Sextra Terrestrials: The Geelien's

Chapter 3-2

By: Anime Lover


Chapter Summery: Celine continues to experience positive responses, along with gaining many friends and meeting a few famous people. Celine also encounters her first conflict.

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- 8:41 A.M. -

With the bell ringing, Celine leaves the classroom in a very cheerful mood, quite confident that besides Gina, she had gained a classroom of new friends. Revealing that her next class was Science, a few of her new friends shared that they had the same class and invited her to follow them to the next hour of school, Alma and Reni being part of that group.

"Oh yeah!" gasps Celine, looking to Reni. "What's it like being related to a famous person? What's your sister like?"

"Hehe, Sa-chan's pretty normal." replies Reni with a giggle. "She's not a jerk about being famous, or thinks she's better than anyone else. She's nice and considerate of people, I'm sure you'd like each other."

"Yeah, she's funny too." adds Alma. "...and she's quick to help out her friends."

"Enough about my sister though." states Reni. "You're the new student, we want to know more about you."

"Yeah!" adds a felene with long, blue hair. "The other Geelien's arn't in our grade, and they've only been here for two days, so we've hardly even meet them, but now we have our own Geelien to answer our questions."

"That's right." comments Celine. "I'm not the only Geelien here." she adds, before Alma asks...

"Is it true that you can absorb a whole person?"

"Yeah." answers Celine, before Alma adds...

"How many people can you absorb at one time?"

"Well, it depends on how big they are and how much mass they have." answers Celine. "I can absorb three times my own mass. So using you guys as an example, I can absorb two of you, I wouldn't be able to stay in my solid form though, I'd be dripping and melting a ton."

"I thought you said you can absorb three times your mass?" questions Reni. "You just said you can only absorb two of us."

"Yeah, three time my mass." confirms Celine. "But your bodies have much more mass than mine does, with your internal organs and bones." she adds.

"Oh, well that makes sense." comments Reni, before Alma asks...

"What happens if you try to go pass your limit?"

"Well I can't." replies Celine. "I just won't be able to absorb anymore."

"What kind of stuff do Geelien's eat?" asks Reni.

"Well, we can absorb just about anything you can eat. Anything organic we can absorb, but protein and liquid is the most important thing to us." answers Celine, before the felene asks...

"So stuff like metal you wouldn't be able to eat?"

"Yeah, and certain kinds of candy, like the hard kind that you guys suck on."

"How do you keep your clothes from being drenched?" asks Reni.

"Well, while I'm in my solid form, I'm not very wet at all, when I'm not dripping or melting, I can maintain a damp or even dry form, you can touch my arms if you want and see..." replies Celine, extending her arms in front of her a short distance for her new friends to touch and grab. "And all the clothes we wear are water-proof or resistant."

"Wow..." comments the felene. "Water-proof clothes, that's pretty cool, even your underwear?"

"Heh, yeah, even my underwear." replies Celine. "Yanno, I'm surprised you guys haven't asked me about my dripping when I introduced myself."

"We're not completely clueless about Geelien's." comments Reni with a giggle, before the felene adds...

"Yeah, Geelien's drip and melt when their nervous, scared or horny, right?"

"Hehe, yeah." replies Celine, before Alma states...

"We're here."

Celine sees them near another classroom.

"Well we'll pick up our talk later." comments the felene, walking ahead and into the room, shortly joined by Alma, Reni and herself, before the girls separate.

The following two classes proceed as smoothly as the first, the students all too willing to get to know her and Celine was quite happy to talk with them and answer questions. Celine found it embarrassingly silly how much she had been dreading this day, besides Gina, who was the only one to actively pick on her for whatever reason and while she still hears the occasional mean remark, the amount of positivity that surrounded her easily overtook the negativity.

- 10:40 A.M. -

- Cafeteria -

Celine found lunch time particularly interesting, with her previous school on her home planet not having a period of time solely for eating, since Geelien's themselves didn't require eating frequently if they weren't very active.

