Romeo and Juliet

Juliet, a vision of beauty, stole my heart with a glance,

A captivating smile, stuck forth in this trance.

Forget our parents and hatred; forget our love being forbidden,

Forget everything Juliet, for my love for thee should not be hidden.

Forget about my father, Romeo never stop believing,

That my love for thee is pure; i promise you it not to be leaving.

Think not that of worry or of sadness, as we will find a way to be together,

As our love is true, cannot be tainted, from now until forever.

Please don't make me leave her, let me stay and never go,

You have to see I never meant, for my fight to hit this low.

You must show your mercy, for love pure is also blind,

Leave this city now you fool, Juliet will live life, not follow behind.

I know him, my Romeo, never one to just leave,

My family think I won't understand, that I will be easily deceived.

But no Romeo, I know how much I mean,

You would only leave with reason, and only a reason that my family deem.

Forgive me Juliet, for I was weak and had to go,

I should have held my own, should have begged and pleaded, should have said no.

I will make my way back to you, will not let go of us,

And when I have you back in my arms, a marriage we will discuss.

Go quickly Juliet; go find him whilst you can,

Leave now and show your love for him, don't try to think of a plan

Oh thank you kind maid of mine, thank you through and through

I'm coming Romeo, we'll be together soon.'

Maybe she will come, to find me soon enough,

Juliet I need you, even though our love is tough.

When she gets here I will tell her, shoot it from the roof,

I never planned to hurt or leave you, and if you ask I'll find you proof.

Romeo you took your life, for someone who would willingly give you her own,

So now that is what I shall do, with a dagger through the bone.

But for one last promise I make to thee, that when we meet above,

They'll be trees and flowers and butterflies, and most importantly, endless love.

Juliet I told how easy it would be, to be a pure white dove,

To live life so freely, unlike our tainted story of loss and love.

But to take my life to be with you would be such a simple task,

To finally shake off this fa├žade and remove my uncaring mask.

Our unwillingness to accept our daughter's choice,

It has left us incapable, of ever again hearing her voice.

But there is one thing I would like to say, to the daughter that will always shine,

I am sorry Juliet, for there is one to blame, and the fault is all mine.

I need to say I'm sorry son, for causing all the pain,

I sorry I didn't accept you, that I made you feel ashamed.

You are with your girl now, please never let her go,

I'm sorry that it came to this, that you couldn't let your love show.

We know you never wanted this, with you there should be no guilt,

Our love was just too strong you see, to be in a place where it could not be upon built.

We're sorry that we left you, but we hope you understand,

That life could not be lived without each other, and together, even death would be grand.