch, her skin also should signs of being the victims of many types of weather, and several small scars on her arms and body, her eyes seemed to have been the one think that had changed the least, while they were still heterochromic, but now a bit darker and richer in color then before. She wore a simple white dirtied tank top, and equally dirty blue jeans.

"Hey, don't call Lucky a hunk of wood. She has saved our hides many times." He said patting the cabin's wooden roof.

"That doesn't make her less of a hunk of junk." Said Blonde biting into the apple she had.

"Could you grab me one of those apples?" Requested Butch.

"This is the last one." She said as a matter of fact. "We are out of apples?" Sinking her teeth viciously into the apple, and said with her mouthful "this is the last bit of food on the boat."

"Shit," exclaimed Butch. "I didn't think we were that low on food."

"Yep," said Blonde taking another bite, "This is it." Butch sighed, "at least we have a job lined up. We get paid and buy some food."

"Yeah," said blonde tossing the remaining core of her apple into the ocean, "did Sultan say what sort of job?" "Assassination by what he hinted." Blonde nodded, "Sounds easy enough." "Yeah," agreed Butch. "Better get the boat ready, we will be docking soon." "Yep, yep." Said Blonde leaving the cabin, and doing what she needed to do to get the ship ready.

The ship now had turned to a small African coastal village. Most of the buildings looked like they were scrounged together with whatever the owners could find. Tin siding, pieces of brush and clay, Most of the tin roofs glinted the suns rays toward the sea. The Within five minutes the Lucky had pulled along side one of the wooded docks and moored against it.

When they were moored, Butch killed the engine and went down below to find Blonde putting in a full magazine into a worn P99 handgun. She then grabbed and identical gun that was sitting on the workbench in front of her and tossed to Butch. Butch caught the gun and examined the sights, "I see you tweaked the sights." "Yeah, I noticed your shots were a little off so I fixed it."

He then looked down the barrel and nodded, "Nice job." She nodded, and then tucked the gun behind her back in her jeans, and covered the handle of the gun with her tank top. Butch then cocked his gun and hid his gun the same way. "Here," he said handing the girl a pair of sunglasses, warning her: "It's bright out there."

The two then jumped onto the dock and began to walk towards the village. As they approached the end of the dock, the few fishermen sat on the dock looked at the man and young woman walking up with curious looks. They were foreign, but they did not act the part, the fisherman noticed. As the two of them reached the middle of the dock, five threatening looking men lined at the end.

Blonde and Butch then exchanged glances through their sunglasses, and Butch described them as: Trouble. "Let me handle them," whispered Blonde. "They're all yours," acknowledged Butch.

When the two of them got within ten feet of the end of the dock, the middle one then stepped forward a pace. Both Blonde and Butch stopped on the dock and just stared passively at the five men. "What cha's bus'ness 'ere?" Asked the middle man in broken English.

"Docking," replied Butch obviously, "Is there are problem with that?"

"T'ere be a toll fer docking 'ere." Said the man looking at Lucky. "You're joking," said Butch. The middleman then pulled up his shirt to reveal a gun handle with a safety right beside the hammer of the gun right under his navel, to prove that he was not "joking". The man then looked at Blonde and said, "But fer a nighta with her, I could give ya break."

Blonde then removed her sunglasses and slowly strutted seductively towards the middle man. "Oh, please," she said sweetly, "Can't you be a little more generous?" Then stopping directly in front of him, and taking her right pointer finder she then began to pull down her tank top lower, to reveal a black bra under it. The middle man stared at Blonde, as if he was hypnotized thanks to all of the blood leaving his head into another part of his body. Then she struck.

Quickly she then with the hand she was using to seduce the man with have him a small back hand punch to the nose. He staggered back a step, but Blonde kept up with him she then grabbed the man's gun wedged in his pants, took the safety off and cocked the gun while aiming it right between the man's legs At the same time she then with her free hand took out her P99 from her back and pushed it under the man's chin and cocked it too. She had him, by the balls and his neck.