The idea of 'lunchtime' wasn't alien to her though and she very much looked forward to it, giving her the opportunity talk with many more people.

Holding a full tray of food, consisting of Mac and Cheese, a couple strips of chicken breasts, some red colored jello, which Celine amusingly noting that it matched the color of her body and a small bottle of milk, the teen leaves the lunch line, seeing the crowd of students, sitting at the numerous tables. The room was loud with the chatter of the students, Celine found herself in a dilemma of where to sit, although, that was quickly solved for her, when she sees Lina hurry to her from the second lunch line, holding her own full tray.

"Hey, you need a place to eat right?"

"Yeah..." answers Celine before giggling. "Hehe, I think I may have gained too many friends. I'm probably going to be flooded with requests to hang out with people."

"Hehe, that's a pretty good problem to have." comments Lina with a smile, before the two share a chuckle. "Well, how about you hang out with me and my friends? One of them is Sakura."

"Oh, ok!" replies Celine happily. "I'd love to meet Sakura!"

"Great, follow me." comments Lina, as she starts walking and Celine follows. "By the way, so you don't freak out, I'm friends with two more well-known Shakra fighters, Amu and Utah, you know of them, right?"

"Oh I do!" replies Celine, "Wow, so three famous Shakra fighters go to this school?"

"There's a lot more than three, but I'm only friends with three of them." answers Lina.

Celine soon arrives where she assumes Lina was leading her as she see a set of circular tables, one where she sees Alma sitting with two Felene girls sitting on ether side of her and a Vehen and Tragelian girl. The other table, she sees Reni and she immediately recognized her sister, Sakura, sitting beside her, along with Amu and Utah, Celine also sees another, unfamiliar girl with long, raven hair.

"Here she is guys!" declares Lina happily. "I got to her before anyone else!"

Both groups of girls happily greet her and Celine gives a nervous return greeting. Although, while Celine was already excited to be meeting not only Sakura, but Amu and Utah as well, people she had seen on T.V., she was even more exited when she sees a group of small, winged female creatures sitting at the middle of the table, five in total, all sitting around a napkin and all eating some food from it, one even had beautiful, white, feathery wings, along with a shining halo and one of them lacked any clothes.

"Are those Fisers!?" gasps Celine happily and hurrying to the table as the tiny people look to her.

"Yeah." replies Lina, walking to the the table and placing her tray down in front of one of the remaining empty chairs. "You know about them?"

"Yeah!" answers Celine happily. "I've heard about small winged companions that the people of this planet sometimes have. I heard they were rare, I didn't think I'd actually meet one, let alone a group of them!"

"Well grab a seat and join us." comments Sakura. "We can all introduce ourselves."

"OK." replies Celine, seeing that there was plenty of room for her, the table wasn't packed, it just lacked a free chair, so she placed her tray down next to the raven haired girl and walking to the table Alma sat and with their ok, takes one of the free chairs and moves it to join Sakura and the others, before the raven-haired girl beside her comments...

"How about we do the introductions by saying our names, then our fisers introduce themselves?"

"Ok." replies Amu, "Us first!" she adds with a smile. "My names Amu Hidamori." before a near nude fiser stands, with fire-red short hair, tiny black, bat-like wings and a heart-tipped tail, wearing a small red tube-top and and a matching, tiny thong.

"And I'm her fiser Lilith, I'm a Succubus-type fiser."

The long-haired blonde Celine knew as Utah introduces herself next, lifting her left hand a little.

"I'm Utah." comments the blonde, before the white-winged fiser stands, who was dressed in a white dress that reaches her knees, whose hair was a bright silver.

"I'm an Angel-type and I belong to Utah, my name is Eru, and it is a pleasure to meet you." says the fiser cheerfully, with a small curtsy.

The introduction brings a smile to Utah's face and a giggling from the other fisers before Lilith grins at her and comments...

"Laying it on kinda thick, arn't you?"

