I have wasted your time and money.

Its too late for me to fix my mistakes.

I am too far gone to be saved. Here I

go again with digging a grave for myself.

I thought I could neglect my old habits, but

a change never occurred. Drifting elsewhere,

I speak to the atmosphere in whispers. Now I

am stuck back in the past and question my existence.

I question my reason for being in your presence. The

cycle continues, an obstacle stands in the way of my

long awaited miracle. I receive a bad sad message from

the oracle. Heavenly heavily burdened, not everything

is a silly joke. I make things harder for myself than it seems.

The tracks of my tears are your race track by which car crashes

take place daily on. Please stop putting your life on hold for me

every hour. I will only hold you back and paint your world black.

I am losing a lot of brain power just like gasoline. I am a failure,

why can't you see that? You care enough to show me tough love

and cheer me on from the sidelines.