The four other men then realized what was going on and tried to remove their guns, but a cry from Butch made them stop, "Now, now boys." He said with his P99 already out and pointing at the other four and spoke in the region's native tongue: "let us not do something that we will regret." The four men then slow moved their hands away from their guns. "Smart move," smiled Butch.

The middleman stood frozen, the look of lust had long since left his eyes, and slowly from surprise they became angry. He then swore to her in is native language at her calling her family names. To his surprise Blonde then responded back in his perfect dialect, "[To bad my family is not alive anymore, to make your insult mean something.]" The man then flinched at the woman knowing his language, but it only made him angrier.

For a long minute the seven figures just stood there, Blonde and the middle man in their odd hostage situation, and Butch a few feet behind her pointing his gun at the four behind the middle man. Nobody move and nobody broke the silence. Then from the shoreline came a deep loud voice, "What's a goin' on here?"

Butch was able to see out of the corner of his eye a giant bald black man, with his arms folded. He then saw Blonde and Butch holding the five men at gunpoint. He then grunted, "Yous two Blonde and Butch?"

"That's us," answered Butch.

"Sultan is waiting for yous." Said the man. He then looked at the four men a shouted in their native tongue. Slowly four men backed away from the dock, and Butch slowly lowered his gun. But the fifth could not back away. The bald man then shouted at him, "What is it?" The man held hostage then replied what Blonde was doing. The man then called at Butch, "Call off ya woman!"

Butch then said to Blonde softly, "C'mon Blonde. We're wasting time here." Blonde then slowly uncocked the man's gun and the man carefully backed away, with Blonde keeping her gun trained on the man. But the man still made no movement for his gun. When all five of the "welcoming" party was off the dock and had made a path for the two of them to reach the large man, Blonde put her gun down, put her sunglasses back on and both she and Butch cautiously walked passed the five men.

When they reached the large man, he then said to them, "Follow." "What about our boat?" Asked Butch. The man grunted, "Guests of Sultan and theirs items are not to touched, it's a rule of the village."

"Good to know," said Butch sort of revealed. The two of them hid their weapons again and followed the man into the village.

As they walked deeper into the village, Butch then asked, "You alright Blonde?" "Yeah," she said, thinking there was something wrong, "Why?" "I heard the man say "family", right? Just seeing that you're not hurt." "Your linguistics are improving," remarked Blonde. "You're dodging the question."

"I'm fine Butch. It's been ten years," she said annoyed. "Alright," said Butch dropping it after sensing she was annoyed by the question.

Soon the three of them walked past a sort of makeshift café, where several of the men in it caught sight of Blonde and began to whistle. As she passed, they made obscene comments to her, and flirty remarks. She kept walking and ignored their comments. When they passed it, she tsked, "I hate being pretty." Butch laughed to himself. "A lot of girls would never say that aloud." "But not every one of them is a merc." "True, but you cannot say being pretty doesn't have its uses. They clearly helped at the docks." "I still find it annoying when men drool over me." Butch shrugged, and let Blonde have the last word.

Passing by what seemed to be the local food service and market, the three then walked by a stand with a TV playing behind the counter. On it was a reporter with a news story, Blonde then stopped after seeing what it was about. Butch took to steps and noticed it to and joined her. "A new outbreak of civil violence has broken out within Vertira again this month. Just less then a week after the UN declared tensions at an all time low, near thirty people were killed in an explosion just outside the Vertiran Congress. Now public officials are worried another civil war will occur. Nearly a decade after the entire Higard royal family was assassinated by revolutionaries, fifteen civil wars have broken out in the once prosperous country. Many people, including UN officials are declaring Vertian a "Lost Cause," saying that whatever they do, they cannot seem to please the people. More on this story later tonight." Butch then looked at Blonde, she was still staring at the TV as if it was saying important information.