"I am not! I'm just being polite!" replies Eru

"I wonder how long you'll be able to keep up that impression you're giving." comments Lillith, before looking to Celine and adding. "Eru's a huge hypocrite, just so you know."

"I am not!" declares Eru angrily. "Don't spread lies about me you horny Jezebel freak, spreading your legs for any- AH!" she adds, before gasping and placing her hands over her mouth and looking up to Celine with her face flaring red. "Hehe, I must apologize, Lilith manages to bring the worst out in me, hehehe..."

"Oh please..." chuckles Lilith. "You act all prim and proper, just because your an Angel, but what kind of angel..." she adds, before grabbing Eru's dress and lifting it, revealing that the angel was naked under her dress, her slim figure and hairless mound revealed for all to see. "Wears nothing under her dress!?"

"AH!" gasps Eru, quickly snatching her dress from Lillith's hold to cover herself, before tackling Lillith, who giggles as the two small girls roll around on the table, before Utah removes Eru from Lilith.

"Ok you two..." comments Utah, "Let the others speak."

Celine giggles from the little scene, before Eru returns to her previous spot with a giggle and Sakura resumes the introductions.

"I'm Sakura Hanna Bragou."

The next fiser that stands wears a green, leafy dress, with short blonde hair and a thin pair of transparent wings.

"Sakura's my master!" she declares happily. "And my name is Nina, I'm a Fairy-type."

"Heh, I'm not your master anymore." comments Sakura.

Lina and Reni reintroduce themselves, before the raven-haired girl to Celine's left finishes the circle...

"And I'm Lila Drenet, I was Sakura's retriever."

"Retriever?" questions Celine.

"I'll explain later." comments Sakura. "It's not that important."

The second to last Fiser then stands, also a fairy-type, who wears a purple leafy dress and whose skin was a near ghostly-pale, also with thin, transparent wings.

"I'm Lali." she states with a smile, before looking to Nina and smiling. "And Nina's My Little Fairy." which brings a blush to Nina's face.

"Aww come on..." replies Nina with an embarrassed smile. "We were just supposed to say our names."

The comment brings a giggle from Lali, along with Celine, who found it odd that after everyone introduced themselves and their fiser companions, there was still one fiser left, another fairy with thin, transparent wings who looked quite young, reminding Celine of Becky and Sammy, the young fiser was the only one nude. The young Fiser soon gets to her feet with a smile, revealing her flat chest and hairless mound between her legs.

"And I'm Cora!" greets the small girl happily. "And Alma is my friend!"

"Wow, I didn't know you had a fiser too Alma." states Celine, looking to Alma at the other table beside them, who smiles.

"Yep." she comments, before the felene to Alma's left comments...

"Guess it's our turn now, my name is Katty Lanne, and I'm Alma's girlfriend."

"So am I." adds the felene to Alma's right. "I'm Crissy Langstan."

Lastly, the Tragelian and Vehen girls introduce themselves.

"I'm Lisa." greets the Tragelian.

"And I'm Xene (Zeenee)." finishes the Vehen.

"Guess that leaves me." comments Celine with a smile. "My name is Celine Kellen and it's great to meet you all!"

Lila then comments, "I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say it's great to meet you too."

"Yeah." adds Sakura. "I've only met the other Geelien's between classes and spending like only five minutes with them during lunch."

"Wait..." comments Celine. "So their in this area?"

"Yeah." answers Amu. "All the grades share lunch time, so if they've come to school today, they should be here somewhere."

"It'll be nice if I can see them." comments Celine, standing and looking around the room.

Amu and Sakura also help Celine in her search and the blonde manages to find them, pointing her finger.

"There they are, on the other side of the room." states Sakura. "Their sitting at one of the circle tables with some other people."

"I see them!" declares Celine with a big smile, spotting the Geelien siblings across the room, sitting with their own group of friends, talking and laughing. "Looks like they have plenty of friends." adds Celine, happily, before sitting back down.

"Yeah..." comments Sakura. "From the brief time I met them, they seemed really nice."

"Hey..." starts Celine, looking to Sakura. "I got a question for you."

