There is much talk now about the Sequester coming up and of budget cuts to federal employees. Many social programs and safety nets that many people need on their way to getting up out from poverty or to survive until they can get a job after their previous one had laid them off will be cut as well. However, I believe we are cutting in all the wrong places and there is much money to be cut where Congress and the President aren't going to do. I believe there are some investments and cuts we can make little to no one is saying that would help much more than cutting soldier's pay or cutting funding for people who are huddled in a house with a cheap space heater trying in vain not to freeze.

Entitlements are not something to which people will become dependent on in their lives. Despite what many pundits on the right seem to say or imply, most people do not want to be on some form of welfare or social safety net, they just need to. Most would and get off it if they could and want badly to be able to afford life on their own. Many just want a job that makes enough money to support their family without government assistance. Very few actually think it is their life's goal to fake a disability and get on welfare for life. Many people properly on SSI disability do not want to be on it, and they ask for only the minimum of treatment needed. No narcotics, nothing that does not simply take care of their problem. I concede that Entitlement Abuse is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but you do not punish everyone who needs it for a few who abuse it. Take these steps that may cost a little to get started and you can help end the abuse of entitlements. I think that those who receive welfare should be on some form of birth control, to show that they are working on planning their families to suit their needs when they can. You can very easily go to your local health department or Planned Parenthood and get on the pill if you are a woman or get condoms if you are a man. I support these measures as they make family planning easier and which has been proven to lead to more fiscally stable families. We should not cut funding from those unless we want more people on things like food stamps and WIC where even the thought of cutting is a sin that is unforgiveable by people on both sides of the isle as most Americans can agree that feeding the poor and unfortunate should be a priority. Also we should make harsh and I mean harsh and near draconian punishment for the abuse of such programs so people will not be motivated to do it. If you are caught abusing the system, you should pay double what the government gave you and be barred from ever getting it again depending on how long and bad the abuse was. I know people who are abusing the system and I am looking for proof and ways to report them. (Where I live this is done for petty arguments a lot and many cases are not taken seriously) I cannot stand to see abuse of systems that are put in place to help those of us in society who would be begging on the street or burdens on their own families, burdens many families these days cannot bear.

There are sometimes cases that go through that crack down on people who abuse the system or rig it. Where I live in Eastern KY, a local Social Security lawyer named Eric C Conn is under investigation for rigging the system with one of Social Security's own ALJs. I invite you to look it up and learn for yourself. However, last March I was denied mine, when every expert outside of the judge said I should have gotten it because the investigation had begun. I have epilepsy and it interferes with my ability to work. Even if I did get a job, I would have to sit and maybe even go to sleep often to prevent seizures. I quit two of my previous jobs because of it. And now, when I try to get help, after waiting for two years to even get to see a judge, a lawyer who is now in trouble with the law for paying a judge to give it to people who had said they had back problems and faking psychological illness when they are perfectly sane, they are just young men who don't want to work is why my case is treated like it was? I worked until I couldn't anymore. I would gladly in a heartbeat take a normal even minimum wage job if I could. But I am treated like the scum who fake back injuries to get narcotics they abuse. That is unfair. I say we report them, make them lose their disability and lose it for good. Give people who turn in cheaters rewards that make it worth their while. While that is spending money, we are saving it in not only Social Security but in law enforcement as many of the people who fake injuries to get on SSI sell the narcotics and create issues with prescription pill abuse.

Also, I hear of draconian cuts to federal employees. My father is in the National Guard and he got a warning letter that he will receive a 20%, that is right 20% cut in pay. Can you imagine how much that hurts a family? My brother is 19 years old and he is trying to find work but can't, nor can he go into the military yet due to his eyes. So because of those issues, he still has to live at home. My mother said she may have to work a second job if this happens, and I would have to stop going to the doctor as much, as they help me on my meds and doctor visits. Yeah, all that because of a 20% cut in pay. I know people who are working for the government that would be hurt badly because of it. I know a family with an adult son with epilepsy, who cannot get insurance or keep a job due to it that they have to pay full price for his medication and doctor visits who would be hurt hard due to this. The economy has hurt the mother's business that she owns and it is barely making ends meet. Many times they have to use their own money to help keep it afloat. Now cut the father's pay or furlough him (he is a civilian employee who works for the government) and now the adult son cannot get help and the business they own is may go under. Well, you just trashed one of the few small businesses left in the US you government geniuses due to this. Way to go.

Somehow you never hear about cuts to CONGERESS'S PAY or cuts to CONGRESS'S BENEFITS. The President gets paid the same as he always was even though he has a free house and free utilities and free benefits. Nothing in sequester cuts touches their benefits. They get paid much better than a civilian contractor or a National Guard Sargent or a teacher or an Air Traffic Controller. I would think Congress and the President could take a hit. Give them the 20% pay cut and furlough them. If they don't work, if they don't have about a 45% or above approval rating, they should not get paid. Or at least cut their pay on a scale equal to the difference in the level of approval. I mean if they have a 40% then cut it less than a 10% approval rating. Congress and the President don't need the perks they got. They should suffer like the rest of us. If our families have to give up vacations, food or medical care, then so should they. I think a vacation to Aruba or that caviar buffet can wait. Heck I like what Ron Paul said he was going to do if he won when it came to pay. He said he was only going to take $40,000, what the average American family makes. No way should a man make $400,000 a year when he has a house like the White House to live in with a decent amount of money back waiting for him at home. The government can't live in luxury when the people who support it are in poverty.

I do think we should do things like the WPA of the Great Depression and World War II to help kick start the economy so we would have the money to prevent things like this. Fund our best and brightest so they can go to college and get an education and lead the way in innovations that can help our nation out. Many a brilliant student goes on to work at McDonalds or Wal-Mart for life because they cannot afford college. College is something that every student who shows aptitude should get to do. If we did just those things and cut politician's pay with it, we could set up a path for the future that would put us back on top and ensure social justice for every American who deserves it and who needs it. 2014 is coming up and we will have a chance to clean House and Senate. Don't just think, "Oooooh, this guy is a Republican and he stunk so I will vote Democrat." That is the thinking that got us into the mess we are in now. With the Internet, we can take control better than ever before. Look up the Congressional candidate's stance on policy, even third parties like Libertarian and New Whig and Green and others. They are the way to ensure that no party can be in total control and play the members of congress to party leader wishes and make each party a bitch to special interests. Until then, write congress constantly. I cannot tell you how many form letters I got from Mitch McConnell because I wrote to him explaining what needs to be done for Kentucky and the nation in my view. I got more specific emails in reply from Rand Paul on how he appreciated the message mainly on things like breaking AT&T's stranglehold on eastern Kentucky's internet and things like that. We need to take back America and tell our government who they work for and what they should be doing. They are no better than us and we need to tell them that. If we don't, we just say, I am your servant and don't care and no one wants that to happen now do they? If you don't take action, you do.