"Ten years is a long time," said Butch, trying to reach her. "Yet you still have the love for your country."

She then looked at Butch, and said, "It's not my country anymore… the people have proven that." Butch sighed, and the two then ran to catch up with the big bald man.

The three of them now had reached their destination, a small single story house made of clay, the only real house in the village. The bald man then turned and told them "Wait." He then turned to enter into the house. Butch and Blonde then went across the street to lean under an over heading roof and wait in the shade for the man to get back. As they stood their a young boy, no more then ten walked up to them and held his hands out, begging for food. Butch shook his head, "Sorry kid, we haven't got anything." The boy then looked at Blonde who also shook her head also. The boy then slowly walked away, and disappeared behind a corner.

"Poor kid," sighed Butch. "Life's unfair Butch," replied Blonde. "Says the former princess," thought Butch.

From the clay building, came the large bald man, and eventually revealed a much smaller more flamboyant man. He was adorned in bright newer clothes which shown his wealth upon the village. He was called the Sultan because he dressed like one. "Ah, Blonde and Butch! I was wondering when you two were arriving!" He then smiled, "I understand there was a little confusion at the docks." "Nothing we couldn't handle," replied Blonde, not bragging. "I'm sure." He then motioned them inside the house.

As they walked into the house, they took off their sunglasses and let their eyes adjust to the lack of light. "Come, come," said the motioning them to sit on one side of a table. When all three had sat, the man smiled, "How can Sultan help you today, my friends."

"We need two new set of Kevlar." Said Butch pulling out a wad of different currencies bills and placing them on the table. "Got anything like that?" Sultan then seemed hesitant for a moment. "Aww come now, man. Wouldn't you rather by a nice new gun for the lady?" He then leaned to emphasize, "I have a new ACR with your name on it Blonde." Blonde was unmoved by his pitch, "We need Kevlar not a new gun."

Sultan then sighed, "Yah I might have somethin'. Depends on what you got for me." Butch then handed him the wad of bills, to let him count. "I trust you wouldn't cheat a man now would ya?"

Butch smiled, "Short change the man with the guns? Do you really think we are stupid?"

Sultan smiled, "Right you are my man." Sultan then ran the bills trough his figures and grinned, "I might have something for you." He then rose from his chair and left the two of them at the table.

In five minutes time, Sultan returned with two vest of Kevlar and plopped them on the table. "Just made for the two of ya. The two best pieces of Kevlar I have. They're made for special ops men, far tougher and more durable then the regular stuff."

Blonde looked at the Kevlar without much notice, she let Butch do all of the looking. He would know if what Sultan said was true. He knew military supplies, since he had been in special ops before he worked for Blonde's father. Taking the vests in his hand he then played with it, tired to bend it and bit it with his teeth. He nodded in approval it was the real deal, "How much?"

"For my best customers?" He then split the wade of cash in two, and smiled "Half of this stack." He then tossed the remaining cash back to the two of them. Blonde caught it and put it in her pocket. "I understood you had a job for us, as well?" Added Blonde.

"Ah," said Sultan, "Yes, but I was hoping you had forgotten." "Why?" "Well, you see the middle man I use was less then informative in the end of the job. He had left out some very important details that I, should have certainly been informed of." "Such as?" Sultan looked down, "Like it being an open contract." "You mean, it's open for everyone?" "Every group and mercenary in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe have heard of the job." "Rather odd." Said Butch aloud, "opening the flood gates to dozens of mercenaries at once." "It's not odd, if you heard the target." He the paused to emphasize the point, "there is a 2 million in diamonds bounty on the rebel Sacim from President of Kaija."

"That is a lot of money," stated Blonde.

"It is a hard man to kill." Countered Sultan.