"OK, ask away."

"I've watched plenty of Shakra matches while I've been here, but your the only fire user I've seen that uses your Shakra to fly, why does no other fire user fly like you?"

"'Cause their not as awesome as I am!" declares Sakura cheerfully, before giggling. "Hehe, but seriously though, flying uses up a ton of energy, so that's why others don't do it. I've practiced it though, so it's not that much of a hit to my energy levels, but I still only use it in short bursts."

"How long can you fly if that's the only thing you do?" asks Celine.

"About seven to ten minutes." answers Sakura.

"Wow, you could still cover a lot of ground in seven to ten minutes."

"I got a question Celine." comments Utah.


"Does Water Shakra have any effect on your body?"

"Actually, it does." replies Celine. "One of the neighborhood kids I'm friends with is a water user and tried lifting me, she's a level two if it matters and all she managed was pulling me in two at the waist." she adds, bringing a giggling from the others, as well as herself. "It was pretty amusing."

"Hey..." starts Amu. "How does electricity effect your body? Are you resistant to it?"

"I don't actually know." replies Celine.

"Would you mind if I send a small current through your arm?" asks Amu.

"Go ahead..." replies Celine, presenting her left hand to the pink-haired teen, who places her right index finger to the back of Celine's hand, before her hand briefly forms numerous, small spikes and the Geelien giggles and comments, "Hehe, that tingles! Do a stronger one."

"Heh, ok." replies Amu, before the spikes travel up Celine's arm to her shoulder with a giggling shudder from her.

"O-Ohhhh! Hehe!"

"Guess you're not resistant to electricity then." comments Amu, pulling her finger away.

"Guess not." replies Celine, smiling. "Taking a direct hit of lightning would probably kill me though."

- 11:30 A.M. -

- Gym Class -

- Girls Locker Room -

Of the group, Celine found that Sakura, Reni, Alma and Katty also had Gym class, learning along the way that students change into gym clothes, Celine was a little nervous and embarrassed at the idea that she needed to undress in front of other people; until her new friends inform her that, while connected, girls and boys had separate rooms.

Still a bit embarrassed, Celine didn't have any problem with following the rule. Although, Celine didn't have any gym clothes, but that was quickly solved before Celine even reaches the lockers when, in a small office connected to the room, with large windows, allowing a clear view in and out, the teen sees a young, blonde Felene woman call to her.

"Hey, new girl! Come here a sec."

Celine complies and walks into the office with the Felene, who was dressed in what Celine assumed to be the girls gym clothing; A white T-shirt, trimmed in red and red shorts with a white line down the side. At first glance, Celine thought the woman was just wearing panties until she saw the white lines down the side.

In comparison to what Celine was currently wearing; A top that revealed her stomach and a rather short skirt, there was likely equal amounts of exposed 'skin' between the two, but the bottom of the uniform revealed a lot more leg than her skirt was and Celine felt a little more embarrassed that she'd be wearing, in her opinion, such a revealing uniform.

"Yeah?" replies Celine, walking in front of the Felene, but her attention was briefly averted to the other girls in the locker room undressing.

"You need to pick out your gym clothes..." comments the Felene, reaching under a desk and taking out a small, white suit-case, placing it on the desk and opening it, revealing a variety of gym clothing, though Celine was a little puzzled when she sees what are clearly pants as well, red with a white line going down the side. The Felene looks to her and adds, "Hmm, you look like a medium..." before looking through the clothing, though Celine quickly comments...

"The size of the clothing doesn't really matter for Geelien's."

"Well you still have a recommended size, right?" asks the Felene with a little smile, checking the tag on one shirt and removing it from the case and on the desk beside it. "Otherwise, you'd look funny with uneven proportions squeezing into something small."

"Hehe, yeah, you're right." answers Celine, with a chuckle, before a girls giggling gasp catches her attention and looking out to the other girl's, most down to their underwear, a wide variety of underwear, some wearing the unusual, plain white; other with colors, some with polka dots and stripes, a couple with lacy or lingerie-type underwear and a few even having no underwear at all.

Celine could see Sakura and Alma, the blonde Tragelian was part of the few with lacy underwear and Alma wore a matching pink and white striped bra and panties. Unfortunately, Celine could also see Gina as well, her unprovoked bully was one of the few that was nude.

"Here you go." states the Felene, regaining Celine's attention, who sees a pair of shorts and pants joining the shirt.

"Pants too?" asks Celine, picking up the three articles of clothing.

"Yeah." replies the Felene, "It's up to the student which they choose to wear." she adds, before reaching to a small pile of white, numbered cards, picking up one and handing it the teen. "And here's your key card for your locker, you'll keep this with you for as long as you have this class. Only the first ones free, so don't lose it."

"Ok, thanks."

Leaving the small room, and matching the number on the card to her assigned locker, Celine was relived to find that she didn't share a locker near Gina, who Celine sees look at her for a moment and give an unsettling smile. She wasn't done messing with her, Celine knew it.

Celine did share a locker between two other girls, one was a familiar face, Katty Lanne, the Felene who was Alma's girlfriend and a pink-haired Nex. Katty was nearly dressed, wearing the pants and was in the process of placing her regular clothes in the locker, while the Nex was dressed in only a pair of pink panties, no need for a bra with her young looking body.

"Hi again." greets Katty with a smile.

"Hey." replies Celine with a smile as well, before opening her locker and placing the pants inside, deciding to go with the shorts in the end, she didn't particularly care for pants in general anyway.

Placing her shirt and shorts down on the small bench behind her, Celine pushes through her slight embarrassment and began undressing, removing her shirt first, then her skirt, revealing her white bra and blue and white striped panties for all to see as well as her slight dripping as she places her clothes in the locker.

Celine wanted to hurry and get her gym clothes on, taking her shirt, but before putting it on, she pauses from a comment from Katty.


"What?" asks Celine, seeing her new friend looking at her exposed body.

"You have a nice figure." replies Katty, putting on her shirt. "I could kinda see it before, but without clothes on, it's really noticeable."

"Oh." replies Celine, smiling.

"You're so smooth..." comments the Nex beside her and Celine looking to her, before seeing the Nex reach her left hand towards her and stroking her right arm.

"Thanks, it's a bit embarrassing being nearly naked with a group of people also nearly naked, some of them actually are, so I'm not really that smooth right now."

"I like your tail." comments Katty.

"Really?" asks Celine with a giggle at the unexpected compliment, looking to the Felene, before looking back to her own tail and lifting it.

"Yeah." adds Katty. "It's long and pretty."

"Thanks." replies Celine. "Your tail's pretty too."

Now dressed in her gym clothing, which she felt just as embarrassed as she thought she'd be with all of her legs exposed; the couple complements Celine received on her smooth, clear legs, didn't help much. There was nothing she could do about it though, between the pants and the shorts, Celine would rather wear the shorts.

Entering the gym, Celine quickly found that, while not unfamiliar, the 'class' was more of a 'recess' or 'free-play' type period as students happily occupied themselves with activities, some running around or having foot races, others playing with balls and tossing them at round hoops connected to a glass backing. Not all the students were active though, some gathering at the bleachers talking, a couple appearing to be working on school work.

Seconds into walking into the room, Celine notices Gina run pass her and pick up a ball before dribbling it and turning to look at her with a smile, which Celine quickly prepared herself to fend off another round of teasing.

"Hey..." comments Gina, walking towards her and Celine clearly taking a defensive posture.

"What?" replies Celine.

"Whoa, whoa, no reason to get all tense like I'm going to do something." answers Gina with a smile and lifting her free hand. "I'm going to start up a basketball game and I was wondering if you'd like to join."

"Why are you suddenly being nice to me?" asks Celine.

"Yeah, sorry about this morning, I was in a bad mood." replies Gina, before sighing. "The bitch has no mercy, I make an effort to be on time, but she doesn't care and now I have fraking detention because of her."