"Who is he?" Asked Butch. Atriak looked at the two of them, "He's a very dangerous man. He's got about a hundred men who work under him. For the past two years Sacim and his raiders have been traveling around Africa attacking any settlement, village, and city that he came across. He's known to be ruthless and unforgiving towards anyone who opposes him." "But the president of Kiaja is." "Yes, and that is why he is offering so much to get rid of this raider."

He then looked at the two of them and said, "I was hoping that you two would back out." Butch then smiled, "Aww, Sultan. I didn't think that you cared."

Sultan shook his head then lowered it to the table. "If Sacim or any of his men find out that I was the middle man. And you two… fail." Blonde and Butch exchanged glances; the thought never crossed their mind. "Then word might get back Sacim that I pointed you in the right direction. And that is something, I do not want to do?" "Are you saying you are scared Sultan?" The gun merchant shook his head, "Death is not good for business. And Sacim is good in dealing death. I'd avoid him if I got the chance."

Butch then leaned back in the chair, in thought. "Where is the gathering place to take this mission?"

"It's Kahah, a village up the coast he—" Sultan was cut off by the large bald man storming in and looking the door behind him.

"What is it, Harkim?" Outside they heard the sound of several vehicle motors purring roughly, as if they were threatening them. Butch then walked up to the window and peaked out. He saw several men armed with a wide assortment of guns jumping out of several used jeeps and trucks, "Militants." Said Butch, pulling out his gun. Blonde then got out her chair and took the opposite side of the window with her gun drawn as well, and peaked out as well.

"I count seven over there," she said. "I have nine on this side," said Butch. The leader then stepped out of the jeep and barked at his men in another language. "What's he saying Blonde?" The girl closed her eyes and listen very closely to the man, she could not fully translate the dialect but she could make out words and phrases and was able to piece out some things said. "They are looking for… Sultan." She said looking at the merchant, then returned to listening, "something about "gathering supplies", and "guns"." The man outside said: "Sacim." And all four of them in the room knew who had sent them, but Blonde repeated it to make sure Sultan heard, "Sacim sent them."

'Shit, shit, shit," said Sultan on the verge of panic. Blonde and Butch looked at him. "We got to get out of here, Sultan. Do you have anything that could help us?" Sultan then froze in thought, and stared at Harkim. He then smiled, "I think I have something." Rushing into another room with Harkim he shouted, "I hold them off until we get back!"

Butch then rushed back to the table with the Kelvar on it and tossed one of the vests to Blonde. Both then quickly donned on the Kevlar. As they did they heard shouting outside the front door followed by a couple of rams into the metal door. "That door won't last long, Butch." Butch after getting the Kevlar on, flipped the table they were just sitting at took cover behind it. Blonde followed suit taking the right side of the table and both of them crouched.

"How many clips do you have?" Asked Blonde. "Three, one in my gun. You?" "One in, one out." Butch then did the quick math, five clips of nine bullets each, "That's 45 shots," he said leaning up and pointing his gun at the door, which was now barely holding up from the pounding it was receiving. Blonde then pointed her gun at the door, and Butch added, "Make them count!" And the two then readied for the door to fall and the men armed with guns to flood in.

The door then finally broke, slowly falling to the floor like a giant tree falling to the earth. Two of the militants came rushing in without any caution, with their guns at their waist. Blonde and Butch both let off a pair of shots into the first two, and the two of men went flying to the floor after both of them were hit.

Then to the right of the door, another man was breaking in the window with the butt of his gun. "Right! Right!" Shouted Blonde, shifting away from the door and firing at the man. She hit him square in the shoulder, and then aimed a little up to finish him with a shot into his ear. She then saw a man lean over the window frame to peer in, she then moved her gun to shot at him, but she pulled the trigger to soon and the bullet missed its target it. The man then pulled his gun over the window frame and begun to spray his clip into the room, hiding most of his body behind the house's outer wall. While the man had a larger weapon compared to Blonde and Butch, he was not trained, or skilled with he gun, and the bullets went flying all over the place, without hitting anything.