While Celine still felt a little wary of Gina, her bully did seem to be trying to right what she did wrong.

"OK..." replies Celine. "How do you play?"

While Gina smiles at the answer, she also looked a little surprised.

"You don't have Basketball on your planet?"

"Nope, never heard of it." answer Celine.

"Well it's really simple..." replies Gina, before holding the ball she was dribbling. "There's two teams and you use this ball here and try to get it into your teams net. I'll explain the rest as we gather up anyone who wants to play with us."


Gina was able to quickly gather six other students, four girls and two boys, totaling eight players, two being Sakura and Katty, along with a very convincing cross-dressing Tragelian boy with long purple hair, who wore the panty-like shorts, introducing himself as Takeda and Sakura happily declaring that he was her boyfriend, which was the only thing that told Celine that the 'girl' she met was actually a boy.

A fact that Sakura playfully teases her about, asking if she found Takeda attractive when she though he was a girl.

With the teams chosen, Celine was still a little wary as Gina was part of her team, though Sakura and another boy joined them.

After learning more of the rules of Basketball, Celine was able to pick it up quite quickly, though she had a bit of trouble with the 'traveling' rule, frequently forgetting to dribble the ball.

After a about ten minutes, the game was going very good, although her team was behind two points, Celine was enjoying herself quite a bit. The game was a bit more physical than Celine thought, as she sees a couple shoves, enough to knock the players down, but not enough to cause injury, even Celine fell victim once from Katty.

Celine did though manage to take the ball from Takeda once when the boy attempted to push her back and his hand pushing into her shirt and into her body. Giving a giggling apology, Celine used the brief moment of shock on the boys face to swat the ball from his hand and gain possession, though it lead to her missing the net.

Although, shortly after Sakura successfully makes a shot and gives them the lead. Celine hears Gina call her name from behind and turns to look and only has enough time to gasp as she sees the ball in mid-flight rocketing towards her, hitting her in the chest, quite hard, enough to push right through her, taking her shirt and bra with it as Celine gasps again as she was left topless before immediately covering herself as she started to drip.

Looking to Gina, Celine could see a clearly satisfied grin on her face.

"Ohh, sorry about that!" comments Gina, quickly walking towards her with a giggle.

"Like crap you are!" declares Celine angrily. "You did that on purpose! You threw the ball way too hard!"

"Hey come on..." replies Gina. "It was a mistake." she adds, placing a hand to Celine shoulder, who quickly moves away.

"Don't touch me you liar! You think I'm stupid enough to believe you!?"

"Hey Celine..." comments Sakura, hurrying beside her and handing her shirt and bra to her.

"Thanks." replies Celine, taking her shirt and bra, covering her chest, before Gina comments.

"I dunno why you're getting so upset, you chose to play even after I explained the rules, you should know the specific risks for you Geelien's."

"The risk!?" gasps Celine, seeing that they had gathered a small crowd, though Celine was too angry to care, before stepping towards the grinning girl and Sakura quickly holding her back, grabbing her left arm and shoulder.

"Celine stop, just let it go, everyone knows Gina can be a jerk sometimes."

"No! I'm not going to let it go!" declares Celine. "I've dealt with bullies before back home and their all the same, no matter where you are and I'm not going to let Gina just get away with it!"

"Really?" asks Gina, crossing her arms over her chest and walking in front of Celine. "And what are you gonna do then, huh? You're here representing your race, are you sure it's a good idea to pick a fight your first day of school?"

Gina though was soon shocked as Celine tosses her clothing to the floor and grabs her by the neck and the Geelien shoves her free hand down her throat, bringing a shocked, muffled gasp from the teen as she lifts her hands up to Celine's arm going down her throat and trying in vain to pull her arm free, but her hands simply pass through the Geelien's arm.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to make a Geelien angry!?" declares Celine.

Gina soon gives up on pulling the arm free and grabbing at the hand around her neck, giving desperate, muffled screams as her eyes started to roll up and her eyelids flutter as the suffocating teen verges on passing out.