Blonde then countered by unloading her remaining clip, trying to hit the man. Four of her shots missed and hit the wall that the man was using for cover, but Blonde finally managed to hit the man in the side, which caused him to fall to the ground in pain. When she had emptied her clip she said, "Reloading!" Butch answered, "Got it!" Butch now watched the door and window carefully. He had seven bullets left and he did not know were the next person would pop up from. Butch could see men gathering outside the door frame, realizing that a mere rush assault would not work. Then together, two men popped their guns and heads out of the door frame and prepared to shot in. Butch then shot into the door frame three times, hitting one of the men straight in the eye and grazing the other's cheek. The man that was alive quickly ducked back and hid in the door frame. "Shit," said Butch to himself, there was one alive still, and he had missed a chance to get rid of him. But despite the graze on his face and all logic, the man tried again, and this time put is head even further into the frame. It only took Butch one shot into the man's shoulder to finish off the man. As Butch watched him fall to the ground, he then saw a figure try to run across the window, and Butch then used the remaining three bullets to get him.

Butch, now with an empty clip, ducked down under the table and looked at Blonde saying, "I'm out." She nodded, and now on her final chip leaned up to cover Butch as he reloaded. Then from behind them, they heard another crash. Both turned to see the back door falling down. "Butch!" Shouted Blonde.

"Guard the front!" Ordered Butch cocking his gun, and aiming toward the back doorway. Like before two men came rushing in the doorway without any caution. Butch discharged three shots and hit the two of them dead.

"Butch, we got to get out of here!" Warned Blonde firing two rounds in to the front to ward of men that would come through the front, she did not wanting to be in a cross fire. Butch then saw to their left another table in a more secure side of the house, he then pointed to it. "Take position there, I'll cover you!" She nodded, fired two more rounds to the front and sprinted towards the table. Burch stood up and swung his gun from either door and slowly walked back to the table, now flipped over.

As he ducked under the table, Blonde then peaked over the table to see a man rushing into the house, hoping to find cover, but was left in the open, and Blonde took three shots at him, causing him to fall dead to the floor. Butch then popped his head and gun up and shot at another man trying to move the table they were hiding behind as cover. It took four shots to get the man to fall.

After that Butch then ducked down and asked, "How many bullets do you have left?" "Two," she said leaning up, seeing a man peaking into the back doorway, she then fired her two last shots, leaning back down she corrected herself, "None." Butch nodded, and handed her his last clip, "Here use this." Blonde wanted to protest, but he then lean up and shot at the same man and hit him with his two remaining bullets. "Your aim needs more practice then mine," he reasoned after leaning back down. She then took the clip and reloaded her gun, and Butch then pulled out a military grade knife, and readied it to throw. He peeked up and saw a man running straight for them and quickly got up and threw is knife at the man. It hit him in the center of his chest hard, and caused the man to fall to the ground from the impact alone.

Blonde then covered him as he ran out to retrieve his knife, twice at each of the doorways. As Butch jumped back behind the table. "Five shots left," she warned Butch. Then from the door way came several barrages of bullets, all poorly aimed but forced Blonde and Butch to keep their heads down. "Where the hell is Sultan?"

Then a door to their left was forced open, and the sound of a chain gun spinning made the two's hearts skip a beat. Then came the sound of the chain gun firing, and the two ducked even further and covered their ears from the loud sound of the chain gun. After about a good minute of the loud noise that the chain gun made, it slowly died down. Blonde and Butch, looked at each other, confused, and they slowly peered up over the table, to see Harkim, now with a heavy chain gun in his hands. Behind him standing triumphantly, now in a heavy Kevlar suit, was Sultan with two handguns in either hand.

Harkim had rained bullets all through the part of the house opposite Blonde and Butch, and now the entire right side of the house between the front door and the back was now full of bullet holes of the heavy caliber gun. If the men trying to kill them were not killed by Blonde and Butch, they were dead now.