Moments later, Gina drops to her knees and her hands fall limply at her sides as she loses consciousness, before falling back with Celine's goo trailing from her her mouth.

Celine was very tempted to do what she was thinking, her bully would know for a fact that she wouldn't let herself be treated wrongly- along with everyone else, quite possibly losing the friends she made because they were scared of her. Gina was right though, she was here to represent her race and assaulting another student was certainly not a good idea, not to mention, Gina could simple use her Shakra and teleport free.

"Like I thought, nothing!" declares Gina, before poking Celine in the shoulder, pushing her finger into her. "You can't do anything to me if you want to stay on this planet and not make your whole race look bad."

Celine clenches her fists, holding her shirt against her chest tightly, which Gina smiles at seeing.

"Ohhhh, you really want to hit me don't you? But you know I'm right."

"Ok Gina, that's enough!" declares Sakura, with a frown of anger and stepping in front of Celine. "Celine's been nothing but nice and you're picking on her for no reason."

"Yeah..." adds Takeda, walking to Sakura's side. "You're just taking out your anger at having detention out on Celine cause she's new here."

Celine was soon surprised when the two teams all came to her side in defense of her and Katty commenting...

"You can go somewhere else, we'll find someone else to replace you."

Gina frowns at the uneven odds and retorts, "Tch, fine, but don't think for a second Celine, this means I think you Geelien's are scary, I'm not scared of you at all! You're lucky my aim was off, I was aiming for your head, so you'd really give us a show."

With Gina walking away, Celine felt relived that Gina's aim was off, instead of being embarrassed, she would have been humiliated shifting into a puddle, which would be humiliating enough, but even more so if she attempted to reform, leaving her naked.

"You ok?" asks Sakura as she and the others face her.

"Yeah." answers Celine, with a small smile at everyone coming to her aid. "Thanks guys."

"Gina isn't always like that." comments Katty. "She's actually a nice person when you get to know her."

"I find that hard to believe..." replies Celine, with a small frown, before turning and walking back towards the locker rooms to put on her bra and shirt.

After returning, Celine found out that Gina's action earned her another detention and a trip to the office for further disciplinary action.

- 1:34 P.M. -

- Parking Lot -

"So how was your first day?" asks Eda, as Celine enters the car with her mom and dad.

"It was really good." replies Celine happily, before Eda began to leave the parking lot with the other vehicles. "It started out a bit rough with my introduction, I flashed the entire class my panties."

"Really?" asks Eda with a chuckle.

"Yeah, it's a good thing I was actually wearing panties." adds Celine, before Avery asks...

"You make any new friends?"

"Yeah, I made a ton of new friends!" answers Celine happily. "Although, there was one girl who didn't like me for some reason and was picking on me in the very first class."

"Well that's unfortunate." replies Eda. "She didn't cause you too much trouble did she?"

"Well, we really got into it during gym class when she embarrassed me by throwing a ball at me really hard and causing my shirt and bra to come off."

"What!?" questions both adults and Eda stopping the car and looking back to her daughter. "Did this girl do it on purpose?"

"Yeah, she actually said she was aiming for my head..." replies Celine, seeing the further shocked expression on her parents face, Celine quickly adds, "But you don't have to worry, although she made me really mad, everything turned out ok, the new friends I made came to my defense and she left me alone. It was the only negative experience I had though, the positivity that I had really out weighed it."

Celine sees her parents look at each other for a moment and Celine adds...

"Come on guys, I can handle one bully. I was expecting much worse, so you don't need to worry."

"Well, ok." replies Eda, giving a smile. "If you say you can handle it, then I'll let you." she adds, before Avery comments...

"But if this girl does something like that again-"

"Dad, I can handle it." states Celine, with a smile.

Smiling also, Avery smiles and give an "Ok."

"Well then..." starts Eda, as she begins moving the car again. "You want to tell us about some of your new friends?"

"Sure!" replies Celine happily.