Sultan then noticed his two customers and smiled, "Ah, my friends! Glad to see you are alright." Both of them slowly got up and went over to Sultan. "Where'd you get that beast?" "What the gun? Oh off a Vietnam chopper a while back." He then tossed a bag of fully loaded magazines at them and said, "Here these are on the house." Both of them then took a full clip and reloaded their guns. Then they filled their pockets with what ever they could carry. "So what is the plan, my friends?" "Get the hell out of here," said Blonde. Butch agreed, "He have to reach our boat."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Smiled Sultan, "Lead the way!" Blonde and Butch looked at each other, looks like they were tagging alone. "The fastest way to the docks is out the back door there." Added Sultan, "This was probably a scout force here to kill any resistance before they loot. That is Sacim's style."

"Alright, out the back then." Said Butch, "Have Harkim cover our back." Sultan nodded, and ordered Harkim do what Butch just requested. After nodding to the two of them, Blonde and Butch lead the way out off the door with their guns ready and they then slowly headed for the docks.

Unlike the stop at Sultan's house, the trip to the docks was uneventful. No other militants showed their faces, and not a bullet was fired. The entire town had cleared out after hearing the gunfight in the clay house, so the town was deserted and quiet.

When they arrived at the docks, Blonde then took the helm while Butch quickly made sure the engine was ok. "Start her up!" Shouted Butch. The girl nodded and turned the ignition, the boated started up without a hitch. As Butch started to tie the boat for the pier, and family of villagers came up and started pleading with them. "They want on, Butch. They want to get away from Sacim," translated Sultan.

"Butch you better hurry up!" Said Blonde rushed, "It looks like more are coming!" Butch then looked up and saw a cloud of dust and was seemed to be the road into he village.

"Get them on, Sultan!" Butch then ran up the side of the boat and began to cut the ropes with is knife.

When the boat was off the pier and the family on Butch ordered, "Floor it!" Blonde then pumped up the throttle and the ship sharply speed up and turn it into the sea.

As the village started to get farther away, Butch and Sultan watch the village. "I bet that bastards rummaging through my store right now." Said Sultan.

"Yeah, but what can you do now?" Said Butch.

Then Sultan smiled, and pulled out a C4 detonator, "this," he said pressing the switch. A second later, a large fireball erupted form the center of the village. "That will slow down Sacim a bit!" Laughed Sultan.

As soon as the village was out of sight, Butch went up to the helm and took over for Blonde. "So, what do you want to do now?" Asked Blonde leaning against the doorway into the cabin. Butch sighed, "I don't know right now. I guess drop off the villagers off in a nearby town." "I mean about Sacim. It might be long before he finds out who stopped him from getting Sultan. Then we may be his next target." "Yeah," said Butch, "Also if we did go after Sacim, we wouldn't be alone. It was open contract, we are bound to have fellow mercenaries on our side." "And two million is a lot of money." Added Blonde. Butch nodded, diamonds was just a good as any currency any where in the world, that is if someone knew the right buyers.

Then Sultan walked into the cabin and said happily, "So my friends, what are ya plans?" He asked wanting to know their plans, and seeing if he could turn it into his favor.

Blonde and Butch looked at each other; they had decided, "Where was that village called again? Kabra?"

"It's Kahah."

"Then that is were we are heading."

"Oh?" exclaimed Sultan interested, "Taking the job are we?" They both nodded, which made Sultan smile. "Very well my friends! Then I can drop me off in Kahah as well!" "I thought you were afraid of Sacim?" "That was before he decided to attack me, my friend. He will not stop now until I am dead. So by means if I can help people to kill him, by all means!"

Butch smiled, "Glad to here you will help us." "Ah, I have a another cache of weapons in Kahah. Plus with all of those mercs in the village, I will supply them with all they desire." He then rubbed his hands, "There is money to be made!"

It was settled, and Butch then turned to the village of Kahah, and towards their next mission